Caught napping at work

Is it right on the part of Supreme Court to punish a man who was caught napping at work. Does the productivity increase if a person keeps on working continuosly. Scientific studies say that a small nap in the afternoon helps a person to renew his energy and work more effectively. Why was this point not considered by the Judges.

Does this mean that anyone caught napping can be dismissed by the employer??

Bihar and its Law & Order

It happens only in Bihar.

An innocent school boy who would not be casting his vote was kidnapped last week, still no trace nor any reports from police. One more guy was kidnapped yesterday. Delhi Public School which has been in papers for all wrong reasons now again comes in papers with a different reason.

The rest of the kids are brave enough to come out openly in their protest, will this change the political equation?

If there is a change will it improve the state of Bihar?

Are all men are fools before GOD

This was an observation I made after my visit to Tirumalai this weekend. I went for two darshans one on Saturday night and another on Sunday morning. Having got a good priced ticket to reduce the waiting time we entered the cages which lead towards the temple. On Saturday night while we were moving through the cages at a particular point we merge with guys who have taken lesser priced ticket and little later we merge with guys who have come for free darshan. All along people keep crying from their hearts “Govinda Govinda” and many more texts flowing. But one can never understand why people want to run in the cages to be on the front, anyway everyone is going to get a glimpse of GOD. By pushing and shoving people is GOD going to bless them more or if they run towards GOD is it going to make a difference.

On Sunday morning, while we were moving in the queue, one lady behind us said “move fast”, is it going to help in any way. We allowed the lady to go ahead of us and she ran with her daughter overtaking so many others. When we were close to having glimpse of GOD or rather sannidhi the lady and her daughter were behind us!!! We just gave a smile seeing her.

Why do people run like mad??

Atleast to temples cant the girls come in sarees or salwar kameez instead of Jeans and t-shirts??

Does GOD expect some glamour??

While even foreign girls try to cover themselves in sarees or salwar kameez why do we indian girls show off in jeans & t-shirt in temples??

Do note am not criticising the religion and its practise but just the way people behave.

Am I a marathoner??

Running, jogging never attracted me as much as Gymming. Of recent times I thought why not give a try and started running short distances of 8km per day. Then I decided why not go for long distances on weekends, of course one need to sacrifice the good sleep.

We decided few days back that on 9th jan 2005 we would run a distance of 20+km, I was not bothered about the time consumption since my aim to complete the distance without breaking off inbetween.

On 9th Jan, with a bottle of water my bro and myself started a 2km walk till the starting point. The walk was to serve as a warm-up and after few warm-up exercises and with no signs of other co-runners we began our run and ran and ran till we found the landmark where we had to turn back to the destination which was about 2km before the starting point. We took a stop inbetween for a min to have water and clean the sand which got accumulated on our faces and I had to clean my spectacles which had marks of sweat.

With no further stops we completed the run with the total time taken being 2hrs 30mins for the complete distance.

Man, yes I completed the run, does it qualify me to call myself a half-marathoner??

My next aim is to continue running the same distance few weekends and then try for a run double the distance.

Look out for more updates.

Hopefully next week I would be able to complete an hours run along the beach side in Chennai that is Madras.

Scrabble Game and My Experience

On Saturday morning finding difficult to get up from bed, I pulled myself up to accompany my bro for a scrabble corporate tournament held by Karnataka State Badminton Association.

As with any other tournament same happened over here also, the scheduled starting time of 9:45 was postponed by 45minutes and the turn around was also very poor. I was playing this game for the first time in my life and was eager to look how the board looked like. Something similar to Chess board but with some scoring pattern mentioned in it. Seven tiles for each player and one need to form two letter and above words using the tiles. Each tile contains an alphabet and score for the same. Some guys argued luck does not play a factor but from a bag of tiles if you are to pick 7 tiles then one can count the probability and it definitely turns out to be a game of luck with a little knowledge of SCARBBLE WORD DICTIONARY and remember there are many words added in this which can never find its way to OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY.

The first round I played I dont even know I won the game pretty easily. I was able to arrange some words with my opponent explaining the rules to me inbetween the game. There was one term called BINGO and never got an oppurtunity for that. BINGO is a word to be formed with all the seven tiles you got at a particular point of time during the game.

The second round was all fun and thats where I learnt new words EO, EE, AA, ZO, QI, AB and my opponent was a professional who plays the game daily in their office. Do you think I run a chance of winning the game?? Absolutely not and I lost the game very badly. In this round I also found the rules confusing me.

I found it to be a total waste of time and had to be content with a headache!

Before the third round was to begin my bro & myself ran out of the venue and out for lunch which was more soothing. A game of chess would have helped my thinking ability far more.

I dont think I would be returning to that board of word game again in my life.


Yethanayo pengal

paarthu irrukiren

pesi irruken

ivaludan pesuvena

mudal thadavai

paarthen avalai

en kayil camera

aanaal edukavilai

kitta vandaal

pesa ninaithen

doora ponaal

avaludan pesuvena

maru dinam paarthen

aval kannil oru

poorippu thuthurupu

utru paarthen

aval kannil

contact lens

en arugil irundaal

pesa ninaithen

en nanban koopitan

avaludan pesuvena

dinam oru paarvai

aval ennai paarpal


avaludan pesavillai


Tsunami – Many questions No Answers

Tsunami came damaged property, lives and went. Went where to?? Will it come back?? Did Nostardamus predict it?? So many questions and no answers.

But our dear old politicians have it in them to politicise whatever happens and so is what is happening after Tsunami. Is politics requried at this hour of need to help the victims or propagate wrong message to the rest of the anxious people elsewhere. TamilNadu (TN) the worst affected in India has two good Channels one which projects that no relief is reaching the people while the other shows the relief going to all the corners where needed. Why this fight, can the victims now watch the channels or is it to change the viewers opinion??

DD is the first to reach the site and take pictures, does this advertisement help in anyway??

CNN & BBC which did not show even a photo of decayed corpse during 9/11 incident as a mark of respect forgot the respect when it came to Third-World nations. All that was shown ws decayed bodies lying around carried around. Do the viewers demand this or is it the treatment for Third-World nations??

IAF base was destroyed in Andaman&Nicobar and message was sent to ex-Home Minister. By the time this was corrected Tsunami reached TN coastline and ate people with their properties. The emergency team of Home ministry met at around 13:30hrs. Do we need so many protocols??

People from other states go out to each location while we should appreciate the efforts but can they ensure that the materials reach the correct person. They complain that local police do not allow them to distribute the material which is correct. Why the sick pride??

So many questions and no answers.

While there are no answers for these, let us stand up and applaud the Central & State Goverments for their co-ordination and relief activities.

A round of applause to the NGO who have spun into action and ensure that relief materials reach all the needy.