Chennai Express – Movie Review (Hindi)

Chennai Express for all the bad pre-release expectations and reviews turns out to be better entertainment. Remove Deepika Padukone and her Hindi or Thamizh speaking efforts. Sharukh Khan has tried a lot and even acted more than money he would have received, in simple terms over-acting at times.

Where this movie differs from other movies is in not forcing all the cast to speak in Hindi unlike movies where even American police officers would speak Hindi! 

Satyaraj as father of Deepika has done a role which he has always excelled from the time of his entry to films. His usual lines of ‘ennama kannu’.

Locations are good but processed so much that its an eye sore too at times. One wonders whether these are real locations too at many times.

The movie has humour in the dialogues and communicating thru songs gets boring too beyond a point.

Something is there that in recent times SRK has tried to include Rajinikanth to promote his movies. If Rajini was there in one song in Ra One, here his cut-outs are behind in lungi dance to pull the South Indian audience. Though lungi dance misses the punch compared to real lungi dances.

Some action scenes are having typical Rohit Shetty touch. Background music can be ignored. It is not irritating though. Songs though especially two numbers are party numbers.

Rather than putting up a movie based in America or Europe or Australia it is refreshing to see it based within other parts of India. 

A simple story line of hero helping heroine get onto a train (Chennai Express) without knowing what he is getting into. SRK is in the train to go to Rameshwaram to immerse his grand-dad’s ashes. Contrary to his grand-mom’s wish and expectation he plans to go to Goa for having a ball of time with his friends. Unfortunately, things don’t happen as planned.

Deepika is running away from home (Komban village, never heard of it) so as not to marry the guy arranged for. She lies to her father that hero loves her. Fights come up, songs are there, running away and chases are there. What happens in the end is anybody’s guess, well rather nothing to guess that is how the movie is supposed to end.

There are factual errors though. Chennai Express never goes to places deep down south. South Indians and villagers deep down do speak hindi unlike what is projected. Malayali dance artists cannot become Tamilians. One can think when the villagers walk around with rifles why use sickle in fight sequences! 🙂

Given all that for the wholesome no tension entertainment would give this movie 3/5 rating. Leave your brains and just watch and enjoy.