Dominos Pizza – See the dough

Near Graphite India at Whitefield, Bangalore many visit Domino’s Pizza outlet for quick lunch. Have you ever thought whether the dough is clean, dust free, germs free. Ever wondered if there is a quality control measure for this?
Take a look at the photo, the dough is kept open and after we enter they are hurriedly being closed. Still open is open they are not brought in air-tight containers. For the amount we pay for each pizza we do not deserve such kind.
The crates are kept in the open under the staircase where when one walks lot of dust can fly over.

Quality Control

BSA Kruze (Review)

Why Kruze?
My main idea was to buy a touring bike. After reading lot of reviews I decided to go for Cannondale Quick 5. But then was little hesitant. Then I looked at Kruze. Cosmetically it looked beautiful. Online search for reviews yielded nothing. It looked a decent road bike for a very reasonable price. Then I started analysing the bike, though am not technically sound. Another added factor was that Kruze was made by an Indian company. All my cycles before had been from Indian companies, either “Hero” or “BSA”. Finally I decided to take the plunge and bought it mid-October 2010.

Bangalore – Chennai
Flat and neat roads. No speedbreakers, no potholes, no gravel filled roads. A distance of 350kms. This was my first major ride a week after purchase. I was able to cruise down the road at a very good speed. No puncture, no gear slip, no chain slip.

Bangalore – Anchetti – Denkanikottai – Bangalore
The second major ride, through the mountains. This was second test for Kruze. Steep climb up the mountains through hairpin bends. Good roads, bad roads, some places no roads, gravel filled roads, muddy patches, speed breakers, potholes. A distance of about 210kms. No puncture, no gear slip, no chain slip. No damage to frame. No difficulty in climbing up steep mountains and gave confidence that Ooty climb was possible.

Tour of Nilgiris
The third major ride that I have done on Kruze. This time it was not a testing ground. There was no option but the cycle had to wade through bad roads and climb upto Ooty. While I thought it was only Ooty to be climbed then came the forest area after entering Karnataka through Kerala towards Gonikappa on Day 7. Not once did my cycle say “I give up”. Withstood everything and all the pressure I was putting on also.
In 8 days of tour there was just one puncture. Minor adjustment to the rear derailluer. Brake was perfect. Infact since friends asked me so on a down hill I braked and made the cycle stand without moving any inch further.

In my opinion on Kruze after completing about 2000kms in 2months
The positives
Brakes are perfect.
Gear shifting is smooth.
No chain slipping
Attractive colour

Some improvements
The taping on handlebar needs some change
The cycle is perfect fit for guys of height 5ft6inches
The liner between tube and rim needs to be worked upon. The tape being weak caused 2 punctures to my tube.

What would be good to have
Manual with technical details
Basic toolkit
Manual explaining how to fix bike issues

Manmadan Ambu – Movie Review

KamalHassan, Trisha, Madhavan, Sangeetha the main cast of this KSRavikumar movie. The movie revolves around a simple storyline shot on a cruise visiting few locales in Europe. And some in Kodaikannal and Chennai. Madhavan is engaged to Trisha who is an actress. Sangeetha is a divorce and Kamal is a widower. Madhavan suspects his fiancée to be having an affair with another guy and hires Kamal as detective to spy on her.
What happens is rest of the movie.

Kamal should maybe take his hands from writing script for movie. He is a great actor with amazing sense of timing. But his writing sucks. We did see it in Mumbai Xpress and its repeated here. This movie is better than Mumbai Xpress. For 30mins in second half of the movie one will laugh and laugh out. But he cannot recreate what Crazy Mohan can.
One thing to be noted is there are no loose ends. No question marks that arises. He has taken care of all that. The movie tends to drag a bit in beginning with lot of importance given in characterization.

The songs are just so-so. Not inspiring even when watching on big screen. Devi Sri Prasad disappoints a lot.
Another of Kamal’s venture is as lyricist. He has done before but then it doesnt appeal to masses. His singing, he has been doing it for ages.

Watchable once.