Health Tip 3 – (Exercise pattern)

Disclaimer: The posts with this topic are not general postings but from personal experience. These are my own views there can always be two sides of approaching just like there are two sides to a coin.

All comments would be accepted and approved without any censorship.

Tip 3:

Exercise is mandatory for a healthy life. This exercise can be from various mediums. Typically we get carried away that we end up exercising more for either the upper part or for the lower part of the body. Core strengthening exercises are always mixed up. A typical body looks great when both the upper & lower body parts are worked out in tandem. Imagine a body were the upper body is big with weak legs or a body with strong legs & a thin upper frame. Both look disproportionate.

There was a time I was concentrating more on my upper body that even though I was running marathons I was getting injured. My legs used to get tired & worn out easily. Post an injury in which I had to stop running a marathon mid-way I understood the importance of leg strengthening too after a visit to doctor.

Since then I have been into balanced workout. Maybe my upper part is not that strong as it was before but I definitely feel fitter than before. In fact after line of injuries with effective workout I was able to get back to running & reduce the timing.

Its necessary to be fit than to have a huge unbalanced body.


Auroville Marathon 2013 (Half)

In 2005, I ran my first marathon in Chennai, TamilNadu. I was excited, nervous, anxious and determined to prove. I had a goal in mind and I did manage to reach it though with some struggle. I did finish the marathon and was really happy.

8yrs later, on 10th February 2013 the feeling was exactly the same. This time it was at Auroville, TamilNadu. I ran only half the distance than what I did in 2005 but the difference was I was running after quite some break due to injuries and other incidents and events.
Last year I ran same distance at Hydrebad but the feeling of completion wasn’t the same. I was coming back from injury and wanted to test myself.
This time, I had a goal in mind. I was eager, excited, anxious and nervous and determined to do it. And to do it with ease.

Morning by 6:15, the half marathon was flagged off. Quite a lot of runners and by the time I crossed the start line, the clock had moved a good 5mins. It didn’t matter much. The runners in this run were far more disciplined that they never ended up pushing other runners to move ahead. With many in number the first km is always going to be slow unless you are in front of the pack. When I finished 1km it was almost 7-8mins by my watch. Then I slowly reached my rhythm and kept running. I ran and ran and ran. I managed to reduce time at few kms that I was able to finish 10kms in 55mins – 57mins. Was satisfied a little with a better performance so far. Simultaneously I was also losing my body salt/sugar and water. I need something with sugar and also water.
Thats where this run stood out. There were time stations at approximately 2.5-3km mark. And the stations were stocked with water, electrolyte, banana and chikki. Chikki was all I wanted, after a half glass of water. I took a piece of the chikki and kept biting as and when I was feeling the need for it.
And along the route they had some people playing drums and elsewhere people standing, clapping, cheering. The crowd was really supportive and encouraging.
I managed to overtake few of my friends from office and felt I might fall off if I didn’t slow down. I cut down the speed and finally finished with a time between 1hr57mins – 2hrs2mins.

That was one happy moment.


Are we united & diverse?

News headlines India Pledge

India is my country and all Indians are my brothers and sisters.
I love my country and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage.
I shall always strive to be worthy of it.
I shall give my parents, teachers and all elders respect and treat everyone with courtesy.
To my country and my people, I pledge my devotion.
In their well-being and prosperity alone, lies my happiness.”

Just like we have forgotten so many things in our life this also seems to be one. Open any newspaper in the morning, the top news items would be rape and rape and rape and more rape or naxalism or telangana or cauvery water or some organisation threatening certain people related to arts (all girl band, art display in bangalore, movie release in Tamilnadu) or fishermen killing or pirates attack or dalit issue.

Isn’t there any development happening in India is what one would wonder. There seems to be too many issues disturbing common public.

Going by certain events our diversity seems to be in question. All the candlelight protest for a rape victim seems to be long back with the case taking its own time and nobody protesting if a dalit girl is raped & hanged (like what happened  days ago in Bihar). Nor is there a voice for lot of things. We seem to be biased in our actions for our own brothers and sisters.

What respect can I give to teachers of today if they themselves molest or rape a girl. What respect do elders get when they are the one’s involved in scams & scams.

