India Vs SriLanka – Triangular One Day Series

India is back to action after long time with new coach and new captain. We take on SriLanka in the opener and when I read the squad for today’s match, its quite surprising to find neither Balaji or Laxman in the team. Its fine that new guys need to given a chance but instead of Ashish Nehra who has never done much Balaji could have been taken.
There is no news why these two are not in the team. Two new faces making their debut Raina and Venugopal Rao.
While writing this, Raina was out first ball he faced in international cricket (hope after todays failure he learns and starts scoring in future) and Venugopal is making runs. Current update, India 122/6 in 34 overs. Top scorer Dravid as always as of now with 54. Venugopal and Pathan are in the crease.

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Jackie Brown – Movie Review

Quentin Tarantino movie which does not dissapoint the viewers. The cast has given a powerful performance.

Like his any other movie there is suspense throughout and not much can be written about the story which if revealed would not make me sit at the edge of your seat.
The moment you loose interest in the movie, the climax starts which makes you sit up again and watch it.
Jackie Brown (Pam Grier) walks through the airport in a blue stewardess uniform in the starting scene of the movie.

Ordell (Samuel Jackson) sells guns to interested buyers for good price. Jackie carries the money from the buyers to Ordell. During one occassion she carries drugs unkowingly for Ordell’s friend (Fonda) and gets caught by FBI Agent (Keaton) and Los Angels cop (Michael Bown). These are two are on the pursuit of Ordell and try to reach him through Beaumont (Chris Tucker).

Ordell manages to get Beaumont a bail through Max Cherry (Foster). Beaumont is later found dead.
The cops now try to reach Ordell through Jackie, when shes going to deliver half million dollars to Ordell.

What happens during the delivery of the money forms the climax and generates lot of suspense.
The climax sequences are made almost in similar lines of Reservoir Dogs with respect to narration. The language is like any other Quentin Tarantino movie with a little more heavier dosage.
This is a must watch movie, not just for the director but for the performance of the stars and also for the way of narration and the suspense which is maintained till the end.
To add this movie is adaption of the novel Rum Punch.

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House of Flying Daggers – Movie Review

Another Zhang Yimou movie and of course in Chinese with English subtitles.

The Tang dynasty goverment is caught in battle with rebels and the most prestigious & largest of them is the Flying Daggers(FD). The Goverment orders the two captains Jin and Leo to capture the leader of Daggers. Jin meets Mei a blind girl, in the peony for the first time. Both of them are caught and Mei is sent to jail by Leo. Jin calling himself as Wind, rescues her from the prison and wins her confidence. Mei is a member of FD and she falls into the trap. Without realising Jin and Mei fall in love during the journey towards the headquarters of FD.
Both Jin and Leo are captured during their pursuit by FD and tied to ropes.

It is at this point all the suspense are broken up.
The dance sequence by Mei as a blind girl is brilliant. The game is called a echo game, where the girl will have long pieces of cloth tied to her. There are set of drums placed in a circle. Leo would throw a stone on each drum and she should strike the same drum with her cloth. This scene has to be seen and revelled on.
The final scene where Leo and Jin fight amongst themselves and how Mei loses her life is all to be looked out for.

This is a must watch movie and the photography is excellent. The dance sequence and the sword fights are amazing and brilliantly made.
The cast includes Zhang Ziyi, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Andy Lau and others. This movie was released in 2004.

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Restaurants I visit – A breif review

There are many restaurants I go to in Bangalore being a bachelor, but only make me visit them for some reason.

1) Krishna Kafe – I believe most of the South Indian’s residing in Bangalore know of this restaurant. This is located in Kormangala 5th Block close to GK Vale photo studio.
They started off initially serving dosa varieties about two years back. Today even guys from North visit this place. Reason the sambar they serve tastes better and does not have sugar content in it.
Morning breakfast starts at 7:30 and every item is real tasty. Afternoon they serve lunch on banana leaf. Its only meals but unlimited. (Meals does not include roti/chappati). Night dinner was previously consisting of dosa’s, idili, parota and similar stuff. Few months back they included even mini meals in dinner menu.
The food items are tasty and reasonably priced. All items are made in Thamizhan style.

2) Nandhini – No introduction for this branch of hotels. They are in bangalore for quite a long time. Breakfast is not provided. They provide lunch with more of Andhra style, since its an Andhra type restaurant. The menu is almost similar for lunch and dinner. The price is ok. The food quality is not all that great.
This is definitely not a place to eat roti/naan, they screw it up pretty badly. You cant expect these items to be good in an Andhra style restaurant. One should eat the speciality of the hotel and not try what they are used to from childhood.
Few of the branches also has a bar and party hall.

3) Annachi – A pure Chettinad style restaurant. Located in 100ft Road above Cafe Coffee Day.
All items are more spicier than other places. But real mouth watering dishes. No breakfast here also. The pricing is pretty ok. The soraputtu (shark item) is real tasty. Not that other dishes are not. The season decides their sea food availability. Chicken is ofcourse available all through the year.
If you are vegetarian, you should try vetha kuzhambu or velai poondu kuzhambu. Meals is provided only during lunch time which is from 11:30am – 3:30pm.

