Vellai Illa Pattadhari – Movie Review (Tamil)

25th movie of Dhanush and he took the right project to make sure his dipping chart ratings come back.
And to top it he has produced the movie (maybe others were afraid to invest in him).

Like the title suggests (translation: Educated and jobless youth), Dhanush is a jobless after finishing his engineering. All his application for job results in failure and he does not want to take up any other job than what he has studied for. He wants to be a construction engineer making building plans. Being jobless and sitting in house attracts all kinds of comments from his father. Which normal in many houses. Especially more so when his younger brother has a job and is drawing a good salary.
Enter the girl next door (Amala Paul) and change in attitude of Dhanush to woo her. Blessings of his mother float around even after her death and he lands up in a lucrative job. And another girl who tries to impress him.
Every movie has to have a villan and same goes with this movie especially when we talk about masala movies.

After all fighting and stuff finally all is well. Hero triumphs.

Dhanush imitates Rajinikanth a lot in this movie. Again to appeal to the masses and also increase his star value. The original Dhanush style is kind of missing.
While being jobless and educated connects with the VIP’s I do not know if introduction of heroine or a sudden big break into the corporate world does really happen.

Music is too loud in lot of occasions.

Overall: Worth a watch
My Rating: 2.5/5


Pizza 3D – Movie Review

1. Remake of the Tamil original Pizza
2. Storyline is the same

Let down:
1. Lot of loop holes
2. Drooping script
3. Needless graphics
4. Nothing scary with 3D
5. Actors could have put in more effort

Tamil version was polished and crisp.

Should you watch:
At your own risk

My rating: