Dear Narayana Murthy

It was nice that you have showered praise on current Karanataka Chief Minister on the promise of land of 845acres. But praises are showered only when something favourable happens which requires some thought.
Its good for the company and for the country to see one from our soil expanding a lot and enabling oppurtunities for many. But where is the infrastructure in terms of roads. The road condition has not improved in Bangalore for past 2-3 years. Are you going to insist that the Goverment improves road infrastructure and then start construction after acquiring the land?
Why has no company taken a step asking the Goverment, guys improve the roads then we will come back. After acquiring the land and building a huge complex we then start to complain of poor road infrastructure, traffic jams, pollution, heat and accidents.

Even when there was expansion and Silk Board flyover being constructed was there an analysis done to the propotion of vehicle registration in a month and the rate of inflow of people into city for jobs.

Why other cities apart from Bangalore and Mysore are not considered for expansion within Karnataka.
Still its not clear what were the reasons for your resignation from the Bangalore Aiport Committee.

While answers are not expected, these are genuine doubts that linger within everyone.

Patiyal – Tamil Movie Review

This is a story of hired assassins and how two guys graduate from using sickle to guns. Bharat of Kaadhal fame and Aarya of Arindhum Ariyamalum fame have done a very decent job. Aarya as a drunkard assassin has given a powerful performance so has Bharat as a dumb and deaf assassin. These two are orphans and what they do for money is all the movie is about.

A must watch movie. Though there are resemblance to the English movie ‘City of Gods’.

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5 reason why Amway is not for me

Click here for Part 5 of the series.
Amway does not work for anybody and everybody. Typically why Amway does not suit me.

1) Their way of working would hinder my daily schedules.
2) They sleep late in night which means it is difficult for me to get up at 5:00 in the morning and go for my 10-20km run. Which would inturn mean a stop for my Marathons.
3) This schedule also gives me no time for my gym workouts.
4) Could hamper my weekly quiz I attend on Thursday’s, though someday I might miss it.
5) Would leave me with less time for socializing with friends built over period of time.

This is the concluding part of Amway series.

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Amway and business – Part 5

Click here for part 4 of the series.

Is this business really required for guys in IT industry. We anyway earn money which is sufficient to run ones home. While making this money, personal interests/hobbies which were pursued till that date or forgotten. Of course once into this industry about 80% of people dont do anything in their free time. They do not want to do anything new in life. So, they join this business when shown that one can quit the day-day job in 4yrs time and earn money for ever without doing anything worthwhile.
When these guys ridicule that they do what their managers ask them to do, what exactly are they doing in this business?? Someone told them money can be made, they took it up. Someone tells them what they should do, give contact numbers, call up people, they do. That someone who brings them in replaces the Manager in office.
Creativity, excuse me whats that?? Whats creativity got to do in this business. It all depends on how many people one can convince to join.

Of course this is a very good business for people doing jobs like mechanic, plumber and so on who belong to that category. For them they need money to eat even 3 meals a day. When they get into this and make some money it can fetch them that required additional amount.
But, of course most of the people in that category are sufficient with what they have and build their dreams within their reach.

Unlike them, people working in IT industry build so many dreams without ever thinking about reality. When reality strikes them they take up Amway business which looks very lucarative.

Unless a guy takes a dip into it, he would not understand how this business works. The business model is good, quite lucarative but does not require you to be creative, no strategic decisions.

Guys, apart from money just take some time to think what you would gain in 4yrs time and what you would loose in 4yrs time. The loss would be more than the gain. Is money everything in life??

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England levels series

England is on the verge of levelling the Test match series against India. They need another 4 wickets to win the Match in Mumbai. Except Sachin and jaffer no other Indian till now has crossed double digits and it reads more like a cellphone number.
I have always felt whenever India needs more than 200 runs to score for a win in the second innings they go with a negative frame of mind. And everytime they have lost the match. Still we have not learned from past.
Whats the role of coach??
It starts with our current captain Dravid, how best would you describe his innings of 9 runs from 60 balls and staying for close to 2hrs??

Congrats England for pulling it off with a depleted side. Dravid made his biggest blunder till date 4days back when he asked England to bat first in a pitch where batting fourth is difficult.

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Weight Management Program

Nutrilite has come out with a solution to manage weight for people. This was released in the month of February. This product can be sold only through dealers of Amway.
While am against the way the Amway business is run, I do like the products sold by them. I was sold a product Protein Powder supplement and I find it very useful for past one year especially when I do workout and run long distances. I dont feel tired after taking two scoops of this supplement.

The solution for weight management program is called ‘Positrim’. If you want to get rid of few extra kilos then you can take the complete package for three months. One need not be on diet for months together surviving on fruits and vegetables.
More than 60% of Software Engineers are overweight and are not in a mood to do exercise to reduce the excess fat. This is a solution for you.
Positrim can be taken instead of breakfast and dinner for first two weeks. In this period you will definitely see a change. Also, you need to keep a tab on the food you take. After the first two weeks one can take this for breakfast.
Normally people in the software industry are not keen on taking the breakfast. Today it looks perfectly fine but years down the line, it would lead to lot of complications. This is easy and does not require time for preparation.
If you are normal weight, but you tend to skip a meal a day due to some meetings or work, then just mix this solution in water and consume. So, you not only replace your meal but also dont loose those important vitamins and proteins.

I do feel like taking this but am not overweight nor do I miss any meal so this does not mean anything to me currently. For those who would like to taste this just buzz me I would put you to the people who can sell it.

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Amway and business – Part 4

Click here for Part 3 of the series.

Whenever a new guy joins this group he has to bring with him a list of contacts. These contacts would be called by his upline and briefed about the business without revealing the name (if done so people then run away). Apart from this list these guys think they are doing aggresive business. They ask the new guy to give his cellphone and they browse through the numbers and pick up every Tom, Dick & Harry.
A cellphone is private to a person and would have lot of personal numbers why in the world should one give numbers of close friends?? How can these guys grab the cellphone and note everyones number??
Agreed its a networking business but is this the actual way of networking??
Agreed the intention is to help everyone in making money but at what cost, losing all close friends. Whether people realise the potential of making money through Amway or not but people do run away when they hear the term Amway.

By rough calculation, approximately a guy takes 3-4 yrs to make big money. Which is actually quite short time given the kind of business that is done. If one sits and thinks, in these 3-4yrs he would have lost almost all the friends, the friendship which he might have built from his school days.
He makes new friends who are part of this business. You go out with them, chat only with them. Everytime you talk its all about money. How to make more money, how to call more people to join, what kind of products to sell.

When they meet new people a thought keeps running in the back of mind, how to call this guy to show the plan and which product should we sell to him. Perfectly fine, but there is just one thought process running in your mind.

After 3-4 yrs when you are making more than sufficient money every month, you would not be spending the money but conserving it. Now you can relax a bit but can you call your old friends with whom you have lost contact. The friends made in these 3-4yrs through Amway can you sit with them and chat?? They are busy looking for new clients.

Is it actually worth all the pain and struggle. In the 3-4yrs would the person have gone on vacation. Would he have sat down with his family and had a good laugh without thinking about making money.

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Are customers the king???

My recent experience with a particular bank makes me think whether the Customer is really the king. In most companies and organisations employees are told that Customers are king but is it actually so in reality??
In November 2005 I had requested for a loan of Rs.2lacs from a bank. I hold savings bank account as well as credit card with same bank. I wanted loan on my credit card. They refused to reduce the percentage of Rate of Interest from 18% to anything less. Not even by 0.5%. They always knew that I would get back to them and take the loan, which I finally did.
In March 2006 they call me up saying they are going to send me a Demand Draft for Rs.90,000/-
and they started with Rate of Interest at 18% later they came down to 16%. After many frantic calls from the guys in the bank the rate was reduced to 13%.
The catch was there, they are actually blocking my Credit Limit in the card and giving me the draft which means I cannot make big purchases during this period.

Thats not the point, the same bank which refused to budge from 18% in November 2005 could come down till 13% in March 2006 even when the new budget for financial year 2006-07 has not got enforced. How could they do this. When they want the customer, they bend backwards but if a customer wants something they refuse to oblige.

Welcome to CITIBANK.

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