Arindhum Ariyamalum – Movie Review

Two newcomers Navdeep as the hero and Samiksha as the heroine have performed really well. Arya has again excelled as a villian after his co-star role in Ullam Ketkume more.
The story line is very simple.
Sathya (Navdeep) comes to Chennai from Nagercoil to pursue his studies. He meets the girl Sandhya (Samiksha) and falls in love with her. She is also from Nagercoil but after her family movied to Chennai she als changes but loves Sathya. In a shootout between two groups, one headed by Kutty (Arya), Sandhya gets the bullet shot in her leg and is hospitalised. By turn of events Sathya is Adhi’s (Prakash Raj) original son.
In a police shootout that happens one night both Adhi and Kutty are killed and the news is made public. But somehow the director shows them reaching Nagercoil along with Sathya.
There is no romantic ending with hero & heroine uniting but the director shows a family reunion. The ending is quite abrupt but very apt and makes it quite short that some still get a feeling has the movie really ended.
The acting by all the stars are excellent and everyone gives a good performance. This a decent movie with no vulgarity.
This movie would definitely not get appreciation from audience if it had been taken in bollywood unlike down south where people are open to such kind of movies.

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