Men and mindset

This post is based on a recent cycling story in India written by a single lady cyclist from a foreign country. The link to the post is here.
When people elsewhere read these the whole idea of Incredible India goes for a toss.

Disclaimer: Am not blaming 100% Indian Men, lest our men start attacking me for this.

Primarily there are few things which our Indian men have learnt or lived on with:
1. White skin is good.
2. Single lady is everything on the plate ready to be picked.
3. Alone is like icing on the cake.
4. A cycling lady (any sport for that matter) is perceived as good stamina

That a man has not done anything forcibly is due to recent campaigns against rape and diplomacy issues arising out of similar incidents. There is some fear.

Some reasons which are true to a large extent why men go to such levels and bring a bad reputation is:
1. Upbringing by parents and relatives
2. What we see is what we live on. How women are treated at home leaves an impression in the mind of children.
3. The society. There will be rules for how a woman should behave.
4. Our cinema. The boy puts a hook, teasing or other means. The girl first time, second time refuses. Then later after 1hr you would see them dancing around happily ever after.
5. The television. Agree or disagree lot of men sit late in the night to watch FTv.
6. White is fair. Check all the advertisements with regard to fairness cream.

The society is in my opinion biggest culprit. Men formed the society and brought up women in the mindset that “cover” yourself up completely lest men pass comments on you. The same society does not tell men, don’t “piss” on compound walls lest women grab you by balls.
Another common ideology that people have is “why” should you do such things. Sit at home or go to office and come home. “Get married and do what you want”.
The society will change when people will change. This is the toughest thing. In my understanding it is the current generation and the next generation which is going to set the trend. Unless they bring in matured outlook of things it would get more difficult.

Yes there is definitely a change in mindset. This is restricted to only 50% of metro cities. Even today in metro city you could find a current generation who would pass a comment “who asked her to cycle alone” or “why should she cycle”. “why not go and see places in a group”.

The other media which can influence is the cinema industry. The subject of movies have to change. The way they portray women has to change. Initially few movies would do bad. But if you are going to show nothing else than respecting women via this channel, people would grow up with that mindset.

The previous generation cannot be changed and does not make sense to change them. It is our generation which has to see the change through.

There would be a day in future when a single lady cycling alone would not write such an article.


Google Photos

That ROFL moment of the day!:)

Google has an algorithm which would scan all the photos and classify as “people”, “sky”, “mountains”, “things” etc etc.
Today I was looking at their classification. Under the classification of “things” there were few other classifications. It feels nice to check photos which are classified and does not need my memory to search through.
One such classification was “dogs”. I do have loads of photos of dogs on my albums and was looking into them.
What made this ROFL moment was a recent photo where people have bent down to do an exercise. Google photos classified this under section of “dogs”. Makes me wonder if it is the position of hands & legs? Or is it that since the photo does not have a face of humans the algorithm failed.
Either way’s I had a good laugh. I hope they re-look at the algorithm soon to avoid such embarrassment in future!

Sanskrit & Objection

The trend currently is not any different from what it was in past. Anything that is from past is associated to religion, community and objected to even look into the positives. Same holds good with Sanskrit.
Most of the vedic literature have been written in Sanskrit. These texts contain lot of information which could be used for development. The problem lies in two things here “vedic” and “sanskrit”.
When the education minister circulates IIT’s to teach Sanskrit little do people understand or want to see through why? Rather we have criticize, comment and ridicule and protest.

What India has missed out in centuries has got translated in the west. We made the mistake in the past and we want to continue to do the same by critical comments.
German Universities are investing big time in Sanskrit. In India the best comment is “we are wasting time learning a dead language”. Read the article here.

Unfortunately the language dies because of people not using it. When related to economy, it could have happened in Sanskrit. Why did adoption of Hindi come in then? We all know the reasons and the influence.

Like quoted in this article by a German professor. Also read the other links. Link1. Link2.

For all those criticizing maybe they should do research before shutting down everything. At other times we would say think positive, be ready to accept different things and all those soft skills terminologies. Probably, read through and prove why vedic literature is wrong. If there are facts why not believe it.
There are facts based on some researchers which are “positive’. Like here and here.

The easier alternative would be to get an effective translator and get the scriptures translated to English and our “engineers” produced from IIT’s could take it forward from there! That way there would be no criticism also!

Lemon Rasam – Recipe

This is my preparation. More or less how it is prepared at all homes maybe the proportion of ingredients may vary.


