Girls walking alone be aware – Whitefield, Bangalore

Today morning around 7:30 am on the way to office I spot this guy on Honda Activa type vehicle. From Brookfield Mall till Kundanahalli Colony I was observing him.
This guy stops girls walking alone and was asking for money.

I stopped outside Keerthi Flora at Kundanahalli Colony when I saw another girl being stopped by this guy. I asked him what, why you are stopping girls walking alone?
His reply is, he lost is wallet.
Why do you not search instead of stopping girls?
His immediate response, “am not troubling you no brother”.
Ok. Come let us go to police station and give a complaint that you lost your wallet. I will take a photo of you also.

He sped away in his moped taking a u-turn at Kundanahalli Colony instead of searching for his wallet.
This guy should be mid-30’s. He was wearing a blue shirt, no specs. His lower middle teeth is stained due to paan chewing.

He approaches girls walking alone, puts up this emotional story, asks for 30-40 Rs claiming he lost his wallet. In the pretext of returning money once he finds his wallet he asks for the girl’s mobile number.
He does not stop in crowded places like bus stop to ask for money.
He speaks in english.


Unfortunately I was not able to note down complete vehicle number except “KA 05 H” and it was I think in “comic sans format”.

If you encounter this guy again or anyone stopping you and asking for money call the cops.If such a guy is genuine he would not be stopping only girls who are walking alone.


Travel Bug

Yes definitely travelling is a bug and it is like a wanted infection to fight bad bacteria! 🙂 Last year we (my wife & myself) did this mega tour on our jeep. This time we would continue from where we left last year. Only this time the trip would be very much different. The mode of transport is also not the same!

Hang on for updates.
The below was our last year trip.


Love and hate relationship (2)

Read first part here.

Many years back on a ride with a group of bulleteers is when I met this girl. Few more rides and few more years later we tied the knot. In the duration the bike was completely disoriented and dismantled post an accident. Then another accident.

It did not for a second allow me a thought to abandon the bike. She was assembled back to shape. While there would be a thought to hate after accident it was a love towards the machine of wonder that made me get her back to condition.

Post marriage the usual syndrome set in where the bike too rest. It was more than required rest I should accept here. It was like watching the bike stand through rain and shine without getting moved out. No ride. Priority changed. And running & cycling activity took over. If the bike could speak or show emotion would have definitely kicked me everyday for ignoring.

This is how our conversation would have been:

Bike: Hi, take me out.
Me:    Not today, tomorrow. ok.
Bike: hmmmm
(repeated everyday)

Thankfully I got back to starting the bike again and taking her around. Now it is almost on regular usage. She even cleared the fitness test which is mandatory for a bike which has crossed 15yrs of age! Thereon every 5yrs the bike has to clear the fitness test, which would also happen.

There is definitely an unexplained chemistry between the machine and the man. Atleast for me, there are new varieties in the market, new models; still I do not think I would either upgrade or change! We have bonded quite well over the years!

  1. We were unable to cross Rohtang Pass from Manali!
  2. During monsoon across hill stations across Kerala & TamilNadu, no problem. Not once a problem!
  3. Ride from Delhi to Bangalore, certified by a mechanic in Delhi that the vehicle would not run more than 200kms. More than 2000kms we entered Bangalore sound & fine!
  4. Ride to Kolkatta was funny since the luggage carrier fell off before it was fixed again. Ride where sometimes the India flag saved me! 🙂
  5. Few rides to Pune and through the roads of Goa, ghats of Karnataka.
  6. Ride to Rameshwaram, few rides to Ooty, Wayanad, Coorg.
  7. Uncounted rides to Chennai.

Commonly faced issues:

  1. Headlight going off. Fuse problem or rectifier problem or battery has lost its charge.
  2. Chain gets cut off! The ratio is not correct or chain is too loose or too tight.
  3. Clutch plate wears out. Improper usage! Or wear and tear.
  4. Vehicle stops suddenly!
    1. Air lock
    2. The soldering of the coil has come off. Easy fix is open the clutch case box and use chewing gum to fix.

Whether left unused for long time or whether the bike lets down during a ride, the relationship would continue. A unique bonding.

Always read the manual and keep a copy always, it helps. For the manual, click here.


Love and hate relationship (1)

More than 10yrs back I did not like the concept of riding 2-wheeler. I felt it was unsafe and preferred 4-wheeler. Later one ride changed it all.

it was RTMC 5A ride in year 2006, which shyam talked about being part of it. I took his ThunderBird and had not ridden 2-wheeler on any roads till then. We rode to Yercaud from Bangalore and back. This was where few of us also got together and I became part of RKMC.

Post the ride I decided to buy Royal Enfield Standard Bullet. I did not have much knowledge. Somehow rescued a “raped” bullet. A Standard 350cc Bullet which was converted to an Electra. Took it to a mechanic “Sashi” (he passed away few years back) on CP Ramaswamy Road, Chennai. He raped the bike further and did not do much work neither justice.

I got a NoC done which was a mistake which I do not repent for. Brought it to Bangalore. Did few short rides near Bangalore. It was funny since I was not really a rider in any sense. it took some time. The bike was not still doing fine and fortunately found the saviour in Seshan. He was the doctor who could do everything for a bike which raped, bruised very badly. As time went, I sat with him to also understand the intricacies involved.

After he brought “her”  (the bike) back to shape, I did many a long distance rides solo without worrying about anything. It was like I could talk to the bike and the bike would talk back to me. There has been problems with the bike, the bike has had problems with me.

We were unable to cross Rohtang Pass. But we rode from Delhi to Bangalore without issues in same month. We went together around hill stations like Valparai, Munnar, Kodaikanal in monsoon season. Few times to Pune via Goa. A long ride to Rameshwaram, to kolkatta.

