Blog Day 2005

It was quite a vision Nir Ofir got when he saw the dates ‘3108’ and saw a resemblance to ‘Blog’. He likes to commemorate that day as World Blog Day.


Kaadhal (Love) Movie – Dialogue

One dialogue which stayed in my mind after watching the movie Kaadhal.
Kadalil muzhugubavan muthu edupaan (One who goes inside sea will get pearl)
Kaadhalil muzhugubavan pichai edupaan (One who falls in love will take to begging)

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One of those songs

Deva & Veda had something common between them. They both copied music composition from Bollywood. Deva went a step farther and copied from other languages also. Today morning I happened to listen to this song (Dilbar Dil Se Pyare) from movie Caravan, sung by Lata Mangeshkar & composed by RD Burman.
Our Deva copied this solo song to a duet (Azhagu Azhagu) in the movie Batcha.


Fat Boy Slim

Yesterday night I was coming back from Madras to Bangalore in KSRTC Volvo bus. I generally prefer KSRTC to private buses as they are cheaper and almost same comfort in private buses.
There was this guy sitting next to me who comes 2mins before the bus is to start & tries to shove in his two bag’s on packed with clothes & another a laptop on the plank above the seats. So, he must be a s/w engineer as usual without any brains & no common sense.
He cant push it in there since he would be blocking the A/C vent so places the bags under his legs. This moron wants so much comfort in a bus and hes a guy who cannot adjust to situations. I had to wake him up twice since he was falling on me. If he wants that much comfort of almost spreading his whole damn body bloody he should travel in train. This guy is fat also, almost double my size. First time I woke him up & told “en male saayade” (dont fall on me). After some hours he again for lack of space eats up some of space from my seat. This time I get pissed off and tell him “ennaku konjam edam udunga Sir” (Please do give me some space, Sir). This did work & after that he stuck on to his given space only.
He was a typical s/w engineer who without any exercises gets fat & tries to encroach others space. While getting down I wanted to take his photo but just wanted to let him off.
Guys, start doing some exercises & dont bloat up like an elephant or buffalo. And these guys would expect their wives to be slim & beautiful!!