Are speed breakers the solution?

Yesterday in Outer Ring Road connecting Sarjapur to Marthahalli there was an accident near Intel office. I do not know the details or the status of the accident. But once the accident happened the localites sat on the road and brought traffic to a halt.
Today morning while travelling in the same section which I do daily I noticed that there are speed breakers created at every junction. Previously there were few at important points now it has cropped up at all junctions or rather should I say where there is a gap on the medians.
Not to forget the speed breakers are rather humps of stones mixed with tar.
Yes, of course this is one solution to the problem, but is this the complete solution?
I have seen lot of times bikes travelling on the wrong side of the road to avoid travelling few more meters and taking the cut inbetween. What is the way to prevent them? Why are the localites not complaining or noticing how dangerous it is to travel on the wrong side of the road.
This is not worse, worser is trucks travelling on the wrong side and asking vehicles coming in the right direction to stop and give them some way. This can be noticed near ITPL, HOODI junction.

Is there any traffic police questioning these guys why they do it and fine them appropriately to prevent future incidents.
Another point to note is the pedestrians crossing the roads. They cross as if the whole road is for themselves. This is not at junctions where they are supposed to cross its all over. Obviously a speeding truck will hit them. In the scenario where the vehicles honk they then run to cross over but never wait for the vehicle to pass.

To avoid such incidents, near Kodihalli on Airport Road a pedestrian overbridge was built but how many use this bridge??

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Yipee I got it

After a long time, tonight I got potato fry perfectly. Perfectly in the sense, it came out crispy without excess oil or chilly powder or salt.
For quite some time either the oil became excess or the chilly powder. Am alone and no else can taste it, probably thats the reason I took extra care.

How to make potato fry, click here.

Bangalore International Marathon – Update

Check out the site for more information. The registration forms can be downloaded from here and see the route map here.
The route is same as last year, but I do expect a few changes since there is construction of underpass happening near Ramamurthi Nagar.
Its good to see that they are starting the full marathon at 5:00am and the half at 5:30am. Am running the half marathon only and would be till I complete it in less than 1.5hrs.

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Vetayadu Vilayadu (Hunt & Play) – Movie Review

Dear Gautam,

After awaiting the release for past few months, hats off to you for giving a good movie. I was happy to see finally one Indian movie where the foreigner is not made to speak the language of the movie but his language and to have a translation in text below.
It was good to see that the cast name was not put on the top and bottom of the screen but only on the bottom. The colour choice was also perfect and it wasnt glaring as in few movies in which Vijay has acted.
Kamal looked neat as a Police office but you could have requested him to shed few more kilograms. The crisp editing looks to be the plus point of the movie. When the movie drags a little with the romance development between Raghavan (Kamal) and Aradhana (Jyothika) a sudden turn back to the actual work for which Raghavan had come to New York keeps the pulse.
From the introduction of character Maya, it gave me a thought that probably this is a pre-sequel to your earlier movie Khaka Khaka.
While the slang was Hindi & Thamizh in KK, here you have made sure that the slang remains but in English & Thamizh.
The killing of Kamalini Mukherjee looked very similar to killing of Jyothika in KK, except that knife replaced the gun in this movie. There are few more scenes & locations which look very akin to KK, probably you are still in hangover of that movie.
The music was good on most occassion except in the climax when I felt Harris had run out of ideas, is this true?

How was it in an abandoned fort all the lights were switched on in the tunnel?? As a director you could have looked into this point.
Cameraman Ravi did a very good job but why do you need to rotate the camera so often, was it to show the conflich within the brain?? I thought probably sometimes I should stand upside down on my seat to watch the camera work. But i liked the brilliance in New York, definitely showed the city far better than the way it was shown in Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna.

After so much I still fail to understand why the climax was changed, was it for the audience or on request from the cast.

Rasigan (Fan)