Earth Hour – A bit for environment?


One day every year every single country every state every city every family, switch off all power units to observe Earth Hour and to do their bit for a better world.
Imagine the amount of posts on social media and number of people reading it, sharing it, adding self data to it. We want to tell the world we observed Earth Hour and wait for “likes” and comments on social media. If you do not observe the hour then you could be attached to social stigma.
Some essentials that we have got used to cannot be switched off for all practical reasons.
Also, in some countries where the power generation does not meet the country requirements, the government would switch off power irrespective of Earth Hour.

There is a simple method every one could observe every day or once every week or once every month. This could be a conscious effort in your family and could influence friends and relatives too.

What can you do?
1. Choose a day
2. Switch off power
3. Switch off your mobile devices.
4. For that one hour spend the time like you would spend your time when in natural surroundings.

What to do after switching off?
1. Do nothing
2. Have a chat with your partner
3. Meditate
4. Think and let your thoughts flow
5. Have a candle light dinner

What you save would be helpful for the planet, for you and for future. Think about it.
If you can do it, d it.




Driving license -The initial (1)

This post is for non-Europeans who want to obtain EU license in Czech Republic (city Brno). I cannot explain about other countries at present.

In a foreign country when there is a necessity to drive a car, host country license works for few months after which a new one is to be obtained.
If one is a new driver it is normally not a problem to learn the rules and the style.
If one is already a driver in host country then there are mix of problems:
1.Driving style would have got influenced by local factors heavily
2. Driving rules could be different though the basic ones remains the same.
3. The signboards indicating different signs could be more (especially if one is from India)
4. Compared to driving in host country, driving inside city may not be stressfull.
This link could be a good reference to start with.

The best option is to take a course with driving school. The driving school would have a website and all the reference materials (eTest). Many of from non-EU countries do not speak Czech language properly or have been learning and still not feel comfortable to take the test in Czech.
Taking this into consideration, I joined Autoskola-Real, Brno. I recommend this school for expats and Rene Foral is good in explaining and also teaching. It is mandatory to take 14 driving classes before the examination. The material link to e-course (e-Kurz) on their website is very helpful.
It is also mandatory to get a certificate from your doctor in Brno. The form for the same would be provided with driving school or the doctor would have one. The doctor would  test eye vision and give a book. This book contains colours and patterns. From within these colours and patterns one would have to find numbers, images and others.

Displaying flag from Window

15th August of every year is a special day for every Indian. Religion, region, language nothing matters. Everyone come together and stands for one; the Indian Nation Flag; head held high, singing the national anthem loud and clear.

This year am not in my country but in a different country, does it mean I cannot put up my country flag on this very special day. I did displayed my country flag by the window but not before checking if there are any implications.
1. Am not causing any hurt to local citizens
2. Am not trying to insult anyone
3. Am not instigating anyone

I checked with lot more people for any country law. Having made sure am not a threat and neither it is going to be a problem I added a pole to flag and put it up on window.
I felt nice and happy and feeling of warmth.

My neighbors inquired and they were happy to know what flag it is and why it is there. Yes, I was not intending to keep it up for entire year.

For anyone living in different country and if you want to put your country flag on special day, do check with many and your neighbors. If nobody has a problem do wear it!


Life is tough – 60 (Toaleta)

s = ch
s = o(h)
Distance is proportional or is of the order of height!
Before you get imaginations wild, it is about the light sensor system.
In toilets and many other places, lights are switched on/off using sensors. This does save a lot of power. Apparently the place where it is positioned matters. If for example the sensor is placed at on the wall. Higher it is placed the darker would be the toilet room when a person of shorter height enters till he/she covers a distance in the dark.

For previous post on “life is tough” click here or click the corresponding tab on the webpage.


Pet Registration – Pes/Fena Registrace

In Czech Republic when you bring your pet dog from different country or bring a new one home, he or she has to be registered with 15days. It is a very simple process which I was not aware how to initially. Thanks some who gave useful information on Facebook.
Brno city is split into different municipalities. Knowing under which division your house is located in, you have to find the municipality office (úrad městské části). To access their website click here.

When you go to the location look for department Odbor rozpočtu a financování. I walked in little bit knowledge of Czech language is useful. Not because they would respond if you speak in English, their knowledge of English is limited. Thanks to my classes over the months, I was able to convey to the lady what I wanted. She took the papers for photocopy along with my resident card. She gave a form to fill and helped in translating the text.

The fees is taken from the month the pet is living with you and it is an annual fees! The fees is different if you live in flat or individual house. Once you pay the fees and collect the receipt they also give you a pendant for the collar which has a number printed. This number is stored in the record for all future reference.
My house is under Zidenice district and the address of the office is:

Úřad městské části Brno-Židenice
Gajdošova 4392/7, 615 00 Brno-Židenice

(3.patro, místnost č.314)
Po, st 8:00 h-11:00 h
Po, st 11:30 h-17:00 h

3rd floor, room number 314.
Working hours:
Monday & Wednesday – 8:00am – 11:00am, 11:30am – 5:00pm.

The total time for registration is 10mins. The annual fee is 1000CZK.

