Health tip – 1 (Sleep & waking up cycle)

Starting from today a small idea which originated many years ago am finally putting it in words.

Disclaimer: The posts with this topic are not general postings but from personal experience. These are my own views there can always be two sides of approaching just like there are two sides to a coin.

All comments would be accepted and approved without any censorship.

Tip 1:

Sleeping and waking up times. Human body also works around rotation of earth. The day cycle depends on the presence of sun & moon.

For a healthy body & mind it is essential to wake up early. Early is also not defined as 5:00am though it is ideal but never always practical. One reason to wake up early is also that the early rays of the sun is good for the body. Today due to different reasons and different work habits the body cycle has changed which has brought along with it list of health issues. Due to constraints when one sleeps very late in the night, it is essential to keep the room as dark as possible to relate to the night darkness.

It is not also true that those who get up early in the morning are all healthy. There are certain influences in this which I would highlight in coming posts.

Going to bed early, waking up early and an afternoon siesta gives body sufficient rest which keeps the brain active. While people may argue on afternoon siesta I have my own personal reasons.

There was a time when I used to wake up late in the morning. This affected my daily routine (includes nature calls) and the amount of activities that i could finish also reduced. My body used to feel weak and tired. Close to end of year 1999, I changed to getting up early and the results were positive. On & off I do wake up late and whenever my body would feel the pinch would again change to getting up early.

Almost for past 10odd years, I do make sure that I take time off for afternoon siesta. Post this my brain always feels fresh and I can finish work without much exertion. It is always better to give rest rather than trying to keep the brain awake by having a cup of coffee or tea.

In the night automatically my body gets switched off beyond 11:30pm – 12:00am. There are times when my brain doesnt even know what data it is transferring to my tongue for communication.

Tried and tested getting out of bed early does help (atleast me).

Do you have balls

In Bangalore most of the discussion revolves around traffic & weather. While weather is beyond our control, traffic is. While we just talk about traffic, how many actually have the balls to do something?

1. Erratic cab drivers. How many employees of IT/ITES companies have the balls to tell the driver not to drive rashly or not to honk excessively? I have personally seen many of these cab drivers drive like as if they are the only ones on the road. There are many times when cabs overtake me even on a 2-lane road completely ignoring the vehicle coming in front of them. When the vehicle in the opposite direction is close enough they switch the indicator and move in front. They are not even bothered about incovinience caused to the vehicle behind.

2. Erratic private car drivers. Many of private car employ drivers to transport them from one place to another. Not many have the balls to instruct their drivers to drive properly and not cut between vehicles.

3. Erratic driving. How many amongst us have the balls to drive safely and treat other vehicles with respect. And the honking part, its such an irritant.

4. Erratic autorickshaw drivers. For them they are the law. They will squeeze in wherever and whenever they want. Any argument with them is inconclusive due to the unity among them and the support they would get from the bureaucracy.

Personally I consider talking about traffic a waste of time due to factors mentioned above. When one is not perfect, he/she doesn’t have the balls to complain. Unless the entire vehicle community is reformed there can never be a change. And the change has to come from within.

Why run?

Fitness, recreation, free mind, endurance and more. All these activities with minimal cost and less involvement with others is possible only in running.

Cost factor: Running involves one time investment which would sustain for some years. There is no need to buy high end shoes for running. A perfect fit which would not bring injuries is enough. There is no recurring cost.

Company: It is not mandatory that you need people around for running. The dependency factor is less. You feel like running just get up put on your shoes and start running. It takes two to tango, atleast 3-4 to play football, cricket, and any other sport but running its just you and the whole world in front of you.

Track & Trail: Where to run? There is no need for playground or open spaces to start running. The road is free. Nobody stops you from running on the road. You can run in nearby parks. If everything is boring then find a track which is off the main roads & has nice scenery. If you stay in coastal region then beach is always there for running watching the sunrise or the sunset.

Mind factor: When you run one can think over lot of things thats going on in the mind. It gives time and independence to think freely. No negative thoughts, just clear mind and clarity.

Endurance: In this world there is lot of negative energy around you. Anything you want to do there will always be a force which will undermine your efforts or push you to give it up. Working against all these, the moment you push yourself and reach the last step there is a smile, satisfaction of completion. The extra mile effort always pays.

Fitness: Everyday run of even a km burns some amount of calories. Brings about a balance in the body.

