Displaying flag from Window

15th August of every year is a special day for every Indian. Religion, region, language nothing matters. Everyone come together and stands for one; the Indian Nation Flag; head held high, singing the national anthem loud and clear.

This year am not in my country but in a different country, does it mean I cannot put up my country flag on this very special day. I did displayed my country flag by the window but not before checking if there are any implications.
1. Am not causing any hurt to local citizens
2. Am not trying to insult anyone
3. Am not instigating anyone

I checked with lot more people for any country law. Having made sure am not a threat and neither it is going to be a problem I added a pole to flag and put it up on window.
I felt nice and happy and feeling of warmth.

My neighbors inquired and they were happy to know what flag it is and why it is there. Yes, I was not intending to keep it up for entire year.

For anyone living in different country and if you want to put your country flag on special day, do check with many and your neighbors. If nobody has a problem do wear it!


Life is tough – 60 (Toaleta)

s = ch
s = o(h)
Distance is proportional or is of the order of height!
Before you get imaginations wild, it is about the light sensor system.
In toilets and many other places, lights are switched on/off using sensors. This does save a lot of power. Apparently the place where it is positioned matters. If for example the sensor is placed at on the wall. Higher it is placed the darker would be the toilet room when a person of shorter height enters till he/she covers a distance in the dark.

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