Gokarna Beach Trek

(Courtesy: Suleka)
I have decided to do the Gokarna Beach Trek starting 12th of August. Any inputs/tips are most welcome.
You are thinking what the hell is beach trek than read this and this.

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Amblee Resort – Mysore

About 15kms before Mysore near Srirangapatnam one can find this resort situated on the banks of Cauvery River. Well a nice place and great service, of course all depends on money.

Here comes the worst part. A soft drink which costs Rs.8/- in market is billed at Rs.20/-. When mentioned of the Goverment Regulation which states that every bottle should only be sold on Maximum Retail Price mentioned in the bottle, their answer is “who will follow goverment regulation”. How much ever argument did not result in them billing at MRP price.

Is there a possibility that Goverment would get strict on these guys??

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