What Why How

1. Why is it that still some museums, art galleries say “Photography Prohibited”. What is the point that we are trying to prove? At Jagmohan Palace in Mysore is one sample case. I was impressed with Glow of Hope painting which takes care of all the details. Now when i search the internet click here for painting and click here for details.

2. At 3:00am in small streets what would be the traffic level? But the drivers suffer from phobia or depression. They got to honk at every turn in small streets. Whom are they honking for. The drivers have reached such a psychological state that without honking they can never drive.

3. When on the cycle in peak traffic, the drivers all that they care for is there should be no vehicle in front of them which is a cycle. They will honk or try to nudge you around unmindful of whether there is space for you to move. In the pile up of traffic they also dont think how far can they go with just a cycle being out of the way and a line of 10 cars ahead.

4. What is the solution to avoid taking U-Turn by driving little ahead. Remove stones from the media and drive over it. Another solution, drive all the way on the wrong side of the road.

5. How do cops check for drunken driving. They dont do breathe analyzer test at all points. Remove helmet tell your name, wow!!


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