Raavan (Hindi) – Review

ManiRatnam’s style in movie making is what attracts one to watch each of his movie. Something like Quentin Tarantino.
Beera – Abhishek Bachan
Dev – Vikram
Ragini – Aishwarya Rao

All others in the cast are already all over the internet. The storyline is just a liner, Beera is the lord of the land. People listen to him and would die for him and they worship him. Enters Dev to this land who starts wiping out this unquestioned rule. Beera kills cops and kidnaps Ragini. Thus unfolds the story, with frequent flashbacks to explain the context of why, what & how.

All other characters fit in naturally to the story. In modern day one can relate it to Maoists against the Police and in the past the rivalry between Rama and Raavana.

The locations are a plus like in any other movie of Mani Ratnam. And the settings in the middle of water. I dont think any other camera man than Santosh Sivan would have pictured a ray of light passing through a hole in the door.
There is a sequence when the camera rotates so fast that my head also started spinning. It took some time to realize that it was the amount of confusions in Beera’s mind. Director could reduced the rpm of the camera though.
Lot of places initially when the camera is used in still & freeze mode. This could also have been limited and not overdone.
When Ragini falls from the branch into the water with the song Behne De in background nothing can beat that picturisation. The picturisation of this song would take a long time to be overshadowed by some other song. Lush greenery, the water and the splash out of water. Its just perfect.
The Ranjha Ranjha song comes in the background and Beera Beera is the title song.

The background score is good in bits & pieces and there are some verses in the background music which sounds odd with ARR himself singing them except one version of Ranjha Ranjha song (not in CD’s). The sequence where tense moment (of romance) builds up between Beera and Ragini is good and in the climax sequence.

The fight sequence setting for the fight between Beera and Dev nearing the climax is must watch.
The heart fluctuations of Ragini is well built up. It is not displayed explicitly till the end of the movie. One can understand the sequence though.

Aishwarya looks so beautiful whether in the light of flames or in the other places. One shot of moon on top and the light ob the ground and Vikram standing out there is also a good shot.
One goof-up though. Vikram is keeping the blade against face to shave when he hears shot of pistol. He gets his men and starts in pursuit, he is clean shaven. In the next sequence he has short stub of beard on face.

Its worth watching. Better made in terms of camera compared to earlier movies.
Now to watch the Tamil version.

2nd Duathlon

June 13th sunday early morning, Shyam & myself started a short ride to Prakruthi Resort in Devanahalli. The reason for ride was BSA Hercules Duathlon. 2nd time this even is being conducted.
The morning was breezy, cloudy slight dirzzle on the way. At the venue there were about 400 people as participants and lots as support crew, organisers, medical staff, mechanics. It took some time to find our cycles.
We had taken the timing chip also the day before to get timed for each phase of 5kms running, 20kms cycling, 5kms running and the transition time.
The first 5kms of running was breeze. But I dont know I suddenly slowed down on the return after 3kms. Till then I was running at about 12-13km/hr. Something struck me that I should save some energy for the next phases.
After reaching the 5kms mark. I picked up my cycle and ran to the start point and cycled all the 20kms. Its a loop of 5kms. So you go 5kms one way, come back and follow the same route again. Which means I take a U-Turn 3 times. I suck when taking U-Turns. I have to stop the cycle fully, push it, turn it and again start pedalling.
Someone had played with my gears too. While the gear shifter was showing thrid gear, the chain was stuck between 2nd & 3rd. Maybe I should have noticed this initially before the race. The wind was blowing little heavy and in an uphill it took some energy out to pedal the distance. Its all part of the challenge. Finally I did manage to finish the 20kms, not that I had any doubts on that. But then I always hate when there is an U-Turn. Also, my thunder racer with all the maintanance I did at Track & Trail, the pedal noise started to re-appear. Its damn annoying. I wish they looked into this properly.
I run with the cycle, park it at the same slot and return for the final 5kms of running. This time I start at a steady pace. There were two kids who were running to find their mom and I was running along. It was fun though not for long. At 1.25km mark I met my brother (he was quick on his cycle). I left him over there and ran at the steady pace till the end. Last 100mts there was some guy who pushed to run harder and faster. Thanks to him I finished the last 5kms in a little better time.

My timings:
5kms – 25mins 40 secs (running)
Transition – 2mins 07 secs
20kms – 53mins 50secs (cycling)
Transition – 2mins 01 secs
5kms – 28mins 08 secs (running)

Overall ranking: 43
Category Ranking: 34

An overall improvement of about 9mins from last year.

Organising wise there was nothing that one could say negative about this event. It was perfect to the core. Next time I would be aiming for a top 10 finish definitely.

DO NOTHING – Marathon

Everyday tension, running around, getting angry, feeling depressed, lack of time to savour good memories. Not only for people in the league mentioned above but also for the rest, how does it sound to spend time “doing nothing”.
Yes, nothing mis-spelt. The objective is just be there doing nothing.
This would give you time to relax, feel about all those nice moments, get a smile on your face of those funny moments.

Rules of the marathon:
1. Like in any other marathon let there be a cut-off time to start with.
2. Any person who can sit without “doing anything” for minimum 6hrs is winner.
3. Incase of tie-break, then additional 1hr would be given to “do nothing”.
4. Talking not allowed.
5. Walking not allowed.
6. Sleeping not allowed.
7. Reading not allowed.
8. Writing not allowed.
9. Watching TV (television) not allowed.
10. Browsing internet not allowed.
11. Alcoholic beverages not allowed.
12. Drinking water/coffee/tea allowed.
13. Eating allowed.
14. Usage of rest-room at scheduled intervals allowed.

If you are interested, do leave a comment. If you go points to add, leave a comment.

Encounters on the road – 1

This series is dedicated to encounters on the road while cycling, either commuting to office or otherwise. This series includes both pleasant encounters and unpleasant ones.

Starting with todays encounter.
1. Morning while cycling I met an auto guy, he slowed down to my speed of about 23km/hr had a good look at my cycle and gave a smile. He also managed to wave goodbye to me. Infront of him a dog was crossing, he slowed his auto signalled to me and allowed the dog to cross without honking. Thanks a lot.

2. Evening while cycling back from office, there was this guy in motorbike who wanted to squeeze between me on the cycle, a tata sumo and a tempo traveller. This guy had no respect for me out there and almost knocked me out. Later, after Graphite India at Whitefield he had to turn left, his ego hoes not permit him to come behind me, crosses me when am also turning, slows down and then turns. Again complete disrespect for other vehicles on the road. Later I find him standing at railway gate. There were few bikes in front of me which prevented any conversation with this guy. I could identify him as a guy who works in same company as mine. I reserve all talk for tomorrow.

3. Later at Sarjapura-Outer Ring Road junction a motorbike guy pushes me down again almost, goes by the side of bus which had to stop due to traffic. He hit a muddy & rocky patch and almost skidded there. I chase him in the traffic and start a conversation
Me: Jaasti urgent aa Sir (Very urgent is it, Sir)
He: Yes yes
Me: Yelli ogu beku? Hospital or Mortuary? (Where do you want to go)
He: (Stares at me)
Me: Ogi ogi, urgent ogu beku illva (go go, you have to go urgently)

Next time onwards I would be posting their vehicle numbers.