Great Indian Tamasha

Well am not commenting on Indian Laughter Challenge or anything of similar nature, but this is about Indian Cricket Team. With lot of pressure guys like Dinesh Mongia was included in the team and Suresh Raina was still persisted in the team even though Raina’s scores in recent times looked like international telephone number only.
Why are Indian batsmen cant play on bouncy tracks. I feel this is more the mindset than the actual batting. In the nets why are they not practising against short pitch deliveries which come to chest high. These guys should also practise playing the pull & the hook shots.
Considering the conditions our selectors are more concerned about politics rather than the game, otherwise with what logic would they omit VVS Laxman from the team for such kind of pitches.
Sehwag needs only one match to get going but no one ever understands when that one match is going to come.
Sachin is struggling to cross 50 runs. Public pacifies itself with words from Dravid that he is in good touch.
Dravid is the only batsmen who is able to play applying his mind also.
The bowlers well less said the better. Kumble as always is the only committed bowler, bad for him hes never a permanent name in the one day squad.
Dinesh Kaarthick a wicket keeper is taken into the team to strengthen the batting and is expected to run & field while all these years he would have never run till the boundary line to pick up the ball.
Its surprising how Indian bowlers are unable to bowl bouncers and trouble the batsmen. Zaheer Khan is awfully lacking in stamina. Harbajan Singh, well he should learn to bowl rather than keep talking. Irfan Pathan needs many more chances but never know when he would bowl properly.

Indian bowlers should learn from Glenn Mcgrath, in the first test of Ashes Series this year and in the first innings except two delieveries short of length and two at full length remaining all were at good length spot. Check out his age and see how much of stamina he has to bowl continuously without any break.

The Indian public, as said frequently memory is short. One win and all losses are forgotten. Spend about 8-10hrs sitting in front of TV watching the entire match and another 8-10 hrs commenting on the game, with varied set of friends.
If the amount of money and time invested in cricket is spent in some other sport we would have world class sportsmen in other departments.
While cricketers make money like free flowing water, athlethes are struggling to pay coach fees.

I am just hoping that I see a day when other sport bodies in India become more prominent than cricket.

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Are you crazy with loads of endurance

If you are one crazy guy with lot of perseverance and endurance. You should just test your levels. If you can, then take up this challenge, The Indian AutoRickshaw challenge.
The registrations are already open for the 2007 event to happen from August 5th and is named as Mumbai Xpress Rally.
What started of this year in TamilNadu and encouraged by the response the organisers are planing this mega Xpress Rally.
There is also the Classic Rally starting on Dec 31st 2007 for 8 days across TamilNadu touching the same point like this year.

Cant hold anymore and want to do it, head here.

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19th November, morning 5:30 @ Raheja Arcade, Koramangala Bangalore, my bro and myself reach in our ThunderBird. We find about 4 bullets already. Some more are yet to come. By 6:30am there are 13 bullets and Willy’s jeep comes last. We start off giving that area a scare with thumps from the bikes. Next stop is at Shell Petrol Bunk in Bommanahalli for few bikers to fill the tanks. 2 more bullets join over there and then begins our journey. Everyone on the road was looking at us which is quite obvious.

Our next stop is at A1 Plaza, the eatout joint in Reliance Petrol Bunk in Hosur. Well, petrol outside Bangalore is cheaper and it makes sense to fill the tanks anywhere outside. In Hosur the price is about Rs.3/- less.
After the halt and photo sessions and filled up stomachs we start our engines again this time with the jeep being the point.

Once you cross Krishnagiri away from the 6 lane towards Dharmapuri you encounter absolute bad roads. The roads out there have worsened after rains past few weeks. This stretch of 40+kms tests one’s patience and also driving skills plus pothole’s avoiding skills.
Most times when you are at good speed its better to drive over the pothole, braking can cause damage.
Once at Dharmapuri and you turn right towards Hogennakal the ghat roads become better. There arent any potholes. There is a toll gate with charges Rs.10/- for bikes and Rs.40/- for cars & jeeps. We finally reached the place around 1:00pm. The delay was due to few more stops waiting for few bikers to join in.
The waterfall was just amazing. Walking over hanging bridge there reminded of hanging bridge in Bangalore!! We took a boat ride around which I didnt want to, it just gave me a headache because of the heat.