  1. Toor Dal – 4 table spoons
  2. Tomatoes – 2 in number mid-size
  3. Green chillies – 4/5
  4. Rasam powder
  5. Turmeric powder
  6. Asfoetida
  7. Jeera
  8. Salt

Preparation method

Cook the daal and keep it separate.
In a vessel add about 1/10th spoon of rasam powder, 1/4th spoon of turmeric powder, pinch of asfoetida, 1 spoon of salt, slit green chillies and a glass of water. Boil this till the raw smell goes off. Add little water when required.
In the meantime keep the tomatoes cut to pieces. When the raw smell wears off from boiling add the tomatoes. Cook the tomatoes.
Now add daal to this and switch off the flame/heat when the rasam starts to froth. Do not allow it to boil. Check for salt.

Squeeze good amount of lemon to get the taste of lemon. In another pan take little oil. Heat it and add mustard seeds to it. Once it splutters, add jeera and little bit asfoetida. Mix it into the rasam.
Add coriander leaves to the rasam.

Now the rasam is ready to be served with rice. It could also be had like soup.

Music & Safety for runners

I may not be qualified to write long post on this topic.
This is something from what I keep observing and how things are around me.

Music is a great company while running. Lot of runners like to plug in music and keep oneself motivated to run. Some keep the volume low while some keep the volume high. The genre of music also varies.

While the attention is to running and music, lot of them are not aware about what is around them. When we block the ears with music, we are blocking that essential sense from listening to approaching sounds form behind. Theory could be that run against the flow of traffic.
At least in India, the flow of traffic is not restricted to one side. There are lot of road uses who drive/ride their vehicles on the wrong side also. There are in this some elements who would extend their arm on to the runners. Though I have no idea whether extending the arm onto body of runners translates to climax. It is definitely going to take decades to change the mindset of our people. In this time one cannot stop running citing these reasons.

When not listening to music we tend to listen to sounds around us and it is quite probable that we may move away from these elements.

If listening to music is something that cannot be avoided then it is better to run inside parks or around lakes where there are more public. Or to run in a group who also maintain same pace.

Run safe, be safe.

Kung Fu Panda 3 – Movie review

If there are two adjectives that I can use to describe this movie, it would be
1. Awesome
2. Humorous

Without giving out the story or details, do watch this movie if you have not till now. I myself not just delayed in watching the movie but also in writing the review.

The humour is so packed in the story and end of every serious situation, that it lightens the mood so much.
Po not only finds his father or rather other way around, his finds his entire community and saves the world.
How all this happens is what the movie is about.

Feast for eyes, witty, funny, emotions, philosophy! It has got all.
Do watch it. My rating 4.5/5.

Love and hate relationship (2)

Read first part here.

Many years back on a ride with a group of bulleteers is when I met this girl. Few more rides and few more years later we tied the knot. In the duration the bike was completely disoriented and dismantled post an accident. Then another accident.

It did not for a second allow me a thought to abandon the bike. She was assembled back to shape. While there would be a thought to hate after accident it was a love towards the machine of wonder that made me get her back to condition.

Post marriage the usual syndrome set in where the bike too rest. It was more than required rest I should accept here. It was like watching the bike stand through rain and shine without getting moved out. No ride. Priority changed. And running & cycling activity took over. If the bike could speak or show emotion would have definitely kicked me everyday for ignoring.

This is how our conversation would have been:

Bike: Hi, take me out.
Me:    Not today, tomorrow. ok.
Bike: hmmmm
(repeated everyday)

Thankfully I got back to starting the bike again and taking her around. Now it is almost on regular usage. She even cleared the fitness test which is mandatory for a bike which has crossed 15yrs of age! Thereon every 5yrs the bike has to clear the fitness test, which would also happen.

There is definitely an unexplained chemistry between the machine and the man. Atleast for me, there are new varieties in the market, new models; still I do not think I would either upgrade or change! We have bonded quite well over the years!

  1. We were unable to cross Rohtang Pass from Manali!
  2. During monsoon across hill stations across Kerala & TamilNadu, no problem. Not once a problem!
  3. Ride from Delhi to Bangalore, certified by a mechanic in Delhi that the vehicle would not run more than 200kms. More than 2000kms we entered Bangalore sound & fine!
  4. Ride to Kolkatta was funny since the luggage carrier fell off before it was fixed again. Ride where sometimes the India flag saved me!:)
  5. Few rides to Pune and through the roads of Goa, ghats of Karnataka.
  6. Ride to Rameshwaram, few rides to Ooty, Wayanad, Coorg.
  7. Uncounted rides to Chennai.

Commonly faced issues:

  1. Headlight going off. Fuse problem or rectifier problem or battery has lost its charge.
  2. Chain gets cut off! The ratio is not correct or chain is too loose or too tight.
  3. Clutch plate wears out. Improper usage! Or wear and tear.
  4. Vehicle stops suddenly!
    1. Air lock
    2. The soldering of the coil has come off. Easy fix is open the clutch case box and use chewing gum to fix.

Whether left unused for long time or whether the bike lets down during a ride, the relationship would continue. A unique bonding.

Always read the manual and keep a copy always, it helps. For the manual, click here.