Life moves on…

365 days are almost over. In another few hours the last digit would change to 2008.
Do welcome the New Year without any incident and let all those policemen have a night which they can also enjoy with you.

The year was filled with travel and I see more in the coming year. Of course there was also loads of actions & injuries…

Wish everyone out there an eventful evening and 2008.

Chennai Classic Rally

Today morning the Chennai Autorickshaw Classic Rally was flagged off from Chennai Beasant Nagar Beach around 11:00am. Quite a hot day. The heat did not dampen the spirits of the participants who were as eager as in pervious occassions to just kick-start the event and move on in the auto’s. The participants were from India, Hungary, Canada, US. Some of them were regulars and knew everything about it.
(Flag off by Mylapore DCP and accompanied by Oram Po movie director and actor)

(Best decorated auto)

(Best costume design)

(Reach out for anything possible)

(Make shift mirror for dressing)

(Best smile)

(Arvind the main brain behind the Auto rally and myself)

(Marika, incharge of Public relations for the rally and myself)

(SS Music host chatting with Oram Po director)
The rally starts from Chennai touching Pondicherry, Thanjavur, Madurai, Rameshwaram and finally Kanyakumari. Expecting a rally once again loaded with incidents and fun like previous occassions.
Thanks to my bro was taking the snaps.

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Cricket runs your life

In India for about lot of people I find that their life revolves just around Cricket. Where ever they are cricket is the topic of discussion. If there is any game played against India then time is spent either in front of television or in front of computer refreshing the score card. You stay awake if its a day-night game played in India or other countries at different time zones. You wake up early if cricket is played Down Under. You food timings are dependent on cricket breaks.
Then they are analysing the game or the way players play the selection of team. But any point of time in a year about 360 days would be spent talking minimum of few hours on cricket in different groups.
Why why?? Isnt there anything else to talk about. Isnt there anything else to do.
Like I was telling some people today morning, cricket should be looked at as a profession. There are so many people and how would everyone get a job. Cricket is a mean of employment oppurtunity. Do cricketers talk about the profession we are in?? Maybe they would be blaming for all the wrong software we give them which makes their analysis of opponents worse.

Is it the same with other sports in India, of course not. The only other topic I have found common is movies. Are things similar in other countries??

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Squash – Real test of fitness

Its not long back that I started playing this game squash and I love this sport. Of course the fact remains that I would love to play anything except cricket which is a lazy man’s game.
The reason of taking to this sport was simple, you bend down low to pick up the ball, you run across the court forward and backward and hit the ball hard enough which tests the power in your forearms & shoulders. Its not easy to sustain more than 4 games at a stretch since with so many activities this sport is a real test of fitness.
For people who are just lazing around thinking cricket is all & everything I would suggest them to take up this sport and try once.

Billa (2007) – Movie Review

Final verdict – Dont waste your time.

If you have seen the original Billa replace Rajini with Ajith and Thengai Srinivasan with Prabhu. While the two in the earlier version gave a powerful performance which was worth watching many number of times this is was dragging a lot. The apt dialogue for Prabhu comes in the movie itself when Ajit says “enna koduma Sir idu”. The next best dialogue is for Nayantara by Santhanam “yaar inda ballelaka”. There is no power in any of the dialogues in the movie nor is there any performance that is worth mentioning. Ajith, Nayantara stand and walk as if they have been instructed by army commander. They stand straight and tight holding their body stiff took look like they are bad guys and they fail miserably. In terms of exposure Nayantara beats Priyanka Chopra hands down (Priyanka acted in the remake of Don). Nayantara exposes less in songs than in other sequences.
If Don remake was made shot in Malaysia can the remake of Billa of be left behind!!?? Kuala Lumpur is the location mostly and few shots in Chennai in the studio of AVM.
Santhanam for two scenes could have been left out itself. Prabhu with his huge figure even in wildest dreams does not make one think he can be Deputy Superindent of Police. I dont understand why the director has made in smile in many shots giving away any amount of suspense that can be built. Vishnu Vardhan who gave impressive hits like Pattiyal has disappointed the viewers.
One song for Namitha leaves me wondering why was that forcibly inserted into?? Yuvan Shankar Raja should be thanking Hollywood on most occassions for the background score. The remake of song “My name is Billa” does not make e stand up and dance unlike the other remixes he has given, maybe he had to remember that Ajith cannot dance. Ajith who does not chew pan is forced to do so when running from police and bad guys to bring up the song “Vetalaya potendi”.

Overall, the movie could be ignored.

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Traffic chaos in Whitefield

If you are taking the left turn after Marthahalli and travelling via Cosmos Mall towards Whitefield in Bangalore, do take diversion. The entire stretch is blocked because of a truck with a punctured tyre. Thanks many to Tata Consultancy Services bus Route No.7 which blocked vehicles from moving in the other side also by overtaking another bus. All vehicles are on a standstill. Photos taken from my cellphone camera would be uploaded later.

The funny part is this. Last week of November, 1st week of December there were 5 cops standing here for collections from bikers with no papers/helmets. In the evening there is 1 cop manning the traffic, but morning there are never any cops.

(Truck which got punctured at the junction and hence the traffic chaos started)

(TCS bus overtaking on wrong side of the road thus blocking entire flow of traffic)

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FilmCamp.TV Writers Meet

On Sunday 2nd December 2007 after injuring my leg, I decided to go for the Writers Meet organised by the guys of FilmCamp.TV to distract my mind from the pain. There were about 25 odd people of different ages, mostly s/w engineers had assembled @ Brew Ha Ha near Jyoti Nivas College in Koramangala. All of us at one point of time wanted to write script for a movie.
We had a discussion on the script of the movie Shawshank Redemption and we watched few reels of the same. it was quite an informative session but we should have had a longer session, I felt.

( Photo Courtesy )

City of speed-breakers ruins my running

Bangalore, the city of speed breakers has put a temporary halt to my running. And it has runied my chances of running the Ultra Marathon, I was preparing for running the 52kms. I was definitely fit this time compared to previous occassaions with constant running of 30kms every Sunday coupled with 10kms run 3 days in a week. I even got back into shape lost all excess fat which I had accumulated over 1yr of no running due to ligament tear injury.
What happened today? When I was running early in the morning, the cab headlight blinded my sight and I over stepped on a speed breaker. I lost my balance and in the end twisted my ankle. Luckily I did not injure my already only 50% fit knees. But I dont think I would get back in shape before the Ultra Marathon and even if I do, I wouldnt want to risk it that I become a non-runner after this.
This also probably marked my last run for this year (2007) and I hope, pray that starting 2008 I can again start with my short runs to become fit again for the Mumbai Marathon.

Nothings been positive for past few weeks. I was down with fever and heavy cold. The cold persisted that I had to cancel Coorg trip with Kribs and few other tensions and now this.
I could only recollect Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb song “The dream is gone, but I have become comfortably numb”. Without any comfort.

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