Where is “my people” that was intended in the pledge?

There is only one thing that makes us cross all barriers and come together, that is cricket.

While I can only still remain devoted to my country there is no more happiness.

Health Tip – 2 (Exercise regularly)

Disclaimer: The posts with this topic are not general postings but from personal experience. These are my own views there can always be two sides of approaching just like there are two sides to a coin.

All comments would be accepted and approved without any censorship.

Tip 2:

Exercise is one thing which can be started any time and can be left any time. The reasons for stopping exercising are always plenty but the most common reason is lack of time. I myself have fallen into this trap of no time so many times that I can only be a critic of myself.

Many years ago in the year 1999 was the first time I decided to start exercising. At that time I was big fat plump. Was afraid to walk in the corridors of hostel without a vest or t-shirt to cover my top. Then I started running around the cricket ground, it was tough initially to even complete two rounds. Then I progressed to 10 – 15 rounds. One round = 800mts.

Post running I would supplement with strengthening exercises. It all looked great, especially utilizing evening time. Then I found out that evening time sucks big time atleast for me. There were so many external factors which used to influence my routine. I shifted to morning hours. This was the best.

Early morning is so peaceful for running, firstly. The sound of birds, lack of noise & dust pollution and many other fellow humans still struggling to get out of the bed. One drawback was when I needed support while doing weights in the gym. One day I was unable to lift a particular weight during bench press that I was lucky to just place it on my chest for support. Am still alive!

In that year I was weighing around 65kgs and with the routine I was following I came down to 55kgs with waist size of 28 and no more tension of walking around hostel topless! 🙂 It was only 5years later that I increased my weight to 60kgs which was required. Till date I have been balancing my weight between 60kgs – 63kgs and a waistline of 30.

Though am not regular at gym last few months but I still try or manage to maintain myself still. I do feel sense of pride that in almost 14years I have not become big nor very thin. My friends from college or school can definitely vouch for it.

If its difficult to go to gym due to lack of time, there is always household work which gives one enough exercise. Clean your own house (includes sweeping and mopping), wash your clothes by hand, cook by yourself. All these give ample strength to your legs & hands & lower back.

With this personal experience I can always say exercise is the key. Exercise also keeps your brain fresh.

Vishwaroopam – Movie Review

Whether the current controversy is really required I wouldn’t comment.

Technically the movie is good. There is lot of attention given to detail. Every actor has got a defined role & some ways not ensured that it is Kamal Hassan movie all through. Rahul Bose has a major role in the movie and sometimes his voice is irritating but the explanation does for it.

Pooja, Andrea, Shekar Kapur all have importance. The best part is where a house fly on rife is shown closely, the son of rahul bose identifying the rife & bullets blindfolded, rahul bose son’s innocence, protrayal of emotions even by jihadis, the Afghanistan location.

The movie story is very simple and many times made by the Hollywood. But Kamal has definitely taken Tamil cinema to different length and heights. It would do no justice to compare this movie with “Ek Tha Tiger” or “Thuppaki”. Our brains have been modeled these days to watch movies without class. There are certain shots where the movie has matched Hollywood terms and in some gone beyond.

Usage of pigeons and the explanation to use them is something out of the box.

Kamal’s wife Pooja suspects him & he emoting gay expressions, hires a private investigator to track his movements. While she has an affair with Samrat Chkarabarti. In the course of trailing the investigator gets killed. Movie changes from there and a flashback of tale from Afghanistan. What would happen next is anybody’s guess especially those who watch lot of movies.

“neenga nalla vara keta vara” the past dialogue is repeated again with an answer for once!

All the songs are in the background which is the best part except for the initial part where it is required to exhibit his character as Kathak dancer. Showing the other side of man involved very much into classic form of dance is shown well. Every movement and step is shown well.

The dubbing voice for Pooja is irritant lot of times. Don’t understand why she should speak “konji konji”.  Background music is not heavy to the ears and goes well with the situation. The script is engaging, the dialogues at certain times could have been better, there is mix of humour in the dialogues. At a point when for most it would seem the movie is dragging or getting boring (high influence of kollywood, tollywood & bollywood) I found it interesting and necessary for the story.

Now to wait for part 2 of the movie!

My rating would be 7.5/10.