Vettai – Movie Review (Tamil)

Lingusamy movie with the usuals. An ordinary story told in a good narrative and a tight script. The movie gets boring due to excess of songs which could have been avoided. Only disappointment is Sameera Reddy does not get any song or dance except the initial introduction song.
Madhavan and Arya are brothers whose father is found to be dead one fine morning when they are out for a movie. Later on Madhavan the scared elder brother takes the job with Police Department thanks to their dad. While the younger brother Arya works to help his brother at all times.
Madhavan gains respect in his department and also creates fear among the goondas. Till the goondas find out the real hero through a video camera left at hanging at the scene where an earlier fight happens.
Obviously the goondas want revenge. What happens next is the rest of the movie. With sufficient songs one can take a short break inbetween to relieve the pressure.
The dialogues are interspersed with some humour that there is no need for a comedian seperately.
The music is just so-so. Yuvan Shankar Raja could have been better.
Arya marries Amla Paul while Madhavan Sameera and gets her pregnant too.
Overall a good movie to watch. My rating would be 3.5/5. 0.5 less because Sameera Reddy is not found dancing much as expected.

Groundnut Seller

This groundnut seller at Sony World Junction, Koramangala is pretty strange. This photo was taken around 10:00pm. He sells fried groundnuts at the bus stop and bus commuters while waiting for the bus do not mind taking a Rs.5/- worth of groundnuts from him. The groundnuts given in the paper cone, the commuters after eating throw the cones on the ground.
This seller when he is closing down his business and getting ready to go home, was collecting all the paper cones. I was really impressed at first sight that he is doing such a good social service, collecting the paper waste and putting it inside dustbin.
Unfortunately, it was not to be so. He collects theses paper cones for re-using them!! 🙂 Reusing the paper cones is not a bad choice maybe…

Nanban – Movie Review (Tamil)

A remake of the Hindi movie “3 Idiots”, I would have expected a title “3 muttalgal” for the tamil version. But its titled “Nanban” meaning “Friends”.

“All izz well” with the movie especially when Shankar took the task of directing the remake. Shankar has taken care of each details from the original movie and did not leave any loopholes nor screw up the script.

The storyline is well known. Vijay, Shrikanth & Jeeva join Ideal Engineering College and become thick friends soon. And they are roommates too. They play pranks, fix a helicopter for another student who commits suicide, takes up on the principal (Satyaraj). Love happens between Vijay & Ileana (Satyaraj daughter) after the 3friends crash to a wedding.

What all happens is known if one had watched “3Idiots”. If you have not watched “3Idiots” then I wouldnt be a spoilsport.

The songs were typical and pleasant to hear from Harris Jeyaraj. The locations were carefully chosen. All within TamilNadu from Chennai to Ooty to Danushkodi.

Maybe Vijay could have shaven his mustache too. Would he have looked like schoolboy then?

Watch it and enjoy the movie. My rating 3/5.

A decade in Bangalore

3rd Jan 2002, I entered Bangalore from a town Trichy where I was doing my Master of Computer Applications at Regional Engineering College (now National Institute of Technology). I joined i-flex Solutions Pvt Ltd then as an intern.

10years later am not part of i-flex Solution. I thought a lot as to how to define my 10yrs from then to now. I sat down to choose 10 photos to denote 10yrs. The conditions I put for myself were:

1. I should be there in the photo.

2. I should be able to tag myself with those photos.

3. All the photos should be taken inside India.

The most difficult part was finding photos where I am in front of the camera. The second is to choose just one photo from each that I can tag myself. The third was of the so many which ones should I leave out and which ones should I choose. I wanted every other photo out there.

After all that difficulty I finally made a collage of 10 photos that would define me today, 10 years after I walked into Bangalore.

I would tag myself today as a Traveller, Cyclist, Runner, Software Engineer, Chess player.

In these 10 years I refound my chess playing skills while the rest I explored and found to be what I can be best fitted to.

NexusS – Issues post upgrade to Android 4.0.3

Post official upgrade to Android 4.0.3 and the scare couple of days earlier this post is of the issues that am facing.

1. The mobile network signal drops lot of times. Some times, the network is not found till a reboot is done.

2. Battery never says 100% charge complete.

3. Worst of all. Last night after battery drained, my mobile got switched off. Today morning I put it on charge and switched it on. Shocks of shocks, the mobile network is missing. Reboot still no network. Change mode to Airplane and again disable but still no network.

Worst of all, none of the service providers are also listed.

This is the most funniest thing I would have done. Went to System Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Mobile Networks.  Disabled Data enabled, Data roaming, Use only 2G networks. Then clicked on Network Operators, finally my mobile service provider was listed in the available networks. I select and then enable all the disabled options. 

Back to normal. Back to work. 

Any further issues will be added here. 

How my Nexus S went from dead to alive

After upgrade to Android 4.0.1 last month. When I read the post of official Android 4.0.3 update, I also wanted to do an upgrade. After following the steps mentioned, I did exactly the same. Download, copy file and rename to!

Only that the upgrade to 4.0.3 never happened. Further research on net followed. Somewhere in one of the articles I read that upgrade happens from 2.3.6 to 4.0.3 which is official.

There I go downloading 2.3.6 and installing. Now everything goes for a toss. The phone when rebooted started giving the message “android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly”. It wouldn’t go beyond the screen of saying touch android for starting.

When I press “Volume UP & Power” button together I get into bootloader menu but when I click on recovery, I get an exclamation mark and nothing happens beyond.

When I connect the USB cable to my laptop, I can view the files inside the mobile, can copy into the mobile or copy out. But the laptop device manager would not recognise the phone.

Again I go into researching the entire internet android domains looking for solution. I end up installing Android SDK, downloading umpteen files to be installed in the phone. Then I try to install PDAnet. Check & read every post on android forums, watch every video.   

After installing every other file, I try fastboot command. But the command prompt issues a message “waiting for device”.

If I type adb devices in command prompt there is no result. Basically my phone was not getting recognised. 

In one other post I read take the battery and leave it out for 10mins and again put it back, it will work. This looked dumb to me, still I followed. 

I should say though that it was after I felt this was dumb thing to do, did I get an idea to get it working. Like they say, one last attempt. 

I put the battery, switch it on, see the message “android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly”. Shutdown the phone. Press “Volume UP & Power” button together.

Click on Recovery, I find the same old exclamation mark. The theory that removing the battery, leaving it out for 10mins, and then putting it back, was not a solution for my phone.

When the phone was displaying the exclamation mark, i got an idea voila. I press again “Volume UP & Power” button together, it took me to the recovery mode in forced way!!

I know the file “” did not upgrade my phone earlier, so I select CynogenMod9 files and install them. Its even more frustrating because you know you have reached close to solution but the solution is not there still. When I installed CM9 files, my phone spat saying “Installation Aborted”. Try another file same message. I start looking for CM7 files now. Same result.

One final brain wave, my 6th sense woke up & I clicked on “”. Wonders of wonders, the installation happened successfully. Though that 2mins of installation my heart was racing & pumping. I reboot the phone lo behold, watching very carefully & yes phone is up!! I sync the google account and the old apps that I had installed earlier are all back too… 

Now my NexusS is on Android 4.0.3!!!