Chennaites and Hindi

In 1960’s the Dravidan movement was against Hindi imposition into the State (TamilNadu). In all Goverment schools Hindi was removed from education. People still remember that only.
If you are from Chennai and you speak Hindi, the first question people from other states ask is how do you know Hindi.
Guys, the movement was long back. There are lot of ways in which Hindi can be learnt for speaking, writing and reading. You can learn Hindi in schools and not every school in Chennai is run by Goverment. You can learn Hindi by passing some exams. You can also learn Hindi from North Indian friends.
In Chennai one area is dominated by Gujarati’s if you did not know till now.

Have Chennaites ever asked a Bihari, how do you speak English or for that matter people from any other state. Why this expression of surprise when a guy from Chennai speaks Hindi??

Incase you guys did not know, Tamil has been conferred the status of International Language.

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Amway and business

The people currently making money by selling products of Amway and getting new people to do this business is very lucarative. On the long run, that is, over a period of one year if you are really committed to this business you can even quit your job and get into this full time. But is it really worth it.
Yes, you meet lot of new people, do a lot of networking but is there is any strategic decisions taken??
All you meet and talk about is what you did to get richer in this business and nothing else. If there are bunch of new people you give them presentation as to how they can do this business to earn few additional bucks. This has more to do with your convincing powers or depends on the listener whether he wants to make some money.
Of course you do this on a part time basis initially so it wont affect your day-day work in office.

How they go about getting new people to join this business. First, its known people as in relatives or college mates or school mates. With them they get more contacts. Out of 10 atleast 3 join this business which is a good ratio.
Second, they just join you for lunch or dinner in a restaurant and start chatting with you. They enquire where you work and show interest they are also looking to join your company. They get your cell number or some contact mail id.
One fine day they call you saying there is a meeting and would you like to join and help us. They put it nicely saying, there are about 4-5 guys from IIT/REC who have started on a business and they are doing a presentation of their business. They have centers in US, UK, Australia, Asia and also in India. They are in expansion phase and would like to have some energetic, enthusiastic people on board. If you are interested you can join and help them in growing the business further.
In the presentation for first half-an-hour they do not mention a word about Amway. They talk in general how their business model works, how much of investment you can put, what are returns you get. How you get benefitted by bringing in new people. Finally at the end of 1hr they give out the name Amway.
If in the first place they mention this word people tend to run away.

Though the model looks perfectly fine and you can earn lots of money within few years, there is no work for your brain. There are no decisions involved, its not risk oriented, it in general misses the kick or pulse you would get by starting your own organisation.

Of course am not discouraging anyone from pursuing this business, its my own opinion. In case anyone is interested in joining this business you can contact me and I can point you to people.

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Bird Flu Virus

India was well prepared to take care of Bird Flu infecting humans for more than a year. But the worst part is the virus was detected only after more than 10 days had passed. Though media and officials reported only on February 8th 2006, the virus had affected the poultry on January 26th 2006 itself. No one was aware till media reported dead chicken lying on the Maharashtra Highway. Farmers and traders to avoid loosing chicken sales went ahead with the usual transport by despatching all the dead ones on the highway. After reports in media, Goverment swung into action and did a testing of poultry around the region to confirm the reports.
Even when the Goverment was giving compensation to the farmers for kiiling all the poultry in the region they demanded more money. The money offered was more than what would have fetched them for the chicken in the market.

Today even after Goverment says that eating chicken after heating at more than 70deg is safe for consumption people are not willing to take any risk. Most of the shops selling chicken and eggs are lying vacant with no stock and no buyers.
People want to be safe from any problems that might occur.

What needs to be seen is, will the Goverment release a press statement to prevent loss that everything is safe (even if actually not) or will the Goverment wait till all the poultry are vaccinated.

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Ignorance is bliss

Yesterday some other IT company employee got into our shuttle. I think its Huwaei (hope am right with the spelling).
The worst part is he got into our company vehicle and cooly found a seat and sat down without enquiring anything. Later when we ask him who he is, he says he thought it was a cab.
Man, if you thought it was a common cab dont you enquire where it is going??
Dont you pay for travelling in it?? No rides are for free, Sir.

Is this ignorance or innocence??

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NRI can also cast vote

Manmohan Singh goverment has brought in a new revolution by allowing Non-Resident Indian’s studying/working outside India can also cast their vote. It is however not clear how this is going to be implemented. Is there a census on how many NRI’s are there. Should they come to India to cast their vote? But definitely this is a good move.
Last year I wrote a two page mail to CDAC on how people can cast their vote over internet. People who do not have internet access can go to voting booths in their locality to cast vote. By this way I had mentioned how NRI’s (that time goverment had not issued a statement that NRI’s can cast vote) and Indian’s not staying in their home town can also cast their vote.
Its anyone’s guess, there was obviously no response from CDAC on the proposal.
They need not reply even if they are working on the solution would make me feel happy. But I can tell certainly that nothing would have happened.

Allowing NRI’s to vote also raises one question of how much they are updated about politics equation happening back home?
Hoping that they are updating themselves regularly, if every Indian decides on who should form the goverment, then there would be no work for some media organisations. They would not be required to conduct sting operations.

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