Dhoni as wicketkeeper??

The second one day match between India & England, wicket keeping was at its worst. This was also the first time I was watching Dhoni so closely looking at his movement behind the stumps. I think the team thinks he is like what Shewag was. He is in the team just because he can hit sometimes that too only in India. Never seen him perform outside India ever.
Behind the stumps an easy chance which he should have gone for he didnt even move his feet. A caught behind just popped out of his gloves. How can a wicket-keeper allow that too happen??
And when the throw comes in he is not found anywhere near the stumps.
The worst part is India can’t put in Dinesh Kaarthick as keeper since they would loose one fielder.

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Photo Contest – Round 2

Something to feel happy about. Few minutes back I got mail from Oktatabyebye.com guys that my photos have got selected for Round 2 of Freeze Frame Contest.
Other day I was looking into the site but didnt find much time to browse through all the photos to see if mine was there. And the surprising factor is all my 5 photos have qualified to Round – 2.
Thanks to all those guys who voted for me in Round 1. Do continue to do the same for this round also with rating for the photos. To go the photos do click here.

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Service is our ideology?

From the time Mughals came into India till this date we have just been doing service to others as Masters. We want people to say we are the best in the world when it comes to servicing even if we are to sacrifice our own needs and wants.
How better could it explain when few MNC IT companies were working on Independence Day. Its a day when we gained our Independence from Britishers whom we served when they ruled us. And even today IT guys were serving them and other nations without a mark of respect for our own Independence. Would any country in the West do the same on their Independence Day or a day which is of historical importance to them? Why can’t Indian bosses say, no matter what happens we will not work on this day? What about employees?
Argument can be made on essential services but remember they are serving fellow Indians and no one else. Even the small shops do the same.
Its time people thought about themselves the nation before doing anything else.

South – North India divide

Whether accepted or not there is a distinctive North – South divide which prevails in India. The South had never had any big influence of Mughal dynasty on the Dravidian culture but the North had a significant influence in terms of music (Hindustani), architecture and also languages.
While the Mughal influence was for good in some terms but what was originally the culture in North India has been forgotten.
In South of course after the entry of British the architecture changed and most buildings are how it would look in UK. But the temples built earlier stayed and not demolished.
As a matter of fact, Taj Mahal one of the wonders of the World is not part of Indian culture. Who built it and from where he came makes one understand its not part of ours. Only thing was we Indians toiled for invaders to get it built and give it a shape. Apart from that the idea to the design is not Indian.
Down South the Brihadeeshwar temple is completely Indian I would say. It does not qualify to be a world wonder but its an amazing piece of architecture.

Back to running

After almost 10 months of non-running due to one injury or other, I finally started running today. Time wise, yeah there wasnt much of a difference. I did about 6kms in 30minutes of time. Almost the same as I was doing before getting injured.
Now I have to be careful and not injure myself any further. Well, if I can run continuosly then I would be looking forward to Delhi Half Marathon on October 28th, 72 days left for it. Or I would participate in Bangalore Marathon scheduled for same day. I hope the Bangalore one gets postponed.
Last time I didn’t do really well in Delhi which is where I aggravated my injured leg. Hope this time I can improve a do a sub 1.5hrs provