Mumbai Attack – What next

Everytime an terrorist attack happens we retaliate. People identify themselves as one nation. We have live blogging, live micro-blogging, live photo feed. We have our troops fighting on the other side to neutralise the situation. Are we pro-active to any situation, we only react to given situation. Though there was tight security at major points in Mumbai, there was a security lapse in recent times since we became lethargic due to no activity. And so we are always unprepared for any eventuality. Every state does not have the proper force to counter terrorism even though it has been an issue since post-independence.
Our laws have too many loopholes which can be tapped heavily. Any person with political clout is a king/queen. If we are stopped anywhere for police check we call for political influence and get things sorted out, even if there is mistake on our side. There is a major problem at grassroot level.
The attraction to make fast and lot of money leads us to do activities which we would not if our laws were tight enough.

Now what should we do. One thing that primarily comes up is lack of resources (people) to fight terror. Why is it so would be discussed in next post.
All ministers should come together to formulate a tough law. Every guy after schooling should spend minimum two years with Indian Army/Navy/Airforce/NSG or any other team. Any guy with poor physical fitness should undergo a program for next one year to become fit. Two years after that he should spend with the force. If a person cannot join force to fight he should provide appropriate medical fitness certificate only due to some illness. This should be verified by panel of army doctors and he should spend two years on the administrative section of force. Any girl willing to join the force should be allowed to do so. If the person wants to continue in the force he/she can do so or get back to the education system.

What is the advantage of such a law enforcement.
1. Every guy would be in either national or state-level force. This makes a team always available to combat in terms of emergency.
2. There will never be a shortage of resource to fight. When one batch leaves another is already in and the next one is ready to join.
3. Every guy would be trained and even if he/she is not in force anymore would know the basics to be done in times of emergency. He/she would also be active to notice any suspicious activity.

Is this possible. yes, it is. But we need a complete revamp from grassroot level. The entire force should not have any political linkage. Any person trying to use political influence would be made to sweat more. For this the politicians should stay away and be neutral. Any politician trying to use his influence should be booked and given a sentence of imprisonment for sometime. And that politician should be barred from contesting in elections after that.

The education minister should ensure that every school prepares its students both academically and also physically. This would enable a kid after school to join the force. Any school which fails to prepare even 20% of its students should be closed down. School managements in their greed to make quick money compensate for the fitness. The health minister should work in tandem with education minister here.
The defence minister should formulate a law which does not have any loophole. Such a law should be brought about in consultation with chiefs of all forces. Its needs more teeth than just mere mention of words.
The election commission should be in a position to not get politically influenced and ban any politician trying to influence the system.
The home minister should be taking stock of situation and prepardness for any emergency regularly.

For this to happen all politicians should be thinking of the nation first rather than being more money greedy or position greedy. But this problem is not only with politicians.

Mark of respect to slain souls

While the operations are still continuing in Mumbai to flush out all terrorists, as a mark of respect to all those souls 29th (tomorrow) is being observed as ‘No Blog Day’.
The determination is commendable of not to speak with terrorists but to flush them out dead or alive. Sitting miles away from Mumbai, there is nothing much I can contribute. May all those souls rest in peace.

This song goes out to all those in Mumbai. We stand by you.

Thanks to Hrish, from where I took the photos. Full credit to those who created it.

Generally cribbing

1. Smoking ban in public places law got much publicity but not implementation. Except corporate offices, I can see people smoking everywhere, BDA complexes, Hotels, roads, street corners. Can every new law have proper implementation phase.
2. When ex-Chief Minister says the IT population should not complain about traffic jam created by rally because they are not in voters list is seriously mistaken. Out of 100% voters in Bangalore less than 70% only cast their vote. All rallies in all states & cities should be banned.
They affect normal life. Rally in Chennai by Vijayakanth also affected normal life to a large extent. Luckily it was a Sunday. what a spoiler, though.
3. Why is it that drivers & riders have no respect for pedestrians? When you walk trying to avoid a pothole, car drivers honk from behind. Where is the space to move. These drivers should walk & I should drive the car at that time, then will they understand?
4. When crossing an almost empty road with only a biker, be assured that the biker would move perpendicularly that he would hit you. Bikers never seem to understand how an object on road moves. Also, they fail to judge the speed of vehicle in front of them 95% of time thereby breaking suddenly.
5. Why do travel guys charge two-ways when you book a bus for only one way? If you book a bus from Bangalore to Chennai, they will charge you for Chennai – Bangalore also. But they would issue tickets. Its easy to cheat in cab business since no one questions.

Vaarnam Aayiram – Movie Review

“Daddy Daddy Daddy”. Too much of anything is bad and too much usage of daddy just makes one sick at the end of the movie. Instead of driving the point of love for dad, director drives viewers mad. This is a weak attempt to what was done really well in the movie Thavamai Thavamirundu.
The director seems clearly confused on what he wanted to do. He wants to depict love for dad, love for wife girlfriend, love for country. All in 3.5hrs a saga which is incomplete.
The news of death of his father starts the flashback and flashback almost forgetting that Surya is on a rescue mission. In the 3hr10min journey to rescue a journalist kidnapped by terrorist, the director completes the narration of Surya’s fathers romance with his mother (Simran). His failed romance with heroine (Sameera Reddy, man she is damn hot). The transition of failed romance to becoming a drug addict to travelling to Himalayas in search of self discovery. And the later self efforts put in rescuing the son of Memon family. And thus the motivation to join Indian Army. (Never knew joining army was so easy and a decision which could just be announced over dinner table, you got guts man) You thought the movie is complete romance movie. But director takes you all by surprise. He has Surya in main role and Surya has developed 6-pack abs just for this movie so how is it possible. So you are shaken into world of action suddenly. But this action sequence is what transforms Surya into a person ready go on a rescue mission. All in all the director leaves just 5mins for the rescue mission. Isnt rescuing a kidnapped person so easy, just get down there at the spot, spray some bullets, sacrifice some fellow comrades, kill all milltants when your other comrades are just watching you do all the shooting & killing.
Only you (hero, sir) can shoot & kill correctly since you are a Major and main hero of the movie. If there was a close associate he would have been killed, luckily audience was spared of that remaining emotional angle.
Not only the character of Surya undergoes transition, even the movie undergos transition. From Thavamai Thavamirundu, the movie changes over to Autograph. Director Cheran should be proud of influence his work has but not in the way this weak attempt was made.

