Rock/Artificial wall climbing

Today evening at around 4:00pm I went along with my colleague to Speed Zone in Whitefield, Bangalore for doing an Artificial Wall Climbing. My colleague was asking me for sometime and I had to postpone due to my Marathon. So, finally today we went.
After searching where the wall was we found close to the Go-Karting area. This is a 45feet high wall. Its a wall where one can climb on all four sides with the toughness level increasing on each side. Pretty hot day and the support provided on the wall for grasping with hands and placing feet was also hot. We had to shell Rs.100/- for climbing all the four sides and they provide safety belts and shoes.
We got the safety belts and shoes specific for climbing on. The belt of mine was clamped to the rope. There was another guy from Speed Zone who was to hold the rope from below.
Since this was first time for me I went climbing first and believe I am normally afraid of heights but doing this I was not actually. Probably because while going up I did not see very small images of guys standing below!!
I went up holding one support with left and another with right and placed my legs on two others. I had to pull and prop myself up. Slowly I reached little less than the last part and had to come down since the heat was getting on to my fingers. Next my colleague did it. Actually he has done it more times so he knew how to do it.
Similarly, we went up the other two sides of the wall. The fourth side was little difficult with supports missing or not fit tight on the wall. I did not try the fourth side coz by then the boil in my toes as a result of Marathon started paining.
This was quite a nice experience and looking forward to more adventure tomorrow.


Running – Exercise

Having completed my first marathon does not qualify me to advice others on how to prepare or start with running exercises. But I had a thought that let me share with others what and how I did. If somebody can use it and reduce that extra bit of flab I would be more than happy.
1) Buy good running shoes from BATA outlet. Reebok and Nike bring to India all their junk varities from USA.
2) Buy good running socks, try Reebok’s running socks. Its got a pretty good cushion for heels and toes.
3) If you are starting to run for first time or after a long break or you have lot of flab on your body, run about 2km per day for first one week.
4) Increase a km every week thereon.
5) After certain number of weeks ensure that on a weekday you can run 8 – 10kms without a stop. Run on all 5 days a week this short distance.
6) Best is Saturday, on this day run about 20kms.
7) Whenever you are running more than 5kms, have a bottle of water or a water bag hung on shoulders. Take sip after every 2.5kms.
8) Before you start running long distance take a bike and get familiarised to the route and also check the total distance.
9) If possible always have one or two person running along with you. Firstly, if you are hurt midway there will be someone to take care of you. Secondly, you will not feel bored of running alone.
Running alone does suck big time and you need to be determined very much.
10) The key to running long distance is always the speed. Since I am not a professional runner I can manage a speed of 8 – 10km/hr.

I should not yap more on this.

A coincidence

Two days after completing my first marathon in Chennai I went to my Gym in Bangalore and found a copy of magazine HEALTH. Flipping through the pages I found an article by a lady on running marathon. I just smiled to myself how true it was what she had written.
We are a bunch of guys from whom running is not a profession, we do it for the fun of it. We also would not get awards on completing a marathon. It is very difficult to keep the motivation level from dipping down after finishing one marathon to gear up for the next.
I believe she did know there were others like her!!

I completed a marathon

20th February 2005, Chennai, Marina Beach Labour Statute. The venue of 4th edition of Chennai Marathon, my brother Shyam and myself were among the runners participating in the Full Marathon (42.2km).
This is the first time I was participating in an event for running leave alone a marathon.
We collected our chips from the organisers which is used to track the runners and the time taken. I have the chip as a souvenier of having run my first marathon.
The marathon was supposed to start at 6:30am and flagged off at 6:35am by DGP Vijaykumar, Actor Madhavan and ex-DGP Walter Devaram. I always admired Walter Devaram for his fitness and I got to see him right before my eyes.
The route was from Labour Statue to Beasant Nagar Beach to be run in a loop twice to complete 42.2kms. Into the 15th km my brother had to stop due to cramps and heat was taking a toll. I managed to continue but after completing the half marathon I started getting cramps in my legs. I knew it was not right for me to run but I did not want to stop and become one of those who stopped midway so, I continued running and after completing 30km mark I did not have much resource to continue. I grabbed about 3 bottles of water poured 1 bottle on my head and drank the remaining two.
I had now only two options with me at this point either to return home or to walk the remaining distance, I took the second option and completed the marathon in 5hrs while I was able to complete the half in under 2hrs.
Now, that was my goal and my aim to complete and I did it finally. I had a sense or feeling of having achieved something in my entire life till now.
In the photo am with red head band and my bro is next to me.

Is it the end??

My run to office program is put on hold from tomorrow. So you cant see me running on Bangalore Outer Ring Road from Koramangala to Whitefield and far off. Its just 6 days to go for the Chennai Marathon and I want to give my muscles a good rest.
I will again start this during the month of April 3 times a week, run to office on the same path.
Wait for updates after Chennai Marathon, just got to know that this one is going Hi-Tech, they are planning to give each runner a micro chip so that runners can be tracked if they loose the path.
Till then sign off from blogs on running.

Valentines Day

So much hype on this day, is it only on this day that lovers/married people remember each other to shower one another with gifts and praises and words of ‘I Love You’, ‘I cant live without you’.
Man, this just gives me creeps. For me its just another day, even my ex-girlfriend never asked me to take her out especially on VDay since it was a routine for us.
This hype is good for Flower shopkeepers and Hotels as they make good money on this day with new variety of arrangements and what not.
All I can say is enjoy this day like any other day.
Happy Valentines Day.