BarCamp Bangalore 4

The highest turn out for BarCamp ever in India. IIMB campus saw more than 350 people pushing themselves in on 28th July to morning to attend the 4th edition of BarCamp in Bangalore. There were lot of first timers as usual. And of course there was the old set of people also. But I felt most people who turned up as first timers in BCB3 were missing this time around.
Personally, I felt the idea of collectives is really good and should be pursued in larger interests in the long run. This idea of collectives from how I see should be taken forward to form communities and exchange information regularly. The one problem which I saw was people from different background and who couldnt align themselves to any collective were feeling lost. Yes, there can be some fine tunings but anyone can jump in with ideas.

(Big guns)

Also, its really strange that of the 1% population with access to internet, I feel only 40% in this keep themselves updated of the world around in the internet zone. Most first timers still expect barcamp to be an completely 100% perfectly organized conference. I wish the first timers would first look into the internet and read completely on barcamps before stepping in. And also the idea of making barcamp info as pdf file is all waste of time. Making pdf files and storing it somewhere then doesnt give any meaning to the way wiki is moving in.
In an un-conference everyone chips in whatever best they can do.

So, I took up the registration desk along with few others to manage the flow of crowd. After the usual intro session, people dispersed off to their own collective. I did not register myself to collectives except “Biking in Bangalore” and “Photography”. Rest of the time was spent talking to new people and old timers and clicking some photographs.

Biking in Bangalore collective, well quite a few people are interested in cycling. Shreekumar whom I have known for sometime through earlier ride done with him, we all had useful tips from Rohan, Nikhil, KP. Shree is also planning on a Coorg ride from Bangalore for 5 days in August, while someone else is cycling on Pune coast to Mumbai I think sometime in August again. We also discussed on riding in Bangalore, how some of them do it regularly, some don’t, some want to in future. All in all it was worth the time spent.

Photography collective had interested people coming together to share on what they think is good photography and what subject one should choose. The lighting control and other technicalities. Some of them take really nice photos. What I feel is, my photo might suck for somebody but there are lot of reasons why I would have a taken a photo in that way and of course, its for my memory. If you dont like a photo, one can give recommendations but never be negative about it. One valid point I heard was when you see a photo look at it from technicality point of view rather than the people covered in the photo. This is how one learns over a period of time.

At the end of Day 1, how else to finish except loosing something??!!

Day 2, Mahendran and myself were the first to arrive at the venue.

There was no one apart from us. We came early to take some few photos. This actually lead us to eating well in the canteen before others came in. Not that we did not eat something more when others came in. But this was such a dumb question that could have ever been asked. Am sitting there with Mahen’s camera and Mahen is on the first floor shooting pictures with mine, when two guys walk in and ask “No one has come?”. Hello, arent we sitting right there. I could only see it as problem of translating from native language to English directly.

5 of us sat along for eco-friendly session by Aswin of cruisemaniac. Aswin had been talking the same thing on earlier day with whomever he saw and he talked the same again. The discussion generally kept wavering but not very much away from the main topic in discussion. After the session we had some more talk at Cafe Coffee Day.
The one session I liked was creating your own virtual band with the s/w Reason 3. Its a huge file so I should be downloading @ my home. And I would definitely try something out on that in days to come. Thanks to Jayanth who took this session.

(Sagaro made to sit like that till the snap was clicked. Its not easy)

Though I did not again sit in most other sessions, time just flew by. And before could realise or it was time for feedback session and regular bye bye’s.

Some of the guys from Chennai and Chennaites in Bangalore who rocked every feedback and intro sessions!!

For all photos of mine, click here.

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BarCamp Bangalore – 4th Edition

Comic strip created at end of BCB4. No offence intended.


(General 2)

(Moments, different people, different reactions)

(Reactions while standing in Q for t-shirts)

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PubRock Fest 2007

Live music always rocks. Yesterday was the first day of the pubrock fest here in Bangalore. This happened at Pebble near Mekhri Circle, Palace Grounds. It was jazz music all night. Martha Taylor sang some few good jazz numbers. I like the song “Just Friends” by Don Patterson.
After this the Amit Heri band took over. These guys were all instrument guys and a pleasing soothing music just flowed.
All in all it was a night filled with better music than head banging!!

PubRock Fest 2007 is happening across 8 cities in India. You can check up the dates for your city by clicking here.
In Bangalore the other dates are:
Date : 27th August, 2007, Show starts @ 1900hrs
Bands: Kryptos, Myndsnare, Extinct Reflections
Venue: On Da Roxx, Banglore

Date : 28th August, 2007, Show starts @ 2000hrs
Bands: Superfuzz, Something relevant
Venue: Opus, Bangalore

Date : 29th August, 2007, Show starts @ 1830hrs,
Bands: Panatella, Synaps, Cyanide
Venue: Le Rock, Bangalore

Roof top film festival – Bangalore edition

(Thanks to Lavanya for the photo)

On 7th July @ 7:00pm few of us gathered in a Guest House in Hebbal near the being newly constructed “Twin Towers” for the film festival initiated by Hrish Thota. The initial plan to start @ 7:00pm with the significance of all 7’s had to be slightly postponed with no sight of projector & screen. The guys bringing it along were stuck in a traffic jam which is nothing unusual in Bangalore!!
At 8:00pm we managed to start the show and the first movie to be showcased was Sudhish Kamath’sThat four letter word“. Its a typical story of 4 individuals and there were lot that could be related. If you are a guy and not able to relate to the movie then there is drastically something wrong, inherently!!
Pawan next showcased his movie’s and trailers of his upcoming movies. Followed by Vatsa who’s 5minute short movies were viewed. Now he is getting big time into movie direction and we wish him success in future.
Rabi the IIT student who had filmed Silicon Jungle a movie on IITian life was also showcased. If you are an IITian and a guy you can relate a lot to the movie. There were few times when the movie was going into dull moments but still a well done movie and of course with lot of sponsors whom were managed by the contacts. The best thing that can happen to him is Mani Ratnam taking him into his production house!! Now thats an achievement.
The other movies which were shown were Christopher Nolan’s Following. This was his first directorial venture an year before making Memento which was ripped into Tamil as Gajini and is also being remade in Hindi. The movie Following needs a careful watch. If you watch it like yet another movie, you would never understand what is happening. This is a definite recommended movie.
The second of the full length feature movie was Run Lola Run. We saw this in German with of course English subtitles. The audio in this movie is really amazing and having watched this before, it was never like watching it for first time.
The last movie which we saw was Touching the void. This is a truly inspirational movie of the fight on two people who scaled 21000ft above up the west face of Siula Grande in Peru. This is supposedly the most toughest climbs and no one has ever succeeded to do it. Plus there are no rescue teams readily available.

After this the time was 7:00am on Sunday morning. We had a group photo session after which we went in different directions. Well, yeah some of them had a good sleep even through all the fun that we were having. Most of us remained awake the entire duration. Sudhish who had come down from Chennai left after sometime. So did few others. But it never dampened the spirits of those who were staying back.

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