Driving License – The final process (4)

Read part 3 here.
The examiner is happy you are happy, the examiner puts his signature on the paper and a seal. Now you are ready to apply for the license (Ridicky Prukaz) at Magistrat office, Kounicova 67 , Brno.
Take a token and go to the counter. At the counter the person would explain to you what are all the documents to be submitted. You would also be given a form which would make it easy at each office to explain.
1. Resident Permit Card
2. If the resident permit card is nearing expiry and you have submitted the documents at the foreign police, then provide your passport.
3. Your passport should have a bridge visa stamping
4. You would need to provide a verification letter from the insurance company. This is a 5mins work at the insurance office. If your insurance is with VZP, then go to their office Benesova near Grand Hotel. The letter is provided free of charge.
5. Check your house lease agreement, if it is older than 6months, you would need a signature from your house owner that you are indeed staying here. There would also need to be a statement mentioning the same.
6. If you are married then your wife/husband has to provide an authorized letter that she/he is residing with you. This verification is possible at Czech Point in Ceska Posta. I normally prefer the main office near Hlavni Nadrazi. The Czech Point is located in the first floor. The cost of getting it authorized is 60CZK and they would provide the stamping.
7. If you are married then marriage certificate is required.

Do remember all the documents should be in Czech language only. Take all the documents along with the form provided earlier and submit the same along with paper signed by the driving examiner.
Once submitted you pay a fee of 200CZK. They would give a receipt of payment and a small slip which mentions the date you had submitted the documents.
You could check online for on what date you would get the driving license. Usually the license should be available in the office within 10 days of submitting the documents. The maximum time limit is 21days. On the date mentioned in the website, take the following:
1. Resident permit card
2. Passport if in case required
3. Receipt of payment of 200CZK
4. The small slip they gave you at the counter after submitting the documents

They would verify the details and give you your driving license (Ridicky Prukaz). They would take your signature on the form which confirms that you have taken it.
Check your license verify the details for:
1. Your name
2. Your address
3. The license would be valid for 10years
4. Behind the license would be mentioned what all vehicle categories you could drive (AM, B, B1)

Now you are ready to drive. Happy driving.


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