No helmet rule *

After long series of fruitful discussions between the government officials, traffic police, public (includes men and women) starting 1st March 2015, NO HELMET rule would be implemented. With this rule, no 2-wheeler rider is required to wear a helmet.

The only people who are sad with this new rule or those footpath non-ISI mark helmet sellers and manufacturers who will have to look for new avenues to sell something cheap fake product to public. Exchequer has decided to compensate the loss for now which brought smile to these small scale business men.

For first time there were valid points brought out by all concerned parties. The discussions did not last for weeks which is a rarity. There were no violent situations.

When the rule was passed the media was disappointed that there was no action which would have increased their TRP. To condemn this move in tonight’s “Nation Does Not Want to Know” episode would be a debate on “Why helmet is to be still a mandatory requirement”.

In the latest development, the association of “old paper mart” have decided that they would take helmets as scrap. They would pay 50 rupees per helmet which is landmark move. Normally they would not give reasons for not paying much for all the scrap that they take in a day.

Carefully deliberated points from all parties are detailed below.
From men’s view point were:
1. It was difficult to ride at same speed on one hand and wear helmet using the other hand at traffic junctions.
2. It was getting increasingly difficult to spot traffic police and wear helmet. On number of occasions the police change their spot for monitoring.
3. Tennis elbow was cited as another reason since most often than not they hold the helmet in their forearm.
4. Growing number of bald men was another reason for not wearing helmet. Men threatened to divorce their wife if they became bald after wearing helmet.

Points from women were:
1. Difficulty in kissing their husband/boy-friend during the rides within city limits.
2. Losing interest in husband/boy-friend since they did not look handsome once they were getting bald post regular usage of wearing helmets.

Other motorists who do not ride 2-wheelers had a valid point. Most 2-wheeler riders place their helmets on the fuel tank. When the rider loses balance the helmet falls on to the road causing an accident and wastage of time in quarrels. Worst still they welcome this move from government since sometimes the helmet is used as weapon during a fight over accidents.

Traffic police had only one view that anyway at traffic junctions or spots where they stand the average speed of traffic is around 20-30km/hr. It is not possible for a fatal accident at these places.

* – This is a satirical post attempting to mock at all those 2-wheeler riders who do not wear helmets.

The Professional Couriers – Unprofessional service

I in recent years trust Blue Dart more than The Professional Couriers. This was few years ago when I had received a parcel from Chennai for my motorbike and was in the office for 2days due to lack of delivery boys. I finally went and collected it myself.

Years later last week, a courier was dispatch to me from Mysore and it took 2days before I went and picked it up finally. The distance from Mysore to Bangalore is just 150kms. On first day evening I receive a call from courier representative that courier has arrived and the delivery boy did not know the direction to my house. Unbelievable since the courier outlet and my house is separated by less than a km (which I found out the following day). The operator promises to look into same day delivery but of course no further calls nor responses.
Next day I call them, get the tracking number from dispatcher, call them, call them and call them! No delivery till evening 17:00hrs of 2nd day. Why?
1. The phone line does not work clearly so they were unable to call me.
2. They could not tell when I called earlier to come pick up by myself.
3. There are no delivery boys available and only after 18:00hrs then can try.

If I had let them to try it, would have slipped into 3rd day and they would not apologise for such a delay.
Worst part:
1. No manager at the outlet to complain
2. They do not have complaint forms to lodge one

Then I read their vision statements which can be found on their web page. The irony is the below statement which is under “Vision Accomplished”.

To create an organisation with opportunities to the deserving in owning their own business at their local area, thereby ensuring a Customer Courier bonding with the best of services.

Be always advancing and outperforming in an on guard & systematic manner.

Be more customer friendly and achieve brand enhancement by the exploitation of IT and other technologies for sustained quality standards, training and motivation.

Thanks for the second time bad experience. Personally I will continue to be away from “The Professional Couriers“.

Shamitabh – Movie Review

shAMITABH is a must watch movie. A very different genre of movie and a bold concept. Just reflects how and who can succeed in bollywood, the very importance of voice and acting.
Amitabh the voice and Dhanush the actor the combination really works but to get them to sync would have been a tough job.
Akshara Hasan has a great potential to become a big star. Her introduction looked very casual and she has also done a good role with dialogue delivery to be noted (probably some skills from her father).

Dhanish is a small time boy in a village who has big dream of acting and becoming a superstar. One thing that he cannot do is talk. He is dumb/mute. He like everyone comes to Mumbai to become a hero which he cannot unless he gets a voice and a device. The voice is Amitabh. Akshara supports Dhanish all through and Shamitabh becomes a star in first movie itself.
Obviously there should be conflict between Amitabh and Dhanish. Both try separately to prove who is big and a star only to fail. Then like always they have to come together again. What happens after they come together could be anyone’s guess who watches movies regularly. Movie has to end, ok.

I do not qualify to comment on Amitabh Bachan’s acting. Impressed.
Dhanush definitely has done well. For people used to his tamil movies his styles are nothing new.
Akshara is definitely potential.
PC Sreeram with cinematography especially at the graveyard scenes.

Balki has definitely woven a tight script around a complex story. There are actually no moments when you want to go out for a leak or a smoke.

Ilayaraja I again don’t qualify to comment. After a long time I watched a movie where the background score went with the movie. No sudden explosion to ears nor lack of sound when you would want something. Violins, guitars and other instruments I cannot identify perfect blend. To watch the complete music launch click here.

Definitely am happy to have watched a good movie after long time. Good no time wastage on lengthy romancing. There was practically no romancing! If one thing that could against is length of the movie.
My rating 4.5/5.