Anna Hazare & we the public

Before supporting Anna Hazare there needs lot to be done within the country by we the public. Anna Hazare is doing an awesome effort in revolutionising the entire country with respect to the draft. Lets look at other issues before starting to talk about corruption.

1. How many of us are tax payers in our country? How many people evade tax? How many pay the exact amount which is required? How many businessmen show the correct profits and allow tax department to deduct?
Are we not creating black money here?
2. How many prefer to work overseas and send money into India in dollars. Try to look for all loopholes to avoid tax on money sent to India. The money converted from dollars to rupees is pretty huge.
Isnt there black money created here?
3. We have typical case of rich getting richer & poor getting poorer. Everyone knows the big palatial mansion built in Mumbai in recent times.
4. There are lakhs of people struggling to get even one single meal. Lakhs still struggling for a decent clothing.
5. Even though goverment has banned killing girl child, still female infanticide is prevalent.
6. Don’t spit on the roads. But walk anywhere in India you will find people spitting. Places like Kolkatta has buildings painted red by paan spitting people.
7. Throw garbage at dustbins. But how many follow this? From 7th floor of the house down flies a cover filled with garbage into vacant plot nearby. Where ever we want to throw we throw the garbage and leave. We are lazy to take the extra few steps to keep our surroundings clean.
8. Cross the road at zebra-crossing. Its only on paper. We still prefer running across the road whenever we want to cross unmindful of the approaching traffic.
9. Casting vote is one’s duty. This again remains on paper. Whats the use, who will vote. Who cares who comes to power. Little do we realize that casting vote by every citizen can prevent politicians with police records not come to power.

There are many more laws and rules which we as common public don’t follow. Cast your vote keep corrupt politicians away from power then we don’t need Anna Hazare to fast.
The fasting by Anna Hazare should first be against the public of India for not doing their duties.

Before I begin to support Anna Hazare I would first like to see a day when there is 100% voting, politicians with criminal records are kept away from coming to power, each citizen follows all law of state, every citizen pays the correct amount of tax…

PS: These are my personal views.