Earth Hour – A bit for environment?


One day every year every single country every state every city every family, switch off all power units to observe Earth Hour and to do their bit for a better world.
Imagine the amount of posts on social media and number of people reading it, sharing it, adding self data to it. We want to tell the world we observed Earth Hour and wait for “likes” and comments on social media. If you do not observe the hour then you could be attached to social stigma.
Some essentials that we have got used to cannot be switched off for all practical reasons.
Also, in some countries where the power generation does not meet the country requirements, the government would switch off power irrespective of Earth Hour.

There is a simple method every one could observe every day or once every week or once every month. This could be a conscious effort in your family and could influence friends and relatives too.

What can you do?
1. Choose a day
2. Switch off power
3. Switch off your mobile devices.
4. For that one hour spend the time like you would spend your time when in natural surroundings.

What to do after switching off?
1. Do nothing
2. Have a chat with your partner
3. Meditate
4. Think and let your thoughts flow
5. Have a candle light dinner

What you save would be helpful for the planet, for you and for future. Think about it.
If you can do it, d it.



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