Germany Vs Argentina – World Cup 2006

Germany won in the end with by penalty shoot out but the game won. It was an awesome match to watch. There was one bad moment for Argentina when their main goalkeeper had to be lifted out of the ground. Franco the totally in-experienced guy didnt know much what to do out there. It showed more in the penalty shootout.
The mistake made was substituting Crespo in the dying moments of the game.
The turning part of the game was Ballacks pass and a header to Klose who headed it into the goalpost.
Germany has a good chance now of reaching the finals, though I never expected them to reach this stage.

Life is tough??

There are times when you think about certain events that have happened and feel if only I had spoke something that day things would have been different.
Why you didnt speak up before and even now, only you know the answer??

Siesta and employee efficiency

I remember for past few years of my time in S/W Industry I would mostly manage a nap during office hours mostly immediately after lunch. This nap gives that much needed refreshment which coffee or tea will not give you.

After this nap your productivity will be atleast double the productivity after having a coffee/tea. This is from my personal observation.

I have tried so many times explaining how instead of getting up and grabbing a coffee/tea and sipping it for sometime with sleep still in eyes, go and take a short nap. The time spent totally to ward the sleep and actually taking a nap is the same if people can sit and calculate.
Its probably just the fear that employees have which pushes them to try push away the nap.
I have recieved so many mails and forwards which says employee fired because of being caught sleeping in office and many other things which I refrain from mentioning here.

Today in Indian Express print edition for Bangalore has an article in the front page. Continuous Computing Vice President says the idea of seista emerged after studying the stress involved in travelling long distances to work. Their firm allows siesta and this has improved employee efficiency. This from the company’s study for past few months.

It would not be long before other companies also roll out this idea.
Atleast I had something to smile about after reading the article.

Brazil Vs Ghana – World Cup 2006

The match clearly showed that Brazil cannot expect themselves to take home the cup this time. Ghana had them back to the wall most of the times. Infact the ball possession by Ghana was more than that of Brazil.
Ghana clearly did not have the touch of finishing. They came close to scoring goals so many times but that lack of finding the net put them down. They should definitely improve on it. It would have worked till this stage but Brazil is never a team where it would work. They needed clear finishers. They learnt it yesterday. But kudos to Ghana for giving Brazil a scare of their lives.

Brazil were also in an advantage with refree allowing a clear off-side pass to Adriano who scored the second goal. They were few fouls committed by Brazil which did not get booked.
Their next match against France should be an easy one (hopefully).

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Italy Vs Australia – World Cup 2006

It was a happy moment when Totti found the net thru penalty kick. Of the knockout matches I have watched so far I find Italy to have the best defence. Matterazzi did not deserve to be given a red card though refree’s decision is final. Even with 10men they were able to defend and when a chance came they just moved over.
Australians are more rough game type, I think this basically comes from them playing rugby more than football. Australians in general I find them to be more egoistic, take for instance Ricky Ponting, Shane Warne the cricketers. The way they address the media.
Italy has a good chance to reach the finals. If they defend the way they did yesterday there’s no stopping them.

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Will Germany Win World Cup 2006?

Yes, Germany won convincingly against Sweden on Saturday (24th June, 2006) but the number of goals scored should have definitely been more. Within 12mins they managed to score 2 thru Podolski but after that they were unable to capitalise on that. Added to it in 2nd half Sweden was playing with only 10.
The defence of Germany looks shaky. They are more into attacking and forget to defend well.
Ballack, am not sure how many more chances he would require to score a goal. All his shots though piercing thru the defence was unable to reach the net. I am a fan of Ballack though would expect him to shoot few goals.
They have a tough match against Argentina who are also found to be little sloppy.

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