Speyer (Germany)

Speyer is about less than half-an-hour journey by train from Mannheim. This place has one of the biggest Cathedrals in Germany. There is some hsitory behind this cathedral which I forgot.
The other most preferred place of visit in this place is the Technical Museum. The entry ticket is 11euros. This is a huge complex. The first part is inside the building.
Once you enter there is big machine. If you want put 3euros in the slot provided then this machine will start up and give you a coin which can be taken as momento, which is what I did.
Inside the building one can find trains, cars and jet fighters. You can also climb up the ladder to see the engine of the train. They have the first ever steam engine out there.
One other train, the engine can be started by putting 1euro coin. Though the train would not move physically one just watch the smoke emitted and wheels rotating. To not waste my 1euro when someone started off the engine I ran there to see its movements and take few snaps. If in my album you find photos hazy with train wheels behind it, its coz of this.

In another place there is a generator which is used for cutting tools and even this generator can be started by putting 1euro coin. Here I put 1euro to start the machine.
One can just marvel watching how it works and how big these generators were in those days.

Of course there is nothing much to see with the cars. Its all just show pieces. The jet fighters interiors are explained and also how the pilot can escape during emergency.
There is a big musical instrument which can also be started by putting 1euro coin. This will play for 20secs. I did not want to do it but heard it when some others did it. It does fill the area with sound.
There are two more floors in this building. The first floor looks more for kids, nothing much technical. In the second floor there is a huge apparatus and on figuring out the German words we understand its a Camera. (Unfortunately I do not have any space in flickr to upload photos, so they can be viewed in my album).

After completing the inside we come outside, here is where the fun is. There is a submarine, a ship, a helicopter, few MIG and Boeing 747 (Lufthansa).
Its not just show piece which you watch from outside and return. You can climb up the steps and go into each of these. We made a complete round of the submarine U-49. Of course we did not understand anything about the internals of the submarine but its a marvel of how complicated the entire system is. Since I am not fat and not tall either I was able to squeeze myself inbetween to have a closer look (as if I understood).

We went inside Antonov planes. You can go till the cockpit though you cant enter the cockpit. There is a glass door which prevents you.
We had a good look at the ship and helicopter similarly.

Then comes the big part, Boeing 747 of Lufthansa. Many people visit this museum for this plane alone. Why because one can walk on the wings which is about 22mts above ground. The view from the wing is amazing. Of course there is protection kept so that people dont fall off or go beyond a particular point. One would have never walked on the wing if you are not working in that field, so you can do so here.

All the photos can be viewed in MY ALBUM titled ‘Technical Museum – Speyer’.

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Friedburg (Germany)

On saturday we had gone to Friedburg. To reach this place since we wanted to go by slow train which is cheaper than going by ICE train. By the way, ICE is the fastest trains and it just zooms past before you can react.
This is the starting point of Black Forest. This place has got lots of Museums.
The travel was little horrible to reach the destination, close to 3hrs of travel. We had to take a train from Mannheim – Karlsruhe – Offenburg – Friedburg. By the time we reached there it was close to 4:00 in the evening and the Tourist information centre was closed by then.
We went into a museum which had the artifacts of houses in age old days, the utensils, the jwellery. There were also the equipments used during war times, the chest guard, the shield and many other things.

We walked around the market place to reach the cathedral. The chatedrals are so huge and tall ( I dont know why they are such big). This cathedral is not big as the one we saw in Worms but almost there. We went inside the cathedral to have a closer look.
Then we just loitered around for some time. There were some guys playing music on the streets for money.
Since its a month for Christmas there are these special markets which are put up in all cities. In the market there are grass setup as if they represent the church bell and used for other decorations also.
I liked one shop where one can buy a candle for 2 euros and then color it by himself by dipping in a solution of color. Different color solutions are kept in big jars. I remember that during school days there was something called pF factor. I believe this coloring also works in the same principle.
One other thing which I have noticed in other cities is that in the sides of the road there is some path for water to flow. It looked more like drain but of course the water looked to be clean without any smell!!

Probably if we had gone there early then we might gone near river side for some more shopping. Anyway there is always a next time.

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Ice Hockey

Yesterday we went to SAP Arena in Mannheim, Germany to watch Ice Hockey match. It was not an international match but between two cities and still the stadium was 85-90% full!!

None of us knew the rules of the match but its almost similar to normal hockey is what we knew.

The game is played in three intervals, each of 20mins duration and 15mins break between each session.
Each team would be playing with 5 players and one Goal Keeper. There are three umpires. Subsitutes can be made at any time during the play and no stoppages for that. Subsitution is made quite often since its very easy to get tired by controlling the skate and also tackling the ball.
The goal post is small should be 1/4 of the normal hockey goal post. The ground also would be of similar dimension. There are two red circles on either side of the goal post on both the ends. The umpire would drop the ball on the red circle and whoever is faster would grab the ball and take the shot.
The ball is not spherical or circular like in normal hocek but round and flat more like coin used in playing Carrom Board.
All players are fully covered to protect from any injury that might happen during the course of the game. Unlike in normal hockey if the ball goes to the sides (touches the boundary here) its not considered as out and the play continues. When on the wall and taking the ball player from opposite team can bang against you, hit you, it is not considered as foul. Perfectly legal.
Sometimes the players bang on to the umpires also but nothing can be helped.
If inside the ground and not close to wall a foul is committed the player is not given a yello card or red card but made to sit out for 2mins, its more like school punishment.

The game yesterday was between Mannheim (the localites) and Nümberg. Since we also stay in Mannheim of course we support the local team. One of the local team was injured well in the begining. The goals are scored so fast that sometimes you miss out very easily. The local team lost 3-2 but I did understand few things probably next time I would not be dumb but still need to know more about the game.

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Worms – Cathedral

On Saturday, I got my car exchanged from Smart (Automatic) to Ford Focus. This car has a problem, its not got all that great pick up but its got a navigation system which tells me where to take a turn and where to go. And the CD player is jammed so I cant play music.

We went by car to Worms but as usual we did not know how exactly to go so we went round about missed couple of turnings but still managed to reached Worms. Its quite a nice city, we did not roam about much here, walked on the main Market Place and then went to the cathedral for which it is famous for.

The drive by the country side is more colourful than the drive on the Autobahn. You got lot of planatations, flowers, fields… and houses which look real old & the architecture of these houses look totally different from the ones found in cities.

For more photos of the cathedral check out MY ALBUM.

Back on track

Well after sometime of irregular exercise schedule doing workout on few days. Am finally back on track. Of course it is very cold so I cant run outside also I do not know the roads properly there is all possibility of me getting lost.
So treadmill is currently my option for running. Yesterday I ran for about 45mins in the treadmill at a varying speed of 9-11km/hr and then did short weight workout for 20-30mins.
Today I did cycling for close to 30mins at a constant rpm of 70-80 and then ran in the treadmill for another 20mins at same speed as yesterday. Finished with short weight workout for 20mins.
Of course there is a provision to take bath also, so no worries.

It feels good to be back to doing exercises!!

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