Maruti Driving School

The general behavior extends in this school, Maruti Driving School. When one goes to such a reputed place expectation is some amount of professionalism.

What was observed in HSR Layour branch in Bangalore was un-professional attitude and callousness.

After enrolling for the driving course, the moment we mention 2-wheeler with gear license (along with 4-wheeler license) also for lady (my wife) their expression changes. Rather than showing positivity the in-charge exhibits utter negativity.

  1. RTO inspector tore the form of a lady! It is quite possible that RTO can sue them for damaging statements.
  2. RTO delays the process if it is lady for MCWG license!

This kind of talk makes one lose faith in an organisation which is expected to be professional and better than normal driving schools.

Hope to see some constructive action in future.

Traffic Observation – 2

Today I noticed a pretty normal behaviour with little strangeness. There was this guy on 2-wheeler (Activa, white colour). When he wants to move right he will continue to move right no matter who is behind. Same was the case when he moves left. And he would honk if there is a vehicle in front of him especially a 2-wheeler.

This is normal of everyone. What was strange about this guy was he had covered his head with jacket hood and which also closed his forehead. This was not a tight fitting hood. So with the flap it would obstruct his view of vehicles on right and left. he had a helmet of course though one which would not protect his head in event of accident.

He would have been feeling cold so protected his ears. I would rather suggest him to use a full face helmet rather than a dummy one. And to not use the hood in a manner which would obstruct his view.

White Revolution



Tribute to all milk men across India. Thanks to “milk man” of India who fathered the “white revolution” I along with many were entitled to milk through childhood. Milk which was used to be mixed with Raagi+ powder to make kanji.
Milk with boost, horlicks, complan and the list goes on. All through the childhood.
Later the addition of milk got in for coffee and tea!

Milk is required everywhere. Even in sweets like palkova. And in kheer and payasam and OMG the list is not ending.

Cannot imagine what all would have been not possible if we did not turn around from milk deficit to surplus production.

Only one sad feeling little would he have thought how bad it is for cows in decades later revolution. The abuse in dairy farms is really horrifying. Maybe we had tighter laws in the aspect of commercialization of cows.

Traffic observation – 1

Let me see how far I can go on this series. Most of my observations would be of and on ORR.

Two observations for the morning.
1. An audi car honking from Ibulur like a stressed dog peeing every second. Till Bellandur flyover (maybe going towards EcoSpace) was not able to race through. Looked to be appointed driver with a lady sitting behind. When not able to cut through the vehicles and move faster what is the point of honking. driver tried all avenues of moving across 3 lanes available in ORR.
Tip: Next time drive on the median. No vehicular obstruction.

2. An yellow board car. Everybody is standing at signal at Total Mall on ORR. This in direction towards KR Puram. He wants to take a turn and signal is red. Everybody has stopped surprisingly for early morning. This driver moves forward to take a turn causing annoyance to others following green signal. Two passengers inside the vehicle. I don’t think they questioned the driver because the driver completed the turn when the signal was red!

Self Introspection

It is easy to blame Government for all problems surrounding us. Typically lets look at traffic issue. Are we equally responsible to share or we just want to push it on to others?

There are different ways one commutes.

  1. Self driven cars
  2. Office shuttles
  3. taxis
  4. Own vehicle with an appointed driver

In all these cases do we follow discipline while on road?
Do we not jump traffic signal be it early in the morning or late in the night?
Do we at slightest provocation not press the horn akin to screaming and throwing others off the road?
Do we use indicators diligently? Whenever changing lanes or taking turns?
Do we have the balls to tell drivers of office shuttles or taxis or personal drivers not to
1. Honk excessively
2. Jump traffic signal
3. Drive rash

In an area where the traffic signal gets switched off suddenly due to technical issues how many don’t inch forward creating deadlock situation? And when there is a deadlock how many take time to clear it up? Don’t we sit waiting for the other person to move back or forward and make way?

I see none of these happening. While I observe the indiscipline pattern on the roads everyday. I feel it is just foolish on part of us also to allow this pattern to grow like fungus!

Many of us don’t give way to ambulance. And if we give way it is to follow the ambulance at equal speed to breeze through traffic. Following the ambulance and inconvenience caused we are not bothered about.

Lets us all be collectively socially responsible and follow traffic rules and maintain discipline. just by this we could solve around 30% – 40% of traffic problems.