One other biker who is a localite of Hogennakal arranged for food so afte the ride and a good bath under the waterfall we just hogged. Well the waterfall at one particular point, felt actually like rocks falling on you. The flow was that heavy, not many ventured into that area though there were rods for holding on to.
By 4:30pm we started our journey back and we just wanted to touch the 6lane before dark. Potholes filled roads at night time with high beams just makes it damn difficult for driving. How much ever we were unable to beat the diminishing light and had to drive for atleast 40mins with lights turned on. After this stretch it wasnt difficult to reach Bangalore.

There were no incidents or accidents during the entire journey. Luckily rains also stopped to allow us to drive and have a look from top. because till the earlier day there were rains.
Well, how did we guys meet up?? We belong to Orkut community “Royal Knights”. If you have a bullet and want to join, head to the community by clicking here.
It was little sad that I was not able to carry my camera as it is under repairs. Am still awiting others to upload their pics.

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Casino Royale – Movie Review

Daniel Craig as James Bond 007 does not disappoint. Firstly, I will not let know the story line.
The stunt sequences are amazing and out of imagination. Dont miss out the chase sequence that happens few minutes after the movie starts. Some of the jumps made are really cannot be thought of. Probably only the species in Predator movie did that much of jumps. The stunts leave you gasping.

For a long it did not look like a typical Bond movie with no flirting with babes in the movie. Dont worry there are some but not as in any other Bond movie. Eva Green does not disappoint us also.
Another stunt of a car chase, dont miss it. This also leaves one holding breath for sometime.
Daniel Craig though in posters did not look like a Bond, hes got a good physique and when he runs it was relatable to Robert Patrick running in the movie Terminator 2. He does look little aged but that does not deter in anyway in his acting.

The opening song sequence also is not of typical Bond movie opening song. Its more of a normal movie type. Lot of us wait for this opening song only.
The Bond theme also is not played even once in the entire movie except in the end.

Leaving these two apart, this is definitely a must watch movie. And do note unlike Pierce Brosnan who used to adjust his neck tie after a fist fight, here this James Bond does get hurt and blood does come out of his face!!

I just finished the first day first show, would be looking forward to watching it again soon. Maybe more than that, just for the stunts.

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PVR Cinemas and rising costs

The cost of watching a movie in Bangalore is increasing tremendously, thanks to PVR Cinemas and INOX.
Casino Royale, the new James Bond movie which is slated for release this Friday 17th November is actually barred for many who cant afford. The cost of single ticket is close to Rs.230/-.
There are people still who will pay and watch the movie since there are no alternative entertainment available in Bangalore. Well, since people pay these guys also can keep increasing the cost of ticket. But is this price justified? Have the maintenance costs increased suddenly in few months.
If everyone can think and stay away from these places, they would of course reduce the costs.

Ala, mobile phone service providers. What was initially Rs.16/- per minute of call and also charges for incoming call, today the difference is there for all to see.

Hope people can think and act.

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The Departed (2006) – Movie Review

Based on HongKong movie WuJianDao, this movie is quite humorous and filled with action. I felt little bored mid-way through the movie. Director Martin Scorsese does not leave one disappointed in the end though. Acting by Leonardo DiCaprio is really good, though he cant be compared in a similar role with Robert DeNiro.
The movie is set in South Boston where undercover cop Billy (DiCaprio) infiltrates into mob run by Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson) while his man Colin (Matt Damon) infiltrates into the Police squad.
What happens next is filled with action and humour.

The end is what is highly unexpected for those who have seen the original. Watch the movie in nearest halls to know the ending. I do not want to spoil.