Driving license -The initial (1)

This post is for non-Europeans who want to obtain EU license in Czech Republic (city Brno). I cannot explain about other countries at present.

In a foreign country when there is a necessity to drive a car, host country license works for few months after which a new one is to be obtained.
If one is a new driver it is normally not a problem to learn the rules and the style.
If one is already a driver in host country then there are mix of problems:
1.Driving style would have got influenced by local factors heavily
2. Driving rules could be different though the basic ones remains the same.
3. The signboards indicating different signs could be more (especially if one is from India)
4. Compared to driving in host country, driving inside city may not be stressfull.
This link could be a good reference to start with.

The best option is to take a course with driving school. The driving school would have a website and all the reference materials (eTest). Many of from non-EU countries do not speak Czech language properly or have been learning and still not feel comfortable to take the test in Czech.
Taking this into consideration, I joined Autoskola-Real, Brno. I recommend this school for expats and Rene Foral is good in explaining and also teaching. It is mandatory to take 14 driving classes before the examination. The material link to e-course (e-Kurz) on their website is very helpful.
It is also mandatory to get a certificate from your doctor in Brno. The form for the same would be provided with driving school or the doctor would have one. The doctor would  test eye vision and give a book. This book contains colours and patterns. From within these colours and patterns one would have to find numbers, images and others.

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