Sunfeast World 10k – 23rd May 2010

It was a good weather to run. Though few minutes within starting I was sweating like crazy. Before that it was a long wait till the gates opened, post elite mens & womens category. Almost the entire route was under green cover which provided the necessary shade.
I made one mistake though. I did not empty myself (piss) before starting to run and it mattered a lot. From 6th km mark I was hunting for a spot. Most compound walls were occupied and there was a queue getting formed near the mobile toilet. What was the other option to hunt for alternative spot. And by this I did loose out on some time.
For the entire 10kms I took only 3 sips of water. And in the end my timing showed about 54+mins. Am still waiting for the official time result.
This time there was no Nike Corporate Face-Off so few minutes lost didnt matter. Otherwise maybe I would have had second thoughts before hunting for spots!!
Post run refreshments, were not interesting. To save a packet for others I did not collect it also.

Some points that I keep wondering still:
1. Why do public rush towards the start line like mad. Each one has a chip and timing is based on that. Why are people are not patient?
2. If you are walking within the first km then why register? If someone else registered why waste their money?
3. If you start walking move towards the side and dont block the path.
4. When throwing water bottles move to the side and throw it down. Why throw the bottle in trajectory motion or parabolic?

529(overall rank) 8021(bib number) SATHISH KRISHNASWAMY 453(category rank) 00:09:56(1.7km) 00:14:07(2.5km) 00:25:13(4.65km) 00:30:38(5.65km) 00:49:54(9km) 00:55:13(10km)

Life is tough – 53

Timely & smart decision’s are the important ingredient of life. One man’s loss is another man’s gain. Its true to large extent. “A” delay’s his decision, “B” makes a quick decision. “B” gains here.
A delay in deciding cannot be equated to procrastination always. Some take time to decide, some are quick in deciding. This is what could be termed as planned and impulsive.
Impulsive deciders are more risk takers and they take things as it comes. Planned deciders would have planned for even the risk and its mitigation.
Which is better cannot be judged. Both has pro’s & cons. What matters is clarity and waves communicated.

Gym workout

Its a very common misconception that if one goes to gym, body will become huge and massive. For these kind of people they dont like such a built and hate it. They ultimately dont visit the gym. For many others this kind of body structure is preferred. They visit the gym almost everyday and spend 2hrs and eat lot of protein supplements.
A visit to a gym can be for three different purposes and each has a different workout.

1. Body building is the aim. Life heavy weights, and do less repetitions. This kind of workout pumps up the muscles and builds them up. Dont forget, not to stop lifting weights at any point of time. Some day you stop the entire body will drop down. Built up muscles would become loose and would give a look of an aged person.

2. Emphasis on body shape and toning. Use light weights and do more repetitions. No support from trainer. You should lift weights only which is possible by your body. But the emphasis here is on more repetitions.

3. This workout for body is what most gymmers do not attempt nor are aware of. This is body strengthening workout. You do light weight and the emphasis is not on more repetition. But the count which is important. Ideally, you take count to 4 pull the weights, count to 2 hold, count to 4 leave down slowly. Repeat the same 4 – 2 – 4. Do not do more repetitions but a decent number of 15 repetitions.
In this case, ideally it is enough if you go to gym thrice a week. Rest of the week do something else like cardio.

Cardio is even otherwise very important to build stamina. Doing cardio before weights workout, heats up the body. This simple chemistry why lifting weights when the body is cold does not add any value.
The most important thing is before going to gym understand what you want. And very importantly understand your body. Putting heavy weights and lifting them looks very attractive but can your body take that much load. Your body will not rebel immediately but would definitely do.

Go steady. Workout. Be fit.

Bangalore – Pudukottai Ride

This ride was little different from all other rides I have done before on my motorbike.

Onward journey:
On saturday morning 15th May, I woke up by 2:30am and got ready for the ride. I kick-started my bike at 3:30am. I have never left for any ride so early. This time I wanted to try out how it is to leave early and reach the destination early.
The route I took: Bangalore – Hosur – Krishnagiri – Dharmapuri – Salem – Namakkal – Karur – Tiruchirapalli – Pudukottai. Total Distance: 460kms. Time of travel: 7.5hrs. Number of stoppages: 3.
Bangalore till Karur is on NH7 and the roads are very good for riding. The elevated highway within Bangalore limits is a big boon for avoiding truck traffic. Rs.10/- for motorbike doesnt matter when time is saved. The first stop at Krishnagiri and the second stop at Salem for breakfast. It was 6:15am when I reached Salem, < 3hrs of riding. Lot of difference from before when it used to take 5hrs!! From here to Karur continuing on NH7 is only about 1.5hrs.
From Karur to Tiruchirapalli you need to take NH67. 80kms of pain I should say currently with road expansion works at many points. Do avoid this stretch. Read my return journey to know how. The dust during this stretch gave me worst sneezing in recent times and made me sick for rest of the day later.
From Trichy to Pudukottai on NH210 is a very good stretch. Cauvery river flowing on one side and covered with trees drives away the heat. To enjoy this scenery I stopped once not to take photos but just to get a smell of it.

@ Pudukottai:
11:00am sharp I was there in Pudukottai with the heat driving me nuts. Everything you touch was hot. Dry heat all over, you want to sleep but you cant. There are no roads inside town due to laying of drainage pipes. This is a good move to improve the town infrastructure. Another 2yrs maybe before the roads are relaid. Its a planned city though. If you are stuck in one road dont worry, its all parallel and perpendicular. You can find your way out easily. Honking is a norm as in any other town/village. I was sneezing almost the entire day due to the dust pollution I was subjected to earlier in the day.

