Ultra Marathon (2009)

This is one run that I wouldnt want to remember nor to keep in my memory. This is was a great fiasco. I thought of running 75kms for almost so many months. Then leading to the registration time with lot of travel my body was fit to do a 75km so I registered for 50kms. It should have been easy and doable by all means.
But what we think is not what happens always.
At close to 25kms a bad fall bruised my knee removing some amount skin and another stone cutting into my knee.
After an immediate first-aid cleaning I tried running but was unsuccessful due to the amount of bleeding and had to stop at 25.5kms.
Looking forward to being there next year and complete what I register for without any casualty.


2 States (Book Review)

In recent times I saw many people walking around with the book 2 States by Chetan Bhagat. Then some people were telling how he has writtes about Madrasis (read Tamilians). (Anybody from South India for a North Indian is a Madrasi) I never heard about the other state. Finally I decided to get a copy of my own and started reading.
The story is set in about 9 – 10years ago which is almost a generation has passed since then. He has spent lot of time in writing on Madrasis that I find it to be an one sided view. The other state is Punjab. Two of many other states in India where people would not complain no matter what you write or show in movies about them. Chetan Bhagat also seems to be like the directors in film industry where male dominated movies sell.
There is definitely quite a bit of masala which is an important ingredient just like Indian movies. Quite a lot of facts. I do agree on lot of points mentioned in the book atleast with respect to Madrasis. Certain things are true even today though lot many other things have changed a lot in due course of time. I would have been happy if we had mentioned this in the book for both the states.
One thing I like much is his style of writing which is very simple and not difficult words that you need a dictionary along. And he knows the subject to touch upon to get an audience.
One thing which I hate about this book is as such North Indians have a pre-defined opinion about South India (Madrasi) now this would cement it and plaster it. Their opinion would not change nor would their impression. And people in South will think that its only money power in North India, which is also not true except at power house. Even today I know many North Indians who are afraid to come down South.
Many people do not see a book as just a book.
Having read his previous novels, I would expected something better from the author. He could have written about richness of Punjabi culture. There is not much about it. Though Punjabi, the story centers around Delhi.
For Tamilians though he mentions about bharatanatyam, carnatic music, the other texts surrounding this bring down the rich culture.

Samsung PC Studio

Problem: Samsung provides a CD for installing PC Studio with their mobile phones. On a recent purchase of Samsung Star 3g mobile phone I installed the PC Studio. On installation when I opened the program it gave an error message NPSMain error.
Issue: For this error message I searched all over the internet and in all forums they complained of same error message and cribbed about Samsung mobile phone.
None of them gave a solution or wrote whether their problem was resolved. With so much of bashing I was little disappointed initially with Samsung too.
Solution: The solution to the problem is to choose the same language for installation as was used for installing the Operating System in the computer.
This occurred to me after 2-3days when I was thinking of all other alternatives. And this did work and now am able to use the PC studio without any issues.
Update: Am starting to love this mobile. 3 desktops, 2 tab windows and quite responsive to touch. Its definitely worth the buy. Now I need to activate my internet connection.

London Dreams (Hindi movie) – Review

Arjun (Ajay Devagan) has the big dream of London Dreams, to make it big on stage of music. In the process joins Priya (Asin) and his return to India brings with him Mannu (Salman Khan). What happens next do they make it big is the rest of the movie. A real dry script. The movie is no big shake.
Am still left wondering what is the role of Asin in the movie. Except for 2-3 dialouges in Tamil, dancing around. She doesnt even motivate Arjun or Mannu to make it big.
Few dialouges for Salman makes people laugh but its for 2-3minutes of a big movie.
Why does Arjun slap himself with belt is not known. Is it lust or love for Priya is also not clear.
The songs are too loud. Background score doesnt even matter.

Overall a poorly made movie. Maybe a 1 out of 5 will be my rating.
Skip this movie if you have anything else even not important to do.