One can think of anything else as per ones own body and interest. Running is simple, no dependence and its an open world.

Rape & Incidents

Crime is a crime. One rape incident has got in huge uproar among the public. It is on one part good that people are taking to streets and raise voice and not be a meek spectator. The rapists are caught and now in jail awaiting trial. The juvenile who was also part of the crime can ease down a bit since his trial would be in a different court though his crime can also not be taken in light vein.  I wouldn’t comment on this because we all need to wait till the judgement is delivered.

Just a single judgment on this case is not going to deter men around India nor in any other part of the world from committing the crime of rape. If we look just in India, the reasons are plenty and the whole system needs a change.


We did have programs like “Satyamave Jayate” what has changed from then on, since the time Aamir Khan took the issue to public through visual media. We all watched it as yet another program. Years ago there was a song which was used by guys for eve-teasing.

How many movies in the past had rape scenes? A simple search in Google would give the results of mainstream movies which had rape scenes. These have a negative impact on the society. Did the women commission ever question such movies, if so whats the ratio? The censor board used to remove certain scenes but never the way the villian in the movie used to hold the female lead actor.

In recent times in addition we have what is called as “item numbers”. How many female actors have stood up and said we will not do it? To get the mass and make more money the producers and directors want such a lady cast in their movies. And this is “item numbers” are not just today. The name is of today’s origin. We did have Silk Smitha, Disco Shanthi, Helen and many others.

We have had movies in the Hollywood with sexual content again we are talking about a matured audience over there. The impact is minimal unlike in here. We in India are still not a matured audience nor matured enough to just look at a girl and leave her alone.

We have such reports in the media, like in today’s paper. The person say’s women of today are also equally responsible for their actions due to the way they dress up. And conveniently blames it on Western influence. If it is so true then what about minor girls who have got raped? A simple search for recent news results in a report published 2hours ago where a man was arrested for raping a minor in Srinagar and few minutes ago where a minor girl was raped in Punjab. The news goes on & on. Last two days there were media reports on minor girls raped in Karnataka and one incident in Pondicherry.

Also, from time known women were dressed up so as not to show any cleavage. Today on one hand many say display of cleavage is provocative while on the other men roam around beaches in underpants and topless or they use public walls and compound walls as toilets or lying on the road after drinking not knowing where their pants are. What happens to these men, nothing. Which is where the part of matured public comes in. If men walk around it is not provocative but it is if a women does. It would take generations to change this mindset.

Female infanticide:

This is one of the biggest problems still which is not solved in the society. A girl child born in the family is either killed or left in the garbage or left in the hospitals. This is not only with poor families even some well-to-do families. The lady who gave birth to the child either has no say or is also partner in crime.

This reduces the male-female ratio in the society and it affects later. The one who sows also fosters crime in a way.

Human trafficking:

Women trafficking is not only for commercial sexual exploitation but there are cases where this happens for guys in certain parts of the country to get married. There is a crime patrol series on one of the TV channels and even though this particular case was brought out, things don’t change. Is there a end to this.


Nobody is guilty till proved in court of law. How many of us Indians go to our towns or cities to cast vote during elections? How many use alternative method of postal service? How many women come out to cast their vote? If we have to keep any candidate with an investigation pending unless people unite and come out to cast vote and keep them away from entering Assembly or Parliament we cannot comment on this.


We not only run away from exercising our basic right of casting vote, we also run away when we see a victim on the road.


They are the victims and they cannot be blamed. Maybe they could control things. Hinduism regards women as God if the culture is lost who is to be blamed, the man or the woman in the upbringing of their children?

My summary:

The entire system needs a change. There are many things in the society apart from rape and this needs to be cleaned. This is a circle and the entire chain needs to be broken. There should be awareness at or from the grassroots level.

Can people holding candles go down and make a change?

Can media make a change?

Can movies make a change?

Can I make a change?


Amway again

After almost 7yrs guys who do Amway business again ended up calling me! This was my last post why amway is not for me.

I got call from one person and tried to lure me by hiding the fact that he wanted to attract me to amway style of business. The conversation went like this.

He: My name is “***” and am into e-commerce on lines of flipkart and e-bay. I got your number from one of the reputed consulting firms. Would you be interested in helping us out.

Me: I haven’t registered my number with any consulting firm.

He: Maybe you had registered in the past, but still would you like to help us.

Me: I haven’t registered, but what is it that you expect from me.

