Maryan (Tamil) – Movie Review

What to say, my streak of watching disappointing movies continue. Not to disappoint that trend Maryan was upto the mark.
Maryan means guy who defies death! Of course our hero Dhanush has to be one. A fisherman’s son who died in the seas, our hero also lives a life by the sea, for the sea and to die in the sea. For him sea = Aatha! (gotha, little knowing that it was irritating). And then we have heroine Parvathy who is behind him all the time and mutual friends who try to play the broker part. None of it melts our hero’s heart, till he himself feels its happening!
To repay the loan taken heroine’s father from villian and which our hero takes it up to repay for the girl (good motive) the story shifts to Africa, Sudan to be precise. Whats the hot topic out there in Africa? Either Somali pirates or kidnapping for ransom! Here it is the later. How our hero escapes forms rest of the movie of course guided by images of heroine time and again.

BharathBala as director has disappointed us with no new story and no gripping screenplay. Its just the normal love story with usual masala surrounding it.
Some shots of sea are nice to watch.
Dhanush hallucinating in the climax and the images that form in mind is different than in past movies.
Dhanush and Parvathy have done justice to their roles. Their acting doesn’t disappoint. Dhanush reminds of his past movies in his facial expressions and dialogue delivery. So nothing new or different from him.
ARR music, less said better. Background score is quite loud at times and doesn’t go with the mood/tone of the movie. Songs are big let down.
When you will want to see the climax, a song is squeezed in. The worst part the song seems to run for longer and longer time.

End of the movie one would be yawning. Not to be surprised if any falls asleep.
My rating 2.5/5!


Pacific Rim – Movie Review

I don’t know if this movie needs a review in first place. Still I wouldn’t want others to experience the same that I had.
This movie is nothing new from previous science fictions. It is all about America winning the war against monsters from other planets trying to destroy Earth. Obviously America cannot let down fellow Earthlings. So they fight and win the war.
They have gigantic machines created to fight monsters, there is gender equality, no racism, emotions, love, hatred, anger, loss of near and dear, determination, second life.
To make it interesting, the movie is set in 2020 and uses technology shown in Minorty report. Touch screen, human actions get replicated to make actions of gigantic machine. To balance this gigantic machine two people are required. Nuclear power is required to destroy.

Since it is about science, neural bridge is introduced. Since there two people controlling the gigantic machine from inside the body, these two people should be connected by all means and that technology is neural bridge. By this technology two minds can be connected and they will be able to work together since both their pasts is connected. Nothing can be hidden between the two, no dark secrets. Am afraid of this technology though. I wouldn’t want to connect with some unkown guy/girl and reveal all my dark secrets. Fuck in modern countries how will two people work together when they get to know that one of them is sleeping with another’s girlfriend or boyfriend.

Who is/are villian’s in this movie? Kaiju, they are to go back in past are related to dinosaur. Wow, there you go! These kaiju’s are but now located in different planet and they want to eat away all the planets in the universe to show their dominance. Well after taking over each planet who is left to showcase their dominance? Lets not get into logic now.
Who else can be targeted except we meek humans. The initial thrust was to take assessment of the situation. Humans as usual don’t expect much strength from Kaiju so they use Jaeger’s (gigantic machines) and solid walls. Kaiju’s are no fools they breach the walls easily and even destroy couple of Jaegers leading the entire project itself to a closure. Whats alternative to Jaegers, oh well that would be decided after 8months which is the time given.

Now the kaiju’s are controlled by one big fella sitting somewhere in another planet X! Firstly, how did Kaiju’s land in planet Earth? No questions, watch the movie. How do you get know about this, we have a bold scientist/researcher who connects to kaiju brain through neural link. Why did he do so? To prove his scientific abilities and his research result.This scientist needs more brains to get more deeper and be more effective. Where do you get this, of course where else Chinese black market!
Oh yes, by now the movie has also shifted to Hong Kong where there is expected one last major fight.

Of course humans win! All is well that did not begin well though. Do watch at your own discretion.
My rating 1.5/5. Just so because they made a movie.

Mercy of drivers

This post is not on the usual topic of my rantings about cab drivers of Bangalore. This is rather about those many top executives and others who have money but don’t want to drive for many reasons

1. Heavy traffic takes a lot of time and adds to stress
2. The time spent in travelling could be utilized for reading a book or making a presentation
3. Fear of driving
4. Laziness
5. Why should I drive

So, what do these people do? Appoint drivers! Easy solution, there are many in the market but their demand is huge. In most cases the drivers decide whether they want to drive your car or not. That depends on your car model, how much you can pay, is there anyone else who pays more than you do.
For these people, the moment they call for a driver they are at his mercy. And once the driver gets appointed the reasons multiply. One day the driver doesn’t report for services everything goes topsy-turvy.
The driver will drive how ever he wants to, any questions asked he wouldn’t report tomorrow which again means difficult times.

To cite an incident:
Today i saw a driver who was honking continuously at a signal which was red. Car number KA****1070! The employer or the owner of the car was sitting behind doing nothing. Not for once did he have the b*lls to tell his driver not to honk.
And the same guy drives in such a way that he was splashing water over 2-wheeler riders. And continued his honking spirits at the next signal too!

Anyone who appoints a driver is at his mercy for life. Until they deicde to take over the steering.

Lootera (Hindi) – Movie review

A slow beginning to a love story and a love story which does not have the tag “And they lived happily ever after”. But the heroine ends with a smile on her lips.

This movie is not an entertainer that one can expect fight and dance sequences at every 15min interval. The first moves rather slowly than expected with director taking his own time to build the characters and then evolve the story. Sonakshi Sinha’s eye expression are a delight, a lot conveyed through it. The music matches the scenes except few times when one is disappointed.

The way the build up of love from love at first sight to the time Ranveer Singh leaves the house is artistic. Some locations are really awesome and at times when the voice goes low like talking a secret, director has really taken care of these details. Using single light to shoot the sequence inside the car is nice.

The grainy filmy gives an effect of 1953 the year when the movie is based and also abolition of zamindari powers.

Moving into the second half one feels the same artistic pleasure would be there. Unfortunately the director disappoints over here. The last 20mins if had been edited and not rolled into a Bollywood type movie would have left a bigger impression. After that point it was anybody’s guess what’s going to happen. And director has to give chance to hero to explain and express his love, right. So, that 20mins ends up wasting the time and taking it towards yet another commercial.

The sequence lighting is still dark at lot of times giving an impression as to usage of natural light.

Felt at one point it was like watching Mani Ratnam movie with so much of darkness, powerful dialogues.

Plus points:


Sonakshi Sinha expression and way of communicating.





Let down:

Background score, very loud at times.

Prolonging the story.

Some songs inserted inside.


Overall I would give a rating of 3.5/5.