I – Movie Review (Tamil)

Lot of hype surrounding the movie “I” and with Shankar being the director every reason to watch it. There are other big names too AR Rehman, PC Sreeram. The additional attraction was the character of Vikram from trailers and posters, the female lead Amy Jackson.
Vikram and Amy Jackson have justified their performance. For people who watch Big Boss season 8 would be familiar with Upen Patel (the guy who flirts with Karishma) who as a villan does a good job and Suresh Gopi.

The movie begins with kidnap of Amy Jackson from marriage hall. From then on the movie toggles between the past and the current. Vikram as Lingesan aspires to be Mr India and as a beginning wins Mr TamilNadu. By virtue of fate gets in contact with Diya (Amy Jackson) who wants him to model with her for advertisements. From the time of he winning the title and getting the soft corner of Diya, Linga (name changed to Lee) makes more enemies than friends.
Its all these enemies who come together to plan against him.

The China part of the shooting has PC Sreeram weilding his magic. Any place would look beautiful through his lens and with a breathtaking spot one can imagine how it would be.
AR Rehman is good in certain songs and am still wondering whether this was a semi-musical movie? Suddenly when the movie could have come to an end there is a song and some more sequences.
The songs were bonus to lot in the theater, some went to toilet and some went to fetch beverages! 🙂

In the end all is well that is well. Lingesan is back to normal.

Like many other Shankar movies there is loads of graphics, make-up, picturization of song sequences.

With so many good things what is wrong with the movie?
1. It is too long 180mins is just just too too long.
2. Weak script and often told story of love, revenge, love.
3. The movie goes down the tempo lot many times that one feels whether this is Shankar movie.
4. No message or the thump which we have seen in Shankar movies
5. We do not want to see just a love story from Shankar and we still have Endhiran in back of our minds.
6. Poor logic.
7. Too many songs for Shankar’s satisfaction.

I would not say this is movie one should not miss. I would rate it as 1.5/5.

Spoiler Alert, don’t scroll down unless you want to

“I” is a virus, H4N2 chemical name.
Read stem cell therapy!
And any bad virus can be treated by an old doctor only.
Some injection, a bottle of syrup and a strip of tablets!


Tenali Raman – Movie Review (Tamil)

Vadivelu is a comedian from the time of his entry to movies. One would go with same expectation for this movie and would be disappointed big time except for few shots.
One cannot picture vadivelu as a hero given his stout figure with no proper shaping.
And worst is to see him dancing with Meenakshi Dixit.

Meenakshi Dixit has been added to increase the glamour quotient to bring in more viewers from that angle maybe the director has succeeded. Almost the entire movie she is dressed in a blouse and skirt much to the viewers eyes.

The story is of Tenali Raman, a smart guy who joins the kingdom of Mammanar (again Vadivelu) as as minister. How he outsmarts rest of corrupt ministers and the chinese entry into the market thereby disrupting the local business flow is what the movie is all about.

The songs make you yawn more and more. Lot of times the script is so very weak that one feels like walking out or why did we come for this movie.

In the end Vadivelu Version 2 is a major disappointment.
My rating is 2/5. Giving a higher rating inspite of all flaws for the storyline and the message that was attempted to be conveyed to the audience.

Jilla (Tamil) – Movie Review

Another of only hero type movie. Vijay our hero, Kajal Agarwal as heroine, Mohanlal and Parota Soori.
Kajal Agarwal one would wonder why she is there in a hero subject except hero gripping her back as a revenge return for what Kajal Agarwal did to Vijay.
I believe movies today should also show another warning message “Eve-teasing is an offence and not encouraged except in movies”.

What is the story?
Vijay (Shakhti) sees his father killed by a cop and hates anyone in khakhi uniform. He brought up by Mohanlal (Shiva). Mohanlal is a don and to get even with police force puts vijay into the force.
By turn of events Vijay starts his action against Mohanlal to prevent him from doing anything wrong further. This brings Mohanlal to remove ties with Vijay and also kill him.

What would happen towards the end is anybody’s guess.

Movie has nothing much to offer. Songs would be forgotten, nothing on comedy front, Kajal Agarwal doesn’t do anything big.
Background score is also disappointment.
Vijay’s usual punch dialogues go without any punch.

Could be avoided. My rating 1.5/5.

Maryan (Tamil) – Movie Review

What to say, my streak of watching disappointing movies continue. Not to disappoint that trend Maryan was upto the mark.
Maryan means guy who defies death! Of course our hero Dhanush has to be one. A fisherman’s son who died in the seas, our hero also lives a life by the sea, for the sea and to die in the sea. For him sea = Aatha! (gotha, little knowing that it was irritating). And then we have heroine Parvathy who is behind him all the time and mutual friends who try to play the broker part. None of it melts our hero’s heart, till he himself feels its happening!
To repay the loan taken heroine’s father from villian and which our hero takes it up to repay for the girl (good motive) the story shifts to Africa, Sudan to be precise. Whats the hot topic out there in Africa? Either Somali pirates or kidnapping for ransom! Here it is the later. How our hero escapes forms rest of the movie of course guided by images of heroine time and again.