He: You could provide consultation for us. We are having a seminar on saturday you could join us and we could discuss further,

Me: Am busy this weekend with travel, call me after 2nd January 2013.


Two days ago I was remembering the conversation and kind of figured out this guy must be working on amway business and its products.

Today evening this guy promptly called up:

He: Hi! My name is ‘***’ I called you last week regarding the e-commerce project.

Me: Are you part of Amway?

He: (after pausing for few seconds) Yes. Do you know about Amway?

Me: Yes, I do know about Amway. I had joined them many years ago and wrote few blog posts as to why I don’t like the way you guys work and get new people. Now you also tried to cheat me.

He: No am not cheating you.

Me: How did you get my number, which consulting firm gave you my number?

He: Peoplesoft consulting gave your number.

Me: Peoplesoft is part of Oracle and I can track down if they gave you my number. You are cheating me again by using peoplesoft name. And secondly you are cheating me by saying you do business on lines of flipkart & e-bay. You are misusing their name. Why can’t you directly tell you are with amway and I would like to know if you are interested in joining us.

He: Sorry sir next time we would be clear. Thank you.

With that the call ended and me thinking that these guys even after many years haven’t changed and just because I said they are not going to stop themselves from using tags like “e-commerce”, “flipkart” or “e-bay”. I have nothing against Amway as a company or its products. Its just the way in which the guys try to expand their network to make more money by not being truthful.

Urban youth & age-old customs

Does age-old hindu customs and rituals make sense in today’s world? I would refrain myself from talking about religions due to my lack of knowledge.

Hinduism is about way of life and all shapes of different God’s are manifestation of human mind. These God’s are given a shape according to the principle. So came in Brahma as creator, Shiva the destroyer and Vishnu the preserver. With this as reference vishnu was always in different avatars at different times depicting that God is there to maintain and preserve. Also to set things right whenever there were evil activities around.

Certain rituals have a meaning which to be followed or to be noticed or celebrate had to be given name of God. It made sense in olden times when people were not educated and they just followed what was told. In today’s times, especially the urban youth question why/what/when. This is also due to the spread of knowledge through education and through forms of media. The influence of the West is also something not to be left out.

With the tendency to question each and everything there is an ability to rebel or revolt when the answers are not sufficiently explanatory. And the other thing is also the way in which celebrations happen in other parts of the world especially the West.

  1. This also explains the fact why New Year is celebrated widely and more prominently than individual regional new year. For instance, Indian New Year’s are significance of change in season. Like, beginning of summer season indicated beginning of new year. Celebration of English calendar new year includes parties which attracts our urban youth. Here is the first deviation from our age-old customs. How many can explain the significance of India’s regional new year significance. Moreover, not all Indian states have same day as new year. The packaging is what would make a difference. We don’t have hotels or resorts calling out saying Ugadi parties or Puthandu parties.
  2. Pongal/Sankranthi is a harvest festival which is also losing its value. Its like thanks-giving festival just like in the west. Different sections of society celebrate pongal/sankranti in different ways. Again see the branding of thanks-giving of USA and how we do here. We also have offers on purchases of mobiles, home accessories, clothes but it doesn’t catch many an eye. We don’t go and sit from midnight outside stores awaiting its opening. And how does it explain the fact that only women in the family have to make the rice boil over. It doesn’t make sense in today’s urban world where men don’t go to the fields and return with the harvest or the women contribute in the same. With changing times there should be a way of difference in celebration and how the whole meaning is conveyed. The other part is mixing politics with festivals.
  3. Deepavali/Diwali has so much celebrations all over for the simple reason that it involves bursting fire-crackers. And everyone around you are bursting crackers, you don’t want to feel alone in the midst. This festival has amazing branding that people burst crackers, causing pollution and unmindful of the fact that most of the fire-work companies use child labour. Today’s youth & kids do they know why this festival is celebrated? And in current age when there is so much of awareness about pollution does bursting of fire-crackers make sense? Why not do it in a quiet way with a visit to temple and feeding poor?
  4. Death anniversary custom of elaborate activities. In olden times there was a relevance since brahmins were poor and it was a way to feed them. Today there are lot other poor people, orphanages which need time and money. Doesn’t it make sense in feeding today’s needy. They need more time and somebody to sit with them. Wouldn’t this make the God’s more happy?

There are lot more things would save it for later posts.