Return journey:
16th May after catching up on sleep post lunch. It was 4:00pm when I left.
Route: Pudukottai – Tiruchirapalli – Musiri – Thottiyam – Valaiyapatti – Namakkal – Salem – Dharmapuri – Krishnagiri – Hosur – Bangalore. Distance: 425kms Travel time: 7hrs. Stoppages: 4 (one stop was for ministers visit to Krishnagiri & highway being blocked for same)
On reaching Trichy take NH45 towards Chennai. There is a deviation for Srirangam (5kms to Srirangam) dont take it, continue further. There will be sign board which reads 25kms to Padalur. At a point there is a left turn with a board sign for Salem. This turn takes you to SH25. Turn left and turn first right. Sign boards are there everywhere. Once you take a right turn you cant miss it. Just ride on the road to Namakkal. This is shorter by about 40kms and no dust. Roads are bad at patches but not bad enough to make you fall sick.
Once you reach Namakkal, follow the sign boards and you will be led to NH7 highway. On NH7 just be careful with lot of villagers crossing the roads and for truck traffic and for reckless drivers.
When I reached Bangalore it was 11:15pm and it was not tiring journey.

At the end of it, am starting to feel happy to start very early in the morning. Less traffic, no dogs or people crossing roads.

What Why How

1. Why is it that still some museums, art galleries say “Photography Prohibited”. What is the point that we are trying to prove? At Jagmohan Palace in Mysore is one sample case. I was impressed with Glow of Hope painting which takes care of all the details. Now when i search the internet click here for painting and click here for details.

2. At 3:00am in small streets what would be the traffic level? But the drivers suffer from phobia or depression. They got to honk at every turn in small streets. Whom are they honking for. The drivers have reached such a psychological state that without honking they can never drive.

3. When on the cycle in peak traffic, the drivers all that they care for is there should be no vehicle in front of them which is a cycle. They will honk or try to nudge you around unmindful of whether there is space for you to move. In the pile up of traffic they also dont think how far can they go with just a cycle being out of the way and a line of 10 cars ahead.

4. What is the solution to avoid taking U-Turn by driving little ahead. Remove stones from the media and drive over it. Another solution, drive all the way on the wrong side of the road.

5. How do cops check for drunken driving. They dont do breathe analyzer test at all points. Remove helmet tell your name, wow!!

Sura (Tamil) – Movie Review

Samadhanama poga naan onnum pura illa da sura da.
En mela kai vekarthuku munadi oru vaati yoshiko, aduku appram yosichu veka kai irrukadu.

Thiru Illaya Thalapathy Vijay avargale, ippadiye pesita irrunda appram un padam paarka enda sura vum varadu enda pura vum varadu. Neenga oru quarter appram biriyani vaangi koduthalum yaarum varamataanga. Neenga unga padatha paarkardu unda.
Ungalai paaratanum. 50th movie la I was waiting for 50 punch dialogue’s. If at all you gave 50 punches sorry I missed it.
Eager fans who whistle for you @ the beginning during your introduction stop at the next 10seconds and rest of the time is passed when the movie will get over.
In theaters elsewhere people would have gone out for smoke and would be spending more time there than inside watching the movie. These days with smoking being banned people run outside to grab popcorn or visit the toilets. Why toilets avalo vaandi varudu un punch dialogue ketu ketu.
Infact I started sleeping mid-way thru the movie and luckily intermission came 5mins after that.
Ungaluku ellam manasakchiye illaya. Eppadi ippadi oru padam eduka mudiyudu. Same story, similar punch dialogues, similar music. Is there something new in Sura which we have not seen in other movies of yours truly.
Adu eppadi saar nadu kadal (middle of the sea) lerndu neenji kadarkarai ku vareenga. Sura does not come to land. Either movie title maathunga illa kadaiya maathunga. Ippadi rasigargala torture pannadeenga.
For all that I walked all the way to theater in pouring rain to watch your movie. The signs were obvious that Gods didnt want me to watch your movie but I defied all those. I need compensation from you for undergoing yet another torture.

What is the name Amberla for Vadivelu. The comedy in the movie can be passed over. It was just waste of time. None of his jokes tickled me nor others in the theater.
Tamanna, what are you doing in the movie. The front benchers are not happy with your dancing. You didnt add value to the movie. Just because there has to be a heroine in the movie Tamanna is there. Otherwise it would be gayish movie.
What is Riyaz Khan’s role in the movie.
Mani Sharma, your music has not left any impression. Why is there resemblance to “My name is Billa”, “En peru Padayappa”? Nothing to comment on background score.

Since Sura is an animal found in waters, the camera man has to shoot pictures of sun (not to forget Sun pictures) with water in background, foreground.

Sun Pictures, thamizh naatila kalacharam prachanai. Edu kalacharam nu yaarukum theriyala. If Kushboo says her views on pre-marital relation its against culture. If Kamal Hassan names a movie Sandiyar it can spoil culture.
In one song in this movie can how there be four girls dancing behind Tamanna in bikini? Is it allowed since they are foreigners? Either Tamanna could have been cast in bikini or she refused or shes Indian so it could be against our culture or viewers might ignore her and look at others. Why Sir this kind of approach on kalacharam (culture).

It will take sometime for me to get over this movie. This feeling is worse than getting dumped by girlfriend.