Playing music in MS Outlook 2003

I send a music file by embedding the object in my mail (Outlook 2003). When the recipient opens the mail, the song should play automatically.
Anyone knows how to do it, please drop in a line with inputs.

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For A Few Dollars More – Movie Review

The second movie of Sergio Leone’s trilogy is as gripping as the first one ‘A fistful of dollars’. Clint Eastwood again gives a powerful performance in this movie.

Clint Eastwood and Van Cleef are bounty hunters who track down bandits and either produce them dead or alive to the Sheriff. They both go in pursuit of Indio (played by Maria Volonte) who is the most wanted bandit. Cleef and Eastwood who have not come face-face earlier meet know and decide to go for this together. By their plan Eastwood has to become an insider in the group while Cleef will attempt from being an outsider.

Indio plans to rob the bank El Paso which is the most secure bank and succeed. Cleef comes in to help them open the locker but later in the night removes all the money with help of Eastwood and both land in the hands of Indio.
Of course, as in any other movie the hero has to emerge victorious.
The climax scene where the exchange happens between Cleef and Volonte is well picturised.
This is a good movie but definitely not as good as the third movie in the trilogy ‘The Good, The Bad and The ugly’.

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Char Bar @ Leela Palace

ChaBar in Leela Palace serves very good traditional tea’s and also tea’s from places outside India. They serve the tea in glasses and cups which makes it more attractive. Why I was there in Leela Palace is better not told.

Its a seven star hotel in Bangalore and I believe the only one in Bangalore. Next time you are in Leela Palace Bangalore, don’t miss out ChaBar.

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Google Talk – Unlimited

Google has come up again with its new initiatives and this gives one a feeling that its going Yahoo way.
The latest to come out is Google Talk. I am anyway planning to download this and test it out.
Please try out and let me know the performance. We are still used to Yahoo Messenger, not sure how much this would click.

For all those Google lovers theres some bad news. Read this.

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Female Infanticide

(Photot courtesy Sarini Space)

There can be many blamed for female infanticide, but can you pin point any one individual. The parents get their son married to a girl and when they come to know that the child to be born is a girl they kill it. Hey, if not for a girl to whom would son have got married to?
Why dont the parents consider the pain that the married girl undergoes.
Research study shows that its the male chromosome which decides the gender of their kid. So instead of killing the yet to be born kid why not kill their son, cause he is responsible for his wife bearing a girl child. Why should the parents decide whether the female child should be killed or not and what is their problem? Its their son who should decide whether they should have the child or not.
On top of all, the doctors also agree to termination of the kids life.
All bloody murderers.

An American genetics clinic has done research by which the gender of kid can be decided even before conception. Read more.

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