The 80’ish style romance between Surya & Simran stands out. Sameera Reddy stands out among all others by her hotness. The director has taken good care of the detail. Displaying only Ambassdor & Bullets and photo’s of those days Madras in background.
The songs are good to hear, but too many cramped into the first 1.5hrs left me thinking whether am I in 1940’s when there used to be only songs in movies. Some songs are easily forgettable. The picturisation is not all that great.
There is background score at one point using flute and drums, that stands out.

Could have been better made. Watchable once.

Bangalore Mid-night Marathon

Looks like Bangalore mid-night marathon is scheduled on 13th December 2008. If its confirmed soon, I would do a half so as not loose much energy before my 7 day cycling trek the following week.

If you are cycling enthusiast and looking for a different way to spend new year, heres one. The Tour of Nilgiris, click here to read more and register. I would go for this next year.

Egg Biriyani – Recipe

Today I decided to make egg biriyani. Its been quite sometime since I wrote a cooking recipe in my blog. The earlier ones were to make tomato rice, lemon rice, spicy potato fry and scrambled egg.

This recipe is for 1 person and can be extrapolated based on number of people.
1. Basmati rice
2. Ginger garlic paste
3. Spices like cinnamon, krambu, patta, kasa kasa
4. 1 small onion
5. 3-4 chillies
6. Garam masala
7. 3 eggs
1. Boil 2 eggs
2. Soak the basmati rice in water for 5-10mins.
2. Heat oil in pan and add spices
3. After little bit of frying the spices, add onion (to be cut into small pieces), sliced chiilies and ginger-garlic paste. Fry till onion becomes light brown.
4. Break 1 egg and pour into the pan and make scrambled egg.
5. Once the scrambled egg is made, add basmati rice into the pan without water. Mix it well.
6. Add one tumbler of water and stir well. Add little bit of garam masala to this. And the two peeled boiled eggs. And 1/2 spoon of salt. And stir well.
7. Transfer contents to another bowl and keep in pressure cooker or microwave oven to boil and allow the water to evaporate.

Open after sometime and egg biriyani is ready to be relished. You can add coriander leaves for smell.

Ultra Marathon – 50kms

My first ever Ultra Marathon, the second conducted by Runners For Life. Same place like last year starting and ending at Our Native Village resort. One way distance was 6.25kms and a loop of 12.5kms. Each runner had a choice of running 25kms, 50kms, 75kms, 100kms or run as much for 12hrs.
The best part is since it is organised and conducted by runners, they know what is required and how to do it. There were few guys who were running for 24hrs.
I ran/walked 50kms in close to 7hrs. Last year I cancelled my run in Ultra due to knee injury. This year, my knee pain started again on completing about 30kms. But I carried on thanks to my bro, who said he would accompany me but later stopped due to cramps.
Also, thanks to others who believed I can do it and all those who encouraged me enroute.
I got cramps in my stomach due to hunger (next time I should plan how to eat during the run and before the run), knee pain, cramps in thigh. But in the end I did finish it.
It was nice cloudy day with slight drizzle and sun never came out the entire day which was blessing in disguise. The trail was made out neat with good amount of up’s & down’s, had lot of stones, bit of grass, bit of tarred road and mud. No wonder it is said Ultra is tough.
The best part was for about every 1.5kms mark roughly there was a water point. In the finishing stages at every point, I used to do few squats, apply the iodex pain relief spray and again continue. It was indeed gruelling and for the first time I sweat so much running in Bangalore that too within the first 25kms.

Finally one photo of mine smiling when running.

(Courtesy Sabine, who is also founder/runner of Runner Girls of India)
For more photos, click here. Lot more to come.

The sad part is I had registered for 75kms and I ran only 50kms so I do not qualify for finishers medal 😦

Quantum of Solace – Movie review

M: Bond, come back.
Bond: I never left!

Are you a James Bond fan of Pierce Brosnan era, then you will definitely be disappointed not to see gizmos and dozen geeky stuff in the car. A James Bond fan of Roger Moore or sean Connery era would not be disappointed and would definitely see more.
But unlike a typical James Bond (Daniel Craig) in this movie he does not flirt much with girls. Maybe thats the new concept getting evolved. The initial stunt scene after title song is much like stunt scene in earlier movie Casino Royale. The fight scenes are getting more manly and much throwing around happening between the bad guys & James Bond. If you are used to watching James Bond, racing in his car scrapping through bad guys or fighting against the odds in boat chase, well, you get to watch it again. But what you might not have watched is Bond flying a big plane!

This movie continues from previous one Casino Royale on a personal motive. He travels from Italy to Austria to London to Haiti to Italy to Bolivia to Russia before the movie ends. In due course he learns about the motive of Dominic Greene (Mathew Amalric) to take control of water resource in Bolivia by transactions with General Medrano (Joaquin Cosio). What happens later on is anybody’s easy guess but watch out. The female lead Camillie (Olga Kurylenko) has her own reasons to take revenge on General.
‘M (Judi) is getting too old and maybe should stop acting giving way to others for being M.

A proper entertainer in terms of physical action.