Love and hate relationship (2)

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Many years back on a ride with a group of bulleteers is when I met this girl. Few more rides and few more years later we tied the knot. In the duration the bike was completely disoriented and dismantled post an accident. Then another accident.

It did not for a second allow me a thought to abandon the bike. She was assembled back to shape. While there would be a thought to hate after accident it was a love towards the machine of wonder that made me get her back to condition.

Post marriage the usual syndrome set in where the bike too rest. It was more than required rest I should accept here. It was like watching the bike stand through rain and shine without getting moved out. No ride. Priority changed. And running & cycling activity took over. If the bike could speak or show emotion would have definitely kicked me everyday for ignoring.

This is how our conversation would have been:

Bike: Hi, take me out.
Me:    Not today, tomorrow. ok.
Bike: hmmmm
(repeated everyday)

Thankfully I got back to starting the bike again and taking her around. Now it is almost on regular usage. She even cleared the fitness test which is mandatory for a bike which has crossed 15yrs of age! Thereon every 5yrs the bike has to clear the fitness test, which would also happen.

There is definitely an unexplained chemistry between the machine and the man. Atleast for me, there are new varieties in the market, new models; still I do not think I would either upgrade or change! We have bonded quite well over the years!

  1. We were unable to cross Rohtang Pass from Manali!
  2. During monsoon across hill stations across Kerala & TamilNadu, no problem. Not once a problem!
  3. Ride from Delhi to Bangalore, certified by a mechanic in Delhi that the vehicle would not run more than 200kms. More than 2000kms we entered Bangalore sound & fine!
  4. Ride to Kolkatta was funny since the luggage carrier fell off before it was fixed again. Ride where sometimes the India flag saved me! 🙂
  5. Few rides to Pune and through the roads of Goa, ghats of Karnataka.
  6. Ride to Rameshwaram, few rides to Ooty, Wayanad, Coorg.
  7. Uncounted rides to Chennai.

Commonly faced issues:

  1. Headlight going off. Fuse problem or rectifier problem or battery has lost its charge.
  2. Chain gets cut off! The ratio is not correct or chain is too loose or too tight.
  3. Clutch plate wears out. Improper usage! Or wear and tear.
  4. Vehicle stops suddenly!
    1. Air lock
    2. The soldering of the coil has come off. Easy fix is open the clutch case box and use chewing gum to fix.

Whether left unused for long time or whether the bike lets down during a ride, the relationship would continue. A unique bonding.

Always read the manual and keep a copy always, it helps. For the manual, click here.



Life is tough – 58 (Wifi turns off)

Windows system crashing is nothing new. When it crashed it was so bad that wifi got turned off. What would we do without wifi! 🙂
Simple steps should resolve this issue and this could be same solution for any laptop.

Goto My Computer -> Properties -> Device Manager -> Network Adapters -> Realtek Wirless LAN. Right click on this and click on enable.

Now everything is back to normal.
PS: This post is for novices. Professionals no bashing!

Life is tough – 55

You know what you are and the World believes what you are. There would always be some discrepancy between the thoughts of two worlds, one within you and one outside of you.
One of the reason for this discrepancy could be that our past still influences the outside world and we are the best bet to know and understand one’s own body & mind & emotion & energy.

This self check is something lot of us would be hesitant to do due to many reasons like fear, anxiety. Some even if we realize this do not know what to do next. And some to avoid spend time with guruji’s and some at temples.

Life is tough – 53

Timely & smart decision’s are the important ingredient of life. One man’s loss is another man’s gain. Its true to large extent. “A” delay’s his decision, “B” makes a quick decision. “B” gains here.
A delay in deciding cannot be equated to procrastination always. Some take time to decide, some are quick in deciding. This is what could be termed as planned and impulsive.
Impulsive deciders are more risk takers and they take things as it comes. Planned deciders would have planned for even the risk and its mitigation.
Which is better cannot be judged. Both has pro’s & cons. What matters is clarity and waves communicated.