Potato Kurma – Recipe

Many many years ago this used to be Sunday breakfast. Today morning after sometime I thought of making this. I was not sure of the ingredients. Remembered some then slowly got it.

1. Potato 1/2kg
2. Onion 1 big piece
3. Tomato 1/2piece
4. Green chillies 13 in number (depends on how spicy you want it)
5. Kasakasa 15gms (Poppy seeds)
6. Patta 5gms (bay leaf dried)
7. Krambu 4pieces (clove)
8. Elachi 2pieces
9. Grated coconut
10. Salt (depends on one taste)

Boil the potatoes and peel the skin off. In the meantime soak kasakasa in hot water.
Simultaneously chop onion, tomato and couple of green chillies.
Now add kasakasa, grated coconut and green chillies together with salt and make a paste.
In a pan, add oil and once heated add chopped green chillies and onions. Fry onions till they become golden. Ensure that onions are not over heated.
To this golden brown onions, add chopped tomatoes and fry it. After a minute, add boiled potatoes. Fry for 2mins.
To this add the grinded paste and little water. Allow the mixture to boil. Check for salt and if required add a little more.
Once the kurma is boiled, switch off the flame (if induction stove is used switch off the power).
Slightly smash patta, krambu and elachi. In a ladle add oil and mustard seeds. Once fried, add patta, krambu & elachi. Fry a bit. Make sure it is not overheated and starts burning. Add this to the kurma. This would enhance the taste and smell of kurma.

Now the kurma is ready to be served. This kurma goes well with chappatis.


Scrambled Eggs

How to make egg scrambled or egg burji (as called in North India) for one person who is a good eater.

1. Take 4 eggs and break them.
2. Pour the yoke into a cup and beat it.
3. Cut one onion and half a tomato and few green chillies.
4. Heat oil in pan and fry the cut onion, tomato and chillies.
5. When it is fried pour the yoke into the pan and keep stirring.
6. Add some salt as per your preference.
7. Keep stirring otherwise the egg yoke will stick to the pan.
8. Continue stirring till it becomes dry and becomes a scrambled eggs.
9. If required one can also add red chilli powder in light quantity for additional spice.

This is easy to make and is quite fast also to make as well as consume.