Spectre Movie – No review

Thanks to censorship and the board’s unmindful cutting and deciding what we in India should watch. It is ok for skimply clad women to do the drools in what is called item song in Indian movies. It is also ok to abuse twistedly like “DK Bose”. Direct abuses and kissing scenes are definitely no-no.
Any reason for these kind of mindless bias towards censorship. Absolutely not.

With cuts in scenes whether it is important for the movie or not I have no interest now to watch Spectre in theaters.

Further to this now the censor board would also censor people from using words like these?
Or would they drape all artist work in temples like Khajuraho?

Just wondering why the board never censored these songs.
Or the very famous song with utter disrespect to women.
Or probably they did not know what “Pink Lips” song was referring to! 🙂

Thanks to board the piracy would increase in India with more people curious as to what scenes were cut rather than the movie itself.

For no censorship of a James Bond movie we want an Indian star in that. Sorry Kamal Hassan no.

Crime Patrol (Sony TV)

This is one serial Crime Patrol, which has caught my attention in recent times. So much so that I do not mind extending my being awake hours by one more. I started watching some months ago on a time pass basis, now I try to ensure that I watch almost all episode’s aired everyday.
Contrary to many “soaps” that come on the box TV, this serial is based on real life incidents. Some of the incidents they show are real eye openers.

One this crime patrol series brings in lot of information. The knowledge of how crime is committed increases. The important point to be noted from this program is not to take it in negative aspect and take knowledge to commit a crime. Rather it is very necessary to create social awareness. Like the anchor Anup Soni says all the time “CRIME NEVER PAYS”.
After committing a crime today one might escape somewhere he is definite to be caught.

The another aspect of learning is how “women are objectified” in our society. Every father and mother need to spend time with their son’s and teach them how to behave with a women, what not to do and basic aspect of respect. Apparently this is somewhere not given importance while more importance is given to education of scoring marks.
Interesting thing that I observed is where or in which ever incident of crime against women, alcohol is squarely blamed. Inebriated state, under the influence of alcohol. Probably alcohol should either be prohibited or serving of alcohol should be strictly banned in lot of places and restaurants.
Everything is a challenge. Hopefully bollywood would some day stop showing some steamy song with a guy pouring on a skimpy model. In other words these are called “item numbers” to get more revenues.

The other observation is how internet is used for communication to commit crime. In one incident social media was communication to rob a bank.
Lust, greed, anger, revenge and many are potential reasons for committing crimes. Teenagers falling for drugs and many more…
And not so uncommon is “aborting a baby” suspecting birth of girl child. Families wanting male child only! Dowry harassment.

Two sequence really shook me up. One was on “missing girl Asha“. Whatever was the sequence of events, it was disturbing when a random guy takes a 4yr kid to his house, under influence of alcohol rapes her and then unable to take her cries kills her. I just cannot understand how can men rape a kid!

The next one is “goli number 10“. 7-8yr old girls are given injections meant for animals so that the girls reach puberty and can be sold to rich men as wife’s. Apart from the injection what worried me was the incidents happening in city Alwar of Rajasthan. Somehow I have a liking for this place with so much history.

Definitely I would rate this crime series 4.5/5.
I wish all homes would take time to watch this program atleast 1-2 times a week.

Do the Do

You should DO it.
Why should I do it?

This is a common scene. Lot of times we are bogged down by what has no reason and rhyme for doing something or anything.
This apparently is also the reason why I cannot connect to Nike which has a tagline “Just do it”.
Lot of times looking for a reason ends up with no result. The answers we have or what we think are the answers are outdated. Just like how our textbook may still mention Pluto as a planet.
The speed of change of things around us do not boil down to change in the way reasoning’s are provided or the way our texts are changed.

Apparently looking back to our history and the base of our culture there is still no text which mentions “this is how one should be”. Our vedic texts are mention of way of life and wellbeing. There is no reference to materialistic needs and wants.
Statement of culture is also not correct.

Finally it boils down to just the society. What is society? A collective set of people (men) who lay down rules and regulations. While we as public are highly critical of rules and regulations laid down by Government, we are not when it comes to “society”. What will the society say or think? We fear for the society.

Any norms of society in the name of culture unless revisited and revised would die down in matter of time. The journey of death is already in process.