Traffic Management – An Experience (3)

Part 2 of the series can be accessed here.

Some learning’s as part of the activity:
1. Learnt about Traffic Warden Organisation, an NGO. Only hitch, to join this you need to refer two eminent personalities in the city!
2. Don’t lose temper while managing traffic
3. Lot of times kind words do help in making people follow traffic
4. Don’t blame oneself if there are people who don’t follow your whistle sounds or what you say

1. It is not an easy activity to stand and manage traffic even for 2hrs
2. The amount of smoke pollution is such that even masks don’t help
3. The noise pollution level is so high that you feel like whipping them in their butt
4. Any activity to improve traffic involves education first. Unless people are educated time and again things wouldn’t improve.
5. How to educate is a challenge which needs to be addressed.
6. Any solution for traffic improvement needs the entire system to move together. It cannot be done by few individuals alone.
7. The Traffic Warden org also did a helmet awareness drive, the response is still not that much.
8. Finally we need to inculcate responsibility among citizens. The citizens should feel that if anything happens to them there is a family waiting for them and which would be dependent on them.


Traffic Management – An experience (2)

For part 1 click here.

Points which were noted during traffic management:

1. 2-wheelers complain it is the 4-wheelers which are creating traffic issue.
2. 4-wheelers complain about 2-wheelers.
3. Abuses are hurled at you and that shouldn’t bother you.
4. Some people in 4-wheelers roll down windows to appreciate the efforts.
5. Use of mobile phones while driving/riding is rampant
6. No helmet is common. Atleast 3 out of 10 riders would be without helmet
7. Wrong-side driving/riding is a norm.
8. Some auto drivers are actually very smiling and listen to you. Auto drivers bring more smiles than 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers.
9. One excuse for wrong-side driving was “am late for meeting”. other excuse would be “am going to hospital”.
10. When the educated class break all norms there is no way we can blame yellow board vehicles. A degree from college has no relation to education of road rules and being disciplined.
11. Excessive honking is one big pain. People honk out of fear, they want to be ahead of everybody, speed is another reason. How else would be explain people honking at signals where there is flow of traffic.
12. On a road which has only 2-lanes, people don’t think for a minute before moving to next lane and blocking the traffic on opposite side.

Some points which are to be highlighted:
1. The maximum number of accidents involve 2-wheelers. So no way they can blame 4-wheelers
2. It is not just responsibility of traffic police and traffic warden, even the public has to co-operate. Without this co-operation no initiative would be successful.
3. The common mentality is to shift blame to others whereas all it takes is 2mins to take the blame upon oneself and be the change.

Traffic Management – An experience (1)

During the week I volunteered to be part of traffic management at junctions near Graphite India, EPIP Area, Whitefield, Bangalore.
This activity was part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) during the Month of Service (MOS) which happens every year during the month of October. This is driven by my employer SAP Labs India.

Where did I volunteer

On Day 1 I was at Graphite India signal junction. This is a relatively easy junction, since there is signal post along with traffic police and traffic warden.
The violations are very minimal in this junction and people will listen to you for the fear of law (why not when there is are cops also around).

On Day 3 I was at a junction which is next to Graphite India, this is the junction at Corporation Bank ATM and one of the toughest junctions. Vehicles coming in from Cement Godown, Doddenakundi can turn right to go towards ITPL and turn left. Vehicles coming from Hoodi junction could turn right towards Cement Godown. And on this day this turn was blocked as it was on the previous day.

Escape Plan – Movie Review

Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwazaneger come together in this movie and audience can be found yawning all through.
Age has set in and they are nowhere close to what we know them for. But yes, they do some fighting and show their bulky bodies.
Have we seen this story before, yes. Is it resembling the TV series Prison Break well that is better than this movie.
Do you feel like getting up and leaving in middle of movie, well its not manners. Do you feel like sleeping inbetween, yes of course.

Sylvester runs a business where he gets into prison to make sure no prisoner can escape. To ensure this he gets himself into the prison as an inmate and tries his escape. Aha yes you got it. Thats the title of movie, Escape Plan. And he can do so easily. The escape route and the plan is later shared with the jail warden. And he has written a book which if followed one can build a prison without an escape possible.
That’s what the bad guys have done to host prisoners who would cause harm to people living normal life. So, our Sylvester goes to this prison as an inmate. Out there he meets Arnold and they both plan the escape.
Rest what would happen is anybody’s guess.
Yawn Yawn Yawn. haven’t we seen movies like these before.

There is nothing this movie has to offer as a differentiating factor. The actions are also repeated ones.
Finally the movie is over, clap clap clap.

I would rate it 1.5/5.

Onnayum Aatikuttiyum – Movie Review (Tamil)

A simple story line from Mysskin. Ilayaraja rocks with his BGM! Acting by the cast. Each one delivered. Tight first half. No songs.
The script slacks in the second half. Too many killings and gun shots. Sometimes it is an overdose!

The story about a wolf and lamb. Wolf kills a lamb and joins a goat family and becomes a lamb. He is not let free by the tiger. When shot at the wolf gets treated by a new lamb. The lamb later becomes a wolf!

The story is about paid killer’s and some resemblances here and there to Transporter movie!
Over all watch it. My rating 3.5/5.

Life is tough – 55

You know what you are and the World believes what you are. There would always be some discrepancy between the thoughts of two worlds, one within you and one outside of you.
One of the reason for this discrepancy could be that our past still influences the outside world and we are the best bet to know and understand one’s own body & mind & emotion & energy.

This self check is something lot of us would be hesitant to do due to many reasons like fear, anxiety. Some even if we realize this do not know what to do next. And some to avoid spend time with guruji’s and some at temples.