Few Czech words which could help:
Dobry Den (Good Day)
Pes Registrace (Pet registration)
Jmeno (Name)
Pes/Fena (Male/Female Dog)
Od Kdy (From When)
Datum (Date)
Podpis (Signature)
Byt/Dum (Apartment/Individual house)
Psi Plemeno (Dog Breed)

Travelling with pet – Day of Travel

All formalities completed, all legal papers ready. Now for the big day, the day of travel. Shadow gets excited, curious, stressed, apprehensive of what is happening in the house with all movement of packing and stuff. He has lost his sleep the entire day, he does not want to leave our legs, he follows us where ever we walk inside the house.
Finally the time has come to say bye to the house. We make a booking for airport drop via Ola. Normally cabs do not transport pets. We make a request with the driver and he agrees, surprisingly! We book a bigger vehicle to include in the transport also our luggage and shadow crate.
We reach the airport and we have a problem. One of the strays at airport spots shadow and wants to come in! After the first level security, part of their rules we assemble the crate and make Shadow go inside. The security were very cooperative. They helped my wife in assembling the crate and tried to keep us cool by chatting with us while I was holding shadow. Then we moved to check-in counter of Lufthansa. Once our boarding passes were taken, few other staff of Lufthansa got the other formalities completed. Fixing his food and water to crate, getting a declaration form signed by us, getting a sheet to be put inside the crate.
Then they took me to their ticketing service counter where I paid 400$+tax for the shipment. After payment they did a confirmation internally. Then the Lufthansa staff kept the crate on to a trolley and we went to the security area where the crate is scanned and say bye to Shadow. The crate is to be scanned without him inside.
The staff helped in putting the sheet inside the crate and also we had kept a blanket and pillow for his familiar smell and something which he can (and eventually did) tear up when stressed during the travel. He did his usual sounds of “dont leave me”.
Then we got through our formalities and the flight left Bengaluru. Yes we had some tension, fear about how he would be doing in the cargo section. Once we landed at Frankfurt, he was moved to animal section for feeding, walking and test. Frankfurt was our transit point. We checked with cabin crew, ground staff and others but it is part of the process and we are not allowed to see him or be with him till the final destination.
Few hours later when we landed at Prague airport we got out of flight immediately. Then we stood watching through the glass window as Shadow crate was brought out and the ground staff communicating with him! What a sight of relief.
We picked him up at the excess baggage counter and his whining did not stop till we took him out of the crate. We stopped at the customs for completed the next set of formalities. This took us two minutes. They checked the papers, scanned the micro chip. While we were told it would take 30mins at customs, all it took was just 2mins! Thanks again to Global Cargo Services for getting the paperwork in order.
We spent quite a long time outside the airport for his walk and to get him out of the stress before we travelled by road to Brno.

Thank you Lufthansa!
Finally we are at our new home together! 🙂

Travelling with pet – Formalities

In 2016 when I got the confirmation to move out of Bangalore to Czech Republic, the biggest decision we made was not to abandon our boy Shadow. By that time he was with from late-mid 2012 and it did not seem ethical nor moral to leave him out. Abandoning him at any kennel or on the road or leaving him with some other people was not in discussion at any point of time. Which meant we would take up any obstacles that come on the way to ensure that he is in new place with us.

Who is Shadow? We did not buy him from any breeder nor from any other person. We actually do not know his exact breed. October 2012, late in the night when we returned from one of our long trips and parked the vehicle, he came as a small puppy and stood in front of the vehicle. We took him inside the house and next day enquired all around close to where we lived. Nobody had a clue where he came from. The security of hostel of reputed institute were taking care of him for last 15days. They had their own difficulties to keep him beyond certain period. They were happy if we were to keep him and they could see him everyday. It was first big decision we made when we decided to bring him and be a part of our journey.

First I travelled out of India late-mid 2017. Am not sure if any other person moved out with their pet to Czech Republic. We read through lot of material on websites like pettravel, understood government rules and based on that made a list of things to do and complete.
Firstly, a microchip (international standards) needs to be implanted into his body behind the neck. Secondly, for his dimensions a crate is to be bought. We got the micro chipping and a Petmate crate grade 4 from Cessna, Domlur.
Then we had to get the blood test done. There is 90 day wait period post extraction of blood for rabies testing. This is required because we come from “high rabies countries”. Before this he had to be given a rabies vaccination. Post vaccination the blood test can be performed after minimum waiting period of 21days. During the blood test while we were contemplating where to send the blood sample (whether to Dubai or London) is when we contacted Global Cargo Services via our doctor Nanjundappa. The representative from Global Cargo took the blood sample from Nanjundappa and sent it to London lab. Thankfully Shadow cleared the test. After which we were to wait for 90 days. This was a big delay for us. We had planned a New Year 2018 re-union and had to shift it to end of March 2018.

In the meantime my wife got him through training like making him first get used to the crate, then locking the crate and doing work inside the house and later locking him inside the crate and going out for few hours. To this she added additional training and also to go out for walk with muzzle aka mouth cap, because over here one can travel in tram, bus and train with pets.
Beginning 2018, his blood test result arrived and he was declared fit to travel by end of March. When you decide to travel you would have to mark special services during booking of ticket. Whether emirates or lufthansa, we zeroed in on Lufthansa due to less travel time from Frankfurt. After booking my ticket I called up their customer care and gave complete details, they confirmed the services and added to my ticket “Transporting Animals”.
The next and last important part was to get the paperwork completed. The representatives at Global Cargo assured us of getting it done. April 2018 when I was there in Bangalore there is one formality to be completed. This is to take Shadow to Animal Quarantine Center at Bengaluru Airport. Along with representative from Global Cargo we went for inspection. The inspection also includes scanning the microchip. He cleared the inspection. And finally his papers were ready along with clearance certificate.
Lastly 4 days before travel he had to be given deworing tablet. Recommended, Slayworm Merial.
Shadow was ready to travel with us! 🙂
Thanks to all those who had been part of his life during the last approximately 6yrs in Bengaluru
1. His doctor Nanjundappa from the time he came to us.
2. Cartman, Koramangala where we used to drop him for boarding some times.
3. Global Cargo Services for getting the paperwork completed on time and to perfection.
4. Cessna, Domlur