Aadhi (Tamil) – Movie Review

The movie opens in Rameswaram with a soft Trisha (Anjali). The moment suddenly changes with Anjali killing ex-DGP with help of her uncle (Nasser). For a moment one forgets that this is Vijay’s movie and you think that Trisha has a nice negative role. But you would be mistaken soon. There can be no movie in which the heroine might overcast the hero who is popular among masses.

Soon Trisha’s role reduces to romancing and few dances and few emotional moments.
Trisha and Vijay (Aathi) are cousins who are seperated by death of family members, killed by Sai Kumar (RDX) and his gang. Both are full of energy to eliminate all the members of the gang. Both of them dont know about each others motive, though they feel something happening between them when they are together.
Finally they do come to know that they are cousins and how Vijay eliminates all the members of RDX and also RDX forms rest of the story.
There is of course comedy by Vivek (Bullet) though his role is limited. His entry stuns everyone in the theater.
What movie can it be without songs. Though they didnt sound impressive before watching the movie, now they are pleasant to ears.

Vijay is becoming stereo-typed and all his recent movies are based on same formula. Only difference is in this movie Trisha has something to do, unlike in movie Gilli where she was more to dance and run.
Trisha looks quite beautiful in this movie and has taken pains to maintain her slim structure. There are no plump fat visible, probably competition from Asin helps a lot!! 🙂
Trisha has also acted in this movie, this should probably get her more calls from Kollywood.

Most of Vijay’s recent movies are also remake of Telugu movies. This one is remake of ‘Athanokkade’. Director Ramanaa has not done a bad job though he could have given Trisha more character continuing on the first scene.
Vivek’s comedy is better than what he had to do in Pramasivam.
Prakash Raj in cameo role has also excelled.
Sai Kumar the Telugu actor had done an remarkable job as villian. But what makes me wonder is why does all villians in movie shout to their driver in the climax scene, “Po Po, vegama po” (Go go, go fast).

Even though the song ‘Oli oli iduppu’ (Thin Thin Waist) is a hit and impressive, the voice of Anuradha Sriram does not suit the small figure of Trisha. Vidyasagar has composed three good songs and pleasing to ears.
This movie though had a delay release which made Pramasivam walk with good balance is and would still be a big hit.
A nice entertainer. Watch out Trisha.

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2 thoughts on “Aadhi (Tamil) – Movie Review

  1. Well..accepted that vijay is becoming stereo typed but Aathi is definetly different than his previous ventures TIRUPAACHI,SIVAKASI and MADUREY.
    There is no introduction song for our Illaya Thalapathy which would make his die hard fans unhappy.The ounch dialogue of the film is on Vivek and not on Vijay… enoda shoe daan Reebok aana nan oru Porambok.Unlike TIRUPAACHI, Trisha has been given a better deal.
    Unfortunately AATHI is not a huge hit like TIRUPAACHI or SIVAKASI.:-(

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