Bharath Petroleum Bunk Cheat

Click here to read Kiruba Shankar report of petrol bunk cheating.

Bharath Petroleum Bunk cheat is not just restricted to one city or one bunk. Sometimes one would feel that bunk’s in villages are better.
This was an incident last week in Charring Cross, Ooty. When customer tells a particular amount to the staff they fill fuel to an amount. Then they would act as if they did not hear the amount you mentioned. And would try to fill for remaining amount without re-setting to zero.

If you say fill for Rs.1000/- the staff would fill for Rs.300/- and then would say they heard only 300. I do not know how would a thousand be heard as three hundred. Then they would have to fill for Rs.700/-. What they would do is set the meter now to Rs.700/-. Which means the counter would start from previous amount Rs.300/- This ideally means the staff would now fill for Rs.400/- only. And end result is they would pocket Rs.300/-.
This would be split between the staff of the bunk.

Unless you raise your voice and speak or threaten of taking action they would try to convince you that Rs.700/- on the meter plus previous Rs.300/- is equal to Rs.1000/-.

Whenever you fill fuel in station just keep looking at the meter to avoid being cheated by the staff.