On the rocks shaken but not stirred

Bright Sunday 6:00 in the morning in Bangalore, with little fog, I started on a 10km with my brother cycling to Sports Academy where BSA Cycles was conducting its Cycle Race. After reaching the academy we had to wait for hours before we started on our 20km race. But as luck would have it few minutes after starting the race one other racer jammed into my cyle throwing me off balance onto a pool of rocks. “On the rocks shaken but not stirred”.

Security guy helped me in lifting myself up and I found my right side of the body to be damaged scratches on the hips, shoulders, palm, thigh. My hip started swelling luckily the rock against which my head hit was not sharp enough to bring blood out.

I cycled my way back to the starting point in the reverse direction and helped myself with some oinments.

Finally I cycled 10km back to my home.

A race ended for me even before it started, what a way to spend a Sunday.

Jogging for An Hour

Sunday morning when we expect many to be sleeping, I was awake at 4:45hrs to finish my morning duties and start for a jog in Madras alias Chennai starting at 5:30hrs in Anna University campus.

I went with my brother and met one other guy over there outside the gate and we started from 5:45 our jog. We went round and round for about an hour. Finally when we decided to stop surprisingly I was not tired nor was I puffing, fretting or fuming.

It was a great experience since I was jogging for the first time in my life for more than an hour. The campus was well covered with trees and with no vehicles inside it was really a great place to be jogging. All this for what a preparation for a marathon next year in Chennai for a distance of about 42km. When I can complete a run for 1 hour I believe running the distance wouldnt be much of a problem. What say??