Squat Exercises

Today morning a guy in the gym called me when I was doing dumbbell squats. He told me that squat exercise is to be done with barbell and I could do lunges using dumbbell. He was concerned that I was not doing the right thing. I would not comment on his physique and he is a typical guy who is used to lifting heavy weights. And he thought I was a novice in the gym since I do not spend more than 30-45mins in the gym without any fight for the weights or the wait time, nor do I spend my time chatting with many people. Normally its just a few exchange of words that too without disturbing my workout.
Then I explained to him few types of squats, full squats, half squats, wide leg squats, single leg squats. It also got me thinking whether is that all and a simple Google search told me there are 40 squat variations!! I would not do all variations and stick to what is required for my running schedule and fitness.
To know all the 40 types, click here.


Gym workout

Its a very common misconception that if one goes to gym, body will become huge and massive. For these kind of people they dont like such a built and hate it. They ultimately dont visit the gym. For many others this kind of body structure is preferred. They visit the gym almost everyday and spend 2hrs and eat lot of protein supplements.
A visit to a gym can be for three different purposes and each has a different workout.

1. Body building is the aim. Life heavy weights, and do less repetitions. This kind of workout pumps up the muscles and builds them up. Dont forget, not to stop lifting weights at any point of time. Some day you stop the entire body will drop down. Built up muscles would become loose and would give a look of an aged person.

2. Emphasis on body shape and toning. Use light weights and do more repetitions. No support from trainer. You should lift weights only which is possible by your body. But the emphasis here is on more repetitions.

3. This workout for body is what most gymmers do not attempt nor are aware of. This is body strengthening workout. You do light weight and the emphasis is not on more repetition. But the count which is important. Ideally, you take count to 4 pull the weights, count to 2 hold, count to 4 leave down slowly. Repeat the same 4 – 2 – 4. Do not do more repetitions but a decent number of 15 repetitions.
In this case, ideally it is enough if you go to gym thrice a week. Rest of the week do something else like cardio.

Cardio is even otherwise very important to build stamina. Doing cardio before weights workout, heats up the body. This simple chemistry why lifting weights when the body is cold does not add any value.
The most important thing is before going to gym understand what you want. And very importantly understand your body. Putting heavy weights and lifting them looks very attractive but can your body take that much load. Your body will not rebel immediately but would definitely do.

Go steady. Workout. Be fit.