Do you want to be a script writer?

Do you want to test your script writing skills? Do you have it in you to write a script for a movie? Are you interested to learn more if you are a writer already. Then dont miss this “The Writers Meet” at Brew Ha Ha in Kormangala next to Jyothi Nivas College this Sunday 2nd December 2007.


Moral Policing

Few weeks back in Chennai couples were chased away from Marina Beach (World’s 2nd longest beach) for indecent behaviour. This was also repeated few days later.
Whats decent & what can be happen in future??
1. Guy & girl walking together hand in hand is always indecent. Guy & guy or girl & girl walking together hand in hand or arm over shoulder pressing bodies closely is perfectly decent. They are friends.
2. Guys suddenly stopping their vehicles and getting down to pee on the compound wall (even if there isnt one) is completely decent.
3. Guys happily using the beach for shitting and washing themselves in the water is perfectly decent. Its your problem, why do you look whether their dress is above waist or below. We would not build public toilets and even if we do, we wont force them to use it.
4. Guys & girls spitting on the roads spreading whatever virus they got to others is decent.
5. Guys using the Public Transport buses as music instrument and making noise is decent. So is making fun of girls in the bus or breathing down girls shoulder in crowded bus.
6. In future cinema halls would be shut down. Why?? The movies have indecent scenes. Video piracy could be encouraged enabling watching inside house without disturbing others.
7. New scanners would be installed on beaches, any couple walking in, there would be a sound activated.

We are hypocrites. On one side we say we respect women and on another we dont want to give them freedom. Everything and anything is decided by the men.

Running & running & running

Ultra Marathon in December has been pushing me a lot these days to get sufficient practise and be in shape. Its been pushing me so much that my schedule has completely changed. Of course am running quite a lot these days and have to check whether am on right track by running the Full Marathon next weekend @ Srirangapatnam near Mysore. Of course I need to run it in a decent time of say 4hrs. If am able to run within this time then I can aim for 78kms during the Ultra.
I need to shape up slightly more. This would mean strengthening my shoulders & triceps not putting on mass tho. & about an hr of cycling every alternate day to supplement my running. & light weight exercises for my legs to strengthen them some more that it withstands the full distance. Not to forget my back some light weight workout. Did I forget anything??!! 🙂
About a month away and I hope I would be atleast 90% fit to do it.

While I run for keeping myself fit, I dont mind doing charity also. If there are kind hearted souls who want to donate few bucks for every kilometer I run, do mail me or leave a comment. Once I get some money I would give to charity organisation which dont have much publicity but do a great job.

Indian epic and Politics

On Sunday there was a nice article by TJ S George in Indian Express. In the article he writes how Vyasa had written in Mahabaratha about King fostering their son’s even forgetting what their prime task was. He compares this with Indian politics in 21st century. Well, its not only today Jawaharlal Nehru promoted Indira Gandhi, she her son Rajiv Gandhi, Rajiv made sure his wife Sonia would be there to bring their kids. Now Sonia has brought in Rahul and Priyanka is not far behind. Its not only restricted to National politics even the State politics is much the same. Laloo Prasad Yadav has brought in his two sons, Bal Thackeray, Deve Gowda, M Karunanidhi, Ramdoss, Murasoli Maran; all of them are the same. Everyone wants their kids to continue the lineage.

Even in Ramayana the story is almost the same. Who should be the next heir to the throne rather than finding the suitable guy to the post. Favoritism is the word.
But this is not restricted to just Indian Politics. Its the same all over the world. America, Iraq, Pakistan to name a few and one can find similar stuff.

Why don’t we have real good leaders who can make a difference. Why are the natural leaders not brought to the fore but leadership is forced on some who survive just by earlier generations.

World is so small and round

1. Today morning I finished 5km run and joined few RFL’ers for another 10km run. Well, one of the runners who joined in had passed out from my college Regional Engineering College, Trichy (now National Institute of Technology, Trichy) 20yrs before I joined the college.
2. Some of unknown persons and known persons in social networking sites while browsing through casually have friends who are also my friends!! Though I think none of us know the other exists as friends in the network!!
3. After the run I cleaned the house. Cleaning includes sweeping, dusting and mopping!! And of course washing utensils.
4. Washed load of clothes. Unfortunately I dont have a washing machine to do the job so depend on my hands and legs to support the task!!
5. Cooked food, well cooking is a wonderful job but the worst part is cleaning & washing the utensils.

Doing all stuff by oneself is really tiring but interesting. And this is a nice way to kill sometime which might otherwise be spent lazing around!!
The day is so far so good.