Fame Multiplex

Lido theater in Bangalore close to Trinity Circle few years back was brought down making way for Lido Shopping Mall and yesterday was the opening ceremony of Fame Multiplex. The tagline of this multiplex is “Meet the famous at FAME”. I of course did not see any famous people. Few points to ponder
1. If you are sitting at the corner seats you need to strain yourself while watching the action on the screen.
2. The front row is too close to the screen. Aren’t there any standards for this distance??
3. They have more number of screens and fewer seats, maybe this would fetch them money even if one movie fails but is this a good trend. Best left to the management.
4. Why do they forcibly create an interval. When watching the movie Rambo today when the movie was getting into a very good mode and where in the next 30mins movie would end, an intermission is forced on the viewers. Are the viewers demanding this??
This I see as a move by the theater owners to force people to buy pop-corn and other edible items to make business which otherwise would never move out of their shelf. As a movie buff am more interested in the movie not in eating. Other viewers making noise when munching on he pop-corn is also irritating especially when the movie is interesting. If the movie is like Golden Compass I would never be bothered.
5. The entire space looks very cramped. I don’t think this could be improved in future also.
6. In the urge for money I feel other things are not being catered to.

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Ramob – IV

An aged Sylvester Stallone attempts to get back to his old days through this movie after failing in earlier venture of Rocky. Age does show clearly on him in this movie. And of course this is last part of the series, in case you are interested to know why watch the movie.
John Rambo knows the river route to Myanmar (formerly Burma) and he is approached by a group of people who want to provide medicine’s to war affected people in the country. They also want to spread Christianity. They are captured by the Myanmar army and the Church hires a group of mercenaries to rescue them. Of course its not possible without Rambo’s help. How this happens, watch the movie.
There is too much violence in the movie. Bodies splitting, head hanging, heads burst apart, blood and dead bodies thrown all over. Violence & violence all over. If you are faint-hearted just stay away from this movie (though nothing can be compare to SAW movie series).
There is lot of action, untold romance, suspense and drama. The script is also very tight that there are no loose ends. The background score also fits to the action on screen.
On the whole its a movie worth watching.

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Dangerous Human Mind

“An idle mans brain is devils workshop.”
So goes the saying, is this true? Well without sufficient analysis no man would have arrived at this conclusion. A slight change could be brought about wherein its not only an idle brain but even a brain which is over possessed with one particular object. A man who has set eyes on the diamond to get for oneself spends entire time thinking about the same.Every action done the mind wavers after some time to the diamond. Its only the diamond the mind is set after. Every time the diamond is within grasp but a small bridge exists which prevents buying of the same, now the mind goes crazy and the love for the diamond increases. It increases so much that the persons entire existence is only dependent on the diamond and till the time purchase is made. Over possessiveness also affects the day-day work of the person. The person turns from being a whiz-kid to psyched out kid.

How does one get out of this state. It depends on the individual. How many hours man spends thinking of lot of things, there is always some amount of time where the thoughts wander. But when it wanders if the person could prevent his thots from getting back to diamond but to something else meaningful then a point reaches where eventually the thot would be left out.

Looking at other way, the more the person is obsessed to reach the goal of buying diamond he/she would go all out to get it. The moment this diamond goes out of mind then the feeling is no more there to reach for it.

Now which is the correct approach?

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Mumbai Marathon

In another few hours time am off to Mumbai to run the Mumbai Marathon tomorrow. 2007 was a disaster in terms of running with just one half-marathon in the entire year.
Tomorrow would be the first for this year and of course am starting off with the half marathon, not to damage my knees. Of course am not in the peak of fitness but I definitely hope to do better.
I hope this would be a good beginning for this year.


Finished half marathon in 2hrs. 10mins better than my performance in Delhi in 2007. Hoping to improve further in the coming Marathons. Mumbai has always been a dream place to run. After a very bad run few years back this year run was better considering my current fitness level.
Photos are available, thanks to the official photographers marathon-photos. Am planning to order for a personal copy!!

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Long wait is finally over

The long wait is finally over. Long time spent on maintenance and other stuff finally she is ready. Yeah, proud of my girlfriend. The long wait is finally over.

(My girlfriend standing proudly with my belongings!!)

(Thru her eyes the world looks clear and beautiful)

(Isnt she shining bright)

It had been some time since I took her for long ride on the highway and this long weekend gave a chance for it.

Indian Media

When there is dearth of news to cover, media tries to push itself everywhere and cover even the most unwanted news. The media includes also the film industry.
Film industry for years have been filming that special song for the front benchers. Now when these front benchers get a chance to be actually in front of people typically dressed for partying this is what happens.

When someone is dressed up properly that also doesnt escape the media!!

Long live the media which projects all kinds of news items and blames the public.

Boycott Australian Tour

While signs of defeat loom large over Indian Cricket Team, BCCI should consider boycotting the Australian Tour and ask players to return home. This second match has been the worst match of the tour so far.
Umpiring decisions went against Indian Team when Australia played first. Even tho 3rd umpire was introduced years back to prevent wrong decisions, the umpires on the field always want to rule in favour of Australian team. When India batted t first innings few decisions were again given in favor of Australia. Still Indian team due to its efforts managed to gain a good lead.
So, now what the Australians do to put pressure on India. File a complaint against Harbajan for racist comment. They very well forget the racist comments passed against Muthiah Muralitharan.
The Australian media joins the show by saying that Indian team is dominated by Brahmins. If the Australian team can be dominated by Christians why not Indian team by Brahmins/Hindu’s?? What is their problem if our team is dominated by Brahmins/Hindus??
As if this is not enough when India was going strong in the 2nd innings and victory was possible Dravid is given out when the ball nowhere touched his bad but pads. In cricket benefit of doubt is always given to the batsman. But umpires think otherwise when it is India thats playing.

With so much of bias umpiring and inability by Australians to accept they are invicible and their methods of putting pressure on Indians, BCCI should definitely call off the tour and henceforth never plan a tour to Australia till they learn their lesson. Personally I feel every other cricket playing nation should not play against Australia either in Australia or away.

Update: Add to it decision against Ganguly who was trying to save the match for India. Australia wins the match but the credit goes to the umpires.
Update 2: The tour is suspended. Read here.

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