Mayakkam Enna – Tamil (Movie Review)

A simple love story depicting emotions at different times in the relation. From the time relation starts, to develops, to moves further on & then marriage & post marriage.
While the ending need not have been a happy ending as shown in the movie, this is still a must watch movie.
Also inbetween 2nd half the movie rags a bit before director Selvaraghavan brings it back.
Dhanush is a photographer & part of 5member group of friends. Richa is date of one of Dhanush’s friend. Later emotions develop between Dhanush & Richa which ends in marriage.

The movie brings to light lot of things about relations to people
1. Going on date does not mean girlfriend – boyfriend
2. All is never well in a relation. There are up’s & down’s.
3. Atleast one in the relation should be a strong person. Should tide over tough times.
4. Patience is the key in a relation.
5. Men can never forget earlier relation or person with whom they are deeply interested.

There are lots more, needs close watch.
While I would rate it as 4.5/5, the movie is not mass movie.