4) Ponnusamy – Another Chettinad style restaurant. Located in Koramangala 6th Block 80ft road, opposite Dal and Roti. Prior to this restaurant Feast of Asia was located here.
They have used the same tables and seatings as also the kitchen and the interiors. No changes on that front.
The food items here also is spicy but not as spicy as in Annachi. The quality is good though I found lot difference between the way its cooked here and in Annachi. Definitely Annachi ranks better.
The quantity is also not much, just enough.

5) Grammin – A pure North Indian Veg restaurant. As proper as how Jains are with respect to food habits.
The stuffed parothas taste very good, so are the side dishes they provide. If you want extra spice, you need to tell them. This is a must visit even if you are non-vegetarian.
This is located in Raheja Arcade in Koramangala and recently expanded their space in same place.
This will put a hole in your wallet.

Some more will be updated soon.

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A typical day

Just thought of posting how my day is, what all I do:
1) Get up morning 5:00 to 5:15
2) Start my jogging by 5:30am
3) Go to gym at 6:15am
4) Back home by 7:00 – 7:15am
5) Read Indian Express and glance The Hindu
6) Have a shower in cold water
7) Run to catch the company shuttle at 8:00am
8) Sleep for about 30mins in the shuttle, in Bangalore traffic the shuttle takes time to reach office
9) Have my breakfast
10) Come to my cubicle, check mails/blogs
11) Start on with work
12) By 12:15 – 12:30pm go for lunch
13) Take some rest after lunch till 1:30 – 2:00pm
14) Back to work, after checking mails/blogs
15) Tea time at 3:30pm
16) Back again to cubicle by 4:00pm and some more work
17) By 7:30pm leave for home
18) During the day, any point of time there will be calls from Hutch, Citibank, ICICI Bank and many others… attend to their call, tell them NO.
19) Back home by 8:30pm and after cooking dinner eat by 9:30pm
20) To bed by 10:45 – 11:00pm.

Ah Aah – Songs review

AR Rehman is back with his songs for SJ Surya movie Ah Aah.

The song Aarai Kodi makes him undisputable king of thamizh music industry with his usual mix, sung by himself. There is lot of discussion on the two songs Maramkothiye and Mayilirake. Both these songs have the same tunes, but while Maramkothiye is faster beat Mayilirake is slower beat. The instrument base is different in both these songs. The faster beat is more like a remix, similar to how he did for the song Thottal Poo Malarum for the movie New.
Instead of picking up an old song for doing a remix with different set of instruments he chose his own song from same movie for doing the remix. The original song is Mayilirake.
The other songs in the movie are his usual mix. To listen to songs click here.

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Harry Potter & Piracy

After movie & songs piracy now its turn of books piracy. And to be affected is none other than Harry Potter’s latest book in the series, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

The next day after book was released most of the people had got the full text of the book in pdf format through mail. The mails had got circulated so much that officials have stated that they are unable to trace the original source of the mail.
I got to know from some sources that some people have taken printout’s of the pdf format and read from that. Even if all those who got mails of the book are not fans of Harry Potter still in some corner who would have bought the book now will look out for the mail.
On Saturday there was a news item in Indian Express and today found it in Times of India.
How this piracy could have happened, either at the printing press they themselves might have made additional copy and released it or someone who bought the book would have scanned the entire stuff and put it on pdf format.

Check out this blog for some interesting trivia.

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Oracle & i-flex

I read in today’s paper that Oracle might take the 44% Citibank stake in i-flex which anyway Citibank is planning to sell off. There are also plans by Oracle to acquire i-flex over a period of 12 months completely.
Not sure if this true, am not able to get the online article. And no news in Oracle’s site.
If this does happen what would be other companies reaction??

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Hero – Movie Review

Zhang Yimou’s movie Hero is an action packed one with unbelievable stunt sequences with swords.

Jet Li as Hero (Nameless) mission is to assasinate the king of Qin, which he can achieve only if he is 10 paces in front of king. He gets to 10 paces by killing Sky, Flying Snow and Broken Arrow, but actually he didnt. He tells the king that Sky had an affair with Flying Snow for whom Broken Arrow also had a soft corner. He used this to kill Sky and revealed the affair to FS & BA which ends up FS killing BA and FS fighting Nameless. Since FS is disturbed Nameless kills her easily and Nameless swordplay is unmatched.

The king understands that hes lying and tells a story as to what actually happened and how they laid down their lives as a sacrifice so that the mission could be accomplished.
Nameless understanding that hes caught tells the truth and what actually BA told him which was not to kill the king as only he can unite China. BA tells him three words “All Under Heaven”.
Nameless flies across to kill the king but he does not knowing king’s swordmanship and that he believes only the king can unite China.
Knowing that Nameless did not assasinate the king FS and BA enter into a sword fight, BA allows FS to kill him and finally FS kills herself.
Since Nameless came to assasinate the king but does not, he is killed by the soldiers arrows.
“He who came to assasinate gets a burial as a Hero”.

The director’s method of telling the story is quite good. He starts of with Nameless getting an audience with king and then he tells how he managed to kill others. Its like an account of story by Nameless and king.
The stunt sequences are unbelievable and brilliantly made. This was nominated for Oscar.
Though the dialogues are in Chinese there are English sub-titles.
A must watch movie.

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