We were romancing in all weather conditions in different parts of the country. And one fine day the bike brought a new angle to relation! The lady to whom I am married.

To be continued…

Self Introspection

It is easy to blame Government for all problems surrounding us. Typically lets look at traffic issue. Are we equally responsible to share or we just want to push it on to others?

There are different ways one commutes.

  1. Self driven cars
  2. Office shuttles
  3. taxis
  4. Own vehicle with an appointed driver

In all these cases do we follow discipline while on road?
Do we not jump traffic signal be it early in the morning or late in the night?
Do we at slightest provocation not press the horn akin to screaming and throwing others off the road?
Do we use indicators diligently? Whenever changing lanes or taking turns?
Do we have the balls to tell drivers of office shuttles or taxis or personal drivers not to
1. Honk excessively
2. Jump traffic signal
3. Drive rash

In an area where the traffic signal gets switched off suddenly due to technical issues how many don’t inch forward creating deadlock situation? And when there is a deadlock how many take time to clear it up? Don’t we sit waiting for the other person to move back or forward and make way?

I see none of these happening. While I observe the indiscipline pattern on the roads everyday. I feel it is just foolish on part of us also to allow this pattern to grow like fungus!

Many of us don’t give way to ambulance. And if we give way it is to follow the ambulance at equal speed to breeze through traffic. Following the ambulance and inconvenience caused we are not bothered about.

Lets us all be collectively socially responsible and follow traffic rules and maintain discipline. just by this we could solve around 30% – 40% of traffic problems.

Self Driving Tips

If you are new to self-driving they are some useful tips to survive in Bangalore city roads (also include Bangalore – Mysore highway, SH17).
There is one very very important accessory in your car or bike and never ever forget it. There are variants available also depending on cost and which one would turn you on!

When I learnt driving there were only few things we were thought:
1. A for Accelerator
2. B for Brake
3. C for Clutch
4. Look at rear-view mirrors
5. Slow down at turnings
6. Honk when required

Today, if you are learning what you learn is
1. H for Horn
2. H for honk
3. ( H * n ) times. ‘n’ denotes duration of honking depending on how badly you are getting screwed
4. A for Accelerator
5. B for Brake (use with caution)
6. C for Clutch

Having got your license and driving on the roads and you know the first lesson already few things you should do:
1. Put a freaking big ‘L’ sign behind your car
2. Get a blaring horn fixed to your vehicle. Remember who honks first, who honks longer time and louder wins the battle on ground (read Road)
2. Raise all windows (to minimize the decibel level of honking sound reaching your ears)
3. Switch on radio and turn on the volume

What you can expect on the road:
1. BEWARE OF 4-WHEELERS BEARING YELLOW BOARD AND REGISTRATION NUMBER IN BLACK. They are also called as cabs which are for transporting workers from office to home and vice-versa. Other times they are on making money.
2. A slow moving 2-wheeler on first lane. What do you learn? It is ok to be on first lane and drive slowly. Other vehicles would move to second or third lane (depending on availability).
3. If you are driving on main road and reach an intersection, check for any other vehicles turning in or out at the intersection. If there is a 2-wheeler, they will push their front wheel in and if a 4-wheeler push the bonnet in. Remember lesson number 1 – 3 from learning days. Honk Honk Honk Honk.
The expectation of other vehicle is that you would apply breaks which is why they keep pushing forward.
4. Don’t be surprised if the pillion rider is wearing a helmet while the rider is without helmet on a 2-wheeler. Statistics say most death’s on accidents are pillion’s.
5. If you want to turn, just turn. The other guy would apply brake.
6. The helmet of 2-wheeler ride would cover anything except safe-guarding their heads.
7. If you are slowing down at a speed-breaker honk for the vehicle in front and vehicle behind! Honking ensures both vehicle know you are there. And be prepared for vehicle behind you to honk at you when you slow down at a speed-breaker.
8. Overtake from any side you want to, nobody cares as long as you honk enough when over-taking.
9. If you see red colour volvo bus, then it is BMTC, Stay aw nuch away. You never know when they will stop & start, when they will move too.

Everyday on road is a learning! Happy riding.

PS: Some things are facts and some are sarcastic in this post!

The Professional Couriers – Unprofessional service

I in recent years trust Blue Dart more than The Professional Couriers. This was few years ago when I had received a parcel from Chennai for my motorbike and was in the office for 2days due to lack of delivery boys. I finally went and collected it myself.

Years later last week, a courier was dispatch to me from Mysore and it took 2days before I went and picked it up finally. The distance from Mysore to Bangalore is just 150kms. On first day evening I receive a call from courier representative that courier has arrived and the delivery boy did not know the direction to my house. Unbelievable since the courier outlet and my house is separated by less than a km (which I found out the following day). The operator promises to look into same day delivery but of course no further calls nor responses.
Next day I call them, get the tracking number from dispatcher, call them, call them and call them! No delivery till evening 17:00hrs of 2nd day. Why?
1. The phone line does not work clearly so they were unable to call me.
2. They could not tell when I called earlier to come pick up by myself.
3. There are no delivery boys available and only after 18:00hrs then can try.

If I had let them to try it, would have slipped into 3rd day and they would not apologise for such a delay.
Worst part:
1. No manager at the outlet to complain
2. They do not have complaint forms to lodge one

Then I read their vision statements which can be found on their web page. The irony is the below statement which is under “Vision Accomplished”.

To create an organisation with opportunities to the deserving in owning their own business at their local area, thereby ensuring a Customer Courier bonding with the best of services.

Be always advancing and outperforming in an on guard & systematic manner.

Be more customer friendly and achieve brand enhancement by the exploitation of IT and other technologies for sustained quality standards, training and motivation.

Thanks for the second time bad experience. Personally I will continue to be away from “The Professional Couriers“.