BharathBala as director has disappointed us with no new story and no gripping screenplay. Its just the normal love story with usual masala surrounding it.
Some shots of sea are nice to watch.
Dhanush hallucinating in the climax and the images that form in mind is different than in past movies.
Dhanush and Parvathy have done justice to their roles. Their acting doesn’t disappoint. Dhanush reminds of his past movies in his facial expressions and dialogue delivery. So nothing new or different from him.
ARR music, less said better. Background score is quite loud at times and doesn’t go with the mood/tone of the movie. Songs are big let down.
When you will want to see the climax, a song is squeezed in. The worst part the song seems to run for longer and longer time.

End of the movie one would be yawning. Not to be surprised if any falls asleep.
My rating 2.5/5!

Vishwaroopam – Movie Review

Whether the current controversy is really required I wouldn’t comment.

Technically the movie is good. There is lot of attention given to detail. Every actor has got a defined role & some ways not ensured that it is Kamal Hassan movie all through. Rahul Bose has a major role in the movie and sometimes his voice is irritating but the explanation does for it.

Pooja, Andrea, Shekar Kapur all have importance. The best part is where a house fly on rife is shown closely, the son of rahul bose identifying the rife & bullets blindfolded, rahul bose son’s innocence, protrayal of emotions even by jihadis, the Afghanistan location.

The movie story is very simple and many times made by the Hollywood. But Kamal has definitely taken Tamil cinema to different length and heights. It would do no justice to compare this movie with “Ek Tha Tiger” or “Thuppaki”. Our brains have been modeled these days to watch movies without class. There are certain shots where the movie has matched Hollywood terms and in some gone beyond.

Usage of pigeons and the explanation to use them is something out of the box.

Kamal’s wife Pooja suspects him & he emoting gay expressions, hires a private investigator to track his movements. While she has an affair with Samrat Chkarabarti. In the course of trailing the investigator gets killed. Movie changes from there and a flashback of tale from Afghanistan. What would happen next is anybody’s guess especially those who watch lot of movies.

“neenga nalla vara keta vara” the past dialogue is repeated again with an answer for once!

All the songs are in the background which is the best part except for the initial part where it is required to exhibit his character as Kathak dancer. Showing the other side of man involved very much into classic form of dance is shown well. Every movement and step is shown well.

The dubbing voice for Pooja is irritant lot of times. Don’t understand why she should speak “konji konji”.  Background music is not heavy to the ears and goes well with the situation. The script is engaging, the dialogues at certain times could have been better, there is mix of humour in the dialogues. At a point when for most it would seem the movie is dragging or getting boring (high influence of kollywood, tollywood & bollywood) I found it interesting and necessary for the story.

Now to wait for part 2 of the movie!

My rating would be 7.5/10.

Vettai – Movie Review (Tamil)

Lingusamy movie with the usuals. An ordinary story told in a good narrative and a tight script. The movie gets boring due to excess of songs which could have been avoided. Only disappointment is Sameera Reddy does not get any song or dance except the initial introduction song.
Madhavan and Arya are brothers whose father is found to be dead one fine morning when they are out for a movie. Later on Madhavan the scared elder brother takes the job with Police Department thanks to their dad. While the younger brother Arya works to help his brother at all times.
Madhavan gains respect in his department and also creates fear among the goondas. Till the goondas find out the real hero through a video camera left at hanging at the scene where an earlier fight happens.
Obviously the goondas want revenge. What happens next is the rest of the movie. With sufficient songs one can take a short break inbetween to relieve the pressure.
The dialogues are interspersed with some humour that there is no need for a comedian seperately.
The music is just so-so. Yuvan Shankar Raja could have been better.
Arya marries Amla Paul while Madhavan Sameera and gets her pregnant too.
Overall a good movie to watch. My rating would be 3.5/5. 0.5 less because Sameera Reddy is not found dancing much as expected.

Nanban – Movie Review (Tamil)

A remake of the Hindi movie “3 Idiots”, I would have expected a title “3 muttalgal” for the tamil version. But its titled “Nanban” meaning “Friends”.

“All izz well” with the movie especially when Shankar took the task of directing the remake. Shankar has taken care of each details from the original movie and did not leave any loopholes nor screw up the script.

The storyline is well known. Vijay, Shrikanth & Jeeva join Ideal Engineering College and become thick friends soon. And they are roommates too. They play pranks, fix a helicopter for another student who commits suicide, takes up on the principal (Satyaraj). Love happens between Vijay & Ileana (Satyaraj daughter) after the 3friends crash to a wedding.

What all happens is known if one had watched “3Idiots”. If you have not watched “3Idiots” then I wouldnt be a spoilsport.

The songs were typical and pleasant to hear from Harris Jeyaraj. The locations were carefully chosen. All within TamilNadu from Chennai to Ooty to Danushkodi.

Maybe Vijay could have shaven his mustache too. Would he have looked like schoolboy then?

Watch it and enjoy the movie. My rating 3/5.