Enna kodumai idu

From the sets of Sivaji (Tamil film shooting) starring Rajinikanth and Shreyas. The location is Spain.

(Got the photos as mail forward) For the record, Rajini is above 50yrs of age while Shreyas is in her 20’s.

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Reservation & Anti-Reservation – 3

To read part 2 of the series, click here.

This is the last part of the series. Coming soon my big post on my vision for India 2020.

Instead of protesting so much, students can look at other areas to pursue incase he/she is worried about not getting admission for higher education in India.

1) Take to sports. Cricket is not the only sport. Take up badminton like Gopichand/Saina or tennis like Sania Mirza or chess like Vishwanath Anand or hockey like Dhanraj Pillay or football like Baichung Bhutia or IM Vijayan or snooker like Geet Sethi. There are few takers for sports like swimming.
2) Join the Army/Navy/Air force.
3) Take up quality film making. Bollywood is not the only Indian film industry.
4) Become an actor/actress. There are other areas in film industry where you can try hands.
5) Try out for becoming a RJ or DJ.
6) Try getting an admission in other courses apart from doctor or engineering. Like Fashion Technology, Agriculture or Journalism.
7) Try out for research in different fields of study. There are lack of scientists today.

There are many more areas like this where people are required.

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Congrats Saina Nehwal

If you are thinking who this person is and why am congratulating her. Well thats exactly what am trying to convey then, cricket is not the only sport in India there are other sports also.
Saina Nehwal is 16 yr old from Hydrebad, India who has won the women’s Badminton Phillipines Open yesterday and the first Indian to do so. She is young and in her prime. I hope the Indian media do not spoil her by making her endorse advertisements and stuff.
She needs to be promoted and media needs to help but not by making her appear in stupid ad’s.
Its actually pathetic to note that
1) No blogger has blogged about her (results from Google search tell that)
2) The media just reports her winning the tournament

If for example Sachin Tendulkar hits a century almost the entire sports section in the print media is covered with his photos and people reviewing about it. Same goes with the TV media also. But this young girl has achieved for India what others have failed to do and there is no interview of her’s featured.

If we dont encourage people like her how will there be somebody in this hugely populated India taking to other sports except cricket.

1) Dhoni endorsed lot of products, his job is done. In the current West Indies tour he has not performed. Dont tell me lack of form, how can that happen suddenly.
2) Whats with Hydrebad that produces talent youngsters
3) Dont bring her down like Sania Mirza

Congrats once again and hope you wont get carried away by the media attention if at all given. Its also nice to know that Mittal group is taken up responsibility to sponsor you.

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Reservation & Anti-Reservation – 2

For Part 1 of the series click here.

The protest against reservation still continues but the Goverment is going ahead with its proposal. But what is it that these guys actually want. Do they have a solution as to how OBC’s and SC’s and ST’s get higher education. What is it that should prevent these guys from education and who are we to prevent them.
If reservation is the way to get education for them, so be it. But is the benefit actually reaching out to them?
From what I have seen happen, though not everyone can be categorised.

The quota allocated has to be filled as much as possible. When the guy with lowest of lowest marks enters the college for higher education
1) Finds difficult to cope with the academics. His primary interest might be on other topics but hes now into this place where he is not able to understand what is being taught. His classmates dont have much time to spare for him since they have to study to clear the exams.
(a) What he ends up doing, steals question papers from faculty’s room.
(b) Bribes attendant with few bucks and add’s sheets of answers copied from textbook
(c) Tries to smuggle in papers with pre-written answers or important points

2) Faculty rarely explains in detail in class, one needs to refer to books in library. He is lazy and does not want to read more on the subject. The end result he fails in the subject.
3) His class mates talk something which is unable to comprehend, this makes him to develop an inferiority complex. He distances himself away from the class and leads to hatred for others.
4) He gets into a group of similar guys and spend time in smoking dope and other habits follow. He spoils himself.
5) He does not actually like studies. His primary interest is something else. But he is pushed to this world of competition which does not allow him/her to enhance his skills further in his area of interest. The end result he is not able to do anything worthwhile.
6) He drops out inbetween and gets into nefarious activities.

The other set forms the creamy layer among the reserved category. He is pushed to the General category to create additional seat in the category. This denies oppurtunity to another deserving candidate in General category. This guy in the creamy layer should also be allowed only within the reserved category.

There are survey’s which points to vacancy in the reserved section. There are also reports which mention how they are unable to come to terms with competition. While providing a candidate with admission under the reserved category there should be questions put forth like

1) Is he interested in continuing studies or is he forced to study
2) What is his primary interest. If he wants to do farming what benefit would he get by studying medicine or engineering. He should rather pursue studies on agricultural and ways to improve on that segment.
3) What does he plan to do after studies
4) What is his past academic record. He need not have scored 99% or 100% but something like say atleast 60%.

Having said all this, am not against reservation but it should reach to deserving candidates among the category.

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Bus condition deplorable – Chennai

If you are in Chennai, the probability of you needing to keep yourself fit is always higher. Not because you might need to get into fist fights regulalry. But you need stamina to push the Metropolitan Transport Corporation Buses which breakdown in the middle of the road anytime of the day and any route.

Today evening after almost covering one part of Chennai by bus, I was travelling on my way back home from LIC in Mount Road in 11G bus. I got a seat and was fast asleep which I normally do either standing or sitting. Some time later I realised the bus was still in some place without any movement. Then the conductor was voicing out “all gents come down to push the vehicle”. I also got down to put my hand for starting it. The bus brokedown on the upslope of Doraiswamy Subway. About 15 of pushed the bus up the slope and then for some more distance before the engine came back to life.

Agreed bus services in Chennai and rest of TamilNadu cannot be compared to any other city in India, but the condition of buses are deplorable. Even though they run in profit, there is no action done from the Goverment to improve the condition of the buses.
Just pray that the new Goverment instead of focussing itself on changes in Temple regulations can focus on more society problems.

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Impact of dress code

Last weekend Shyam & myself were on bike trip to Tanjore & Trichy.

In Brahadeeshwar Temple in Tanjore, the priest seeing us in Jeans & T-shirt
Priest: “Do you want to do archana”
Me: Naanga inda ooru thaan (We are from this place only)
Priest2: Adu illa archana pannanuma nu ketaru (Not that he enquired if we wanted to do archana)
Me: Illanga (No)

I place a ten rupee (Rs.10/-) note on the deepam plate.

Priest3: Ivaluku prasadam kudungo (Give them God’s blessings)

Prasadam is 1 banana (which we gave to elephant outside), a pack of veebhuti & kumkum, few flowers and variant of neem leaves which is good for health.

In Tanjore market, on request I was clicking photos of pumpkin sellers

Seller1: Photo
Me: Problem illa, nanna utkarungo (No problem, sit comfortably)
Seller2: Ennayum photo edungale (Take my picture also)
Me: (starts of in good thamizh)
Passerby: Neenga enda ooru, ippadi nanna thamizh pasareenga (Which place are you from, you speak good tamil)
Me: Naan inda ooru thaanga, romba varusham kazhichu varen (I am from this place only, coming here after many years)