Heavy winds and moderate rains in Bangalore

Sudden dust storm due to heavy winds followed by moderate rains sent everyone go crazy for sometime about 30mins back. In whitefield area, the wind was so heavy that chairs in cafeteria on roof flew everywhere including paper cups, small plates and even food on the plates.
Things look pretty quite now with no wind but just rain. Dark clouds still are there. Pray that nothing bad happened on the roads especially for people on motorbikes and cycles.

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Karnataka Election Results – A glance

Final tally:
Information Available 224/224
Lead 0
Result 224
Party Won Lead Total
Bharatiya Janata Party 110 0 110
Indian National Congress 80 0 80
Janata Dal (Secular) 28 0 28
Bahujan Samaj Party 0 0 0
Janata Dal (United) 0 0 0
Samajwadi Party 0 0 0
Kannada Chalavali Vatal Paksha 0 0 0
Independents 6 0 6
Total 224 0 224

Unconfident Congress states that JDS should be called to form Govt incase BJP gets less than 100 seats. How funny. To read more click here.
BJP all set to form Govt for the first time in South India.

At this moment of writing the post with few hours left before announcing the final results, the BJP is in clear lead and well ahead of the rest. Leading in 82 constituencies and they have already won in 31, its a clear mandate against the JDS which is currently leading in only 32, Others 9 and remaining Congress.

To get to know the results click here.

Two options are possible:
1. Governor gives BJP a chance since they are going to win the maximum number of seats.
Two predictions are possible:
(a) The Govt runs without any problems for the entire 5yrs.
(b) Dissatisfied MLA’s of BJP in future can join hands with Congress, combine with JDS and Others and claim to form Govt.

2. JDS and Congress combine together with Others make a representation to Governor for forming Govt. From last occassion if Congress has learnt after what happened to BJP, they might not allow this to happen. Incase this happens then there would always be tension in the Govt and it might perform its regular duties but be more focussed on saving their chairs.

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GMail performance improvement

For the past one week, I have been noticing that GMail loads considerably faster than it was before. There were times when a message used to be thrown stating “Switch to HTML view”. Now I dont get those message, its not that my connection speed has improved, its still the same.
When logging out of my mail I chanced upon the official blog of theirs which mentions how they have achieved it.
This only gives rise to more expectations on performance and other features.

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Make Your Trip – 2

Sagaro and myself are starting on the planning of the second edition of Make Your Trip. The destination could be Goa. There would not be much news except in our blogs on the proposed date. This is a budget travel so there would be restriction on the money lie in the first edition. The tentative plan is second or third week of June.
Watch this space for more details. To know about the first edition click here.

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First hat-trick

Lakshmipathy Balaji, once known for his smile and which was lost being away from big time cricket due to injuries has performed what no other bowler has done in T20 cricket. Yes, hes got a hat trick enabling an easy win for Chennai Super Kings against Kings XI Punjab in the Indian Premier League.
Congrats Balaji and good to see you bang on target in the second match he’s playing in IPL.

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Cast vote from anywhere

Today when Karnataka is into the first phase of elections to elect Goverment for the state, it is sad to note that in a State with maximum exports in IT sector has still not come up with a technology whereby any Kannadiga can cast vote from anywhere.
In time when people are going all over the World because of work and other reasons nothing else would make them happy then an ability to cast their vote. Its practically impossible for these citizens to come back to cast their vote.
Technologically it is not a difficult task to achieve the facility of bringing in Online voting feature. All it requires is an user identification and it should direct the user to their constituency and to click on button for casting the vote. The main problem though is what should be used for user identification.
Before this there should be feature during registering the citizens in the electoral list of a particular constituency to enter an ID card number. This could be Voters ID or Passport Number or PAN Card Number. Having entered this detail while registering or re-registering one, the same ID card number should be used for logging into the system. A week or two before elections each user should be able to verify his/her details and confirm. Any tampering of this list could only point to the Election Commission since they would be the one’s who have the overall responsibility of maintaining this list.
In this way every citizen could be made accountable if they don’t cast their vote also.

This is not a difficult task to achieve. Where there is a will there is a way.

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My travel so far

I have been to these places so far and lots more to go when I see the World Map am disappointed I have not seen even half the World. Listed below the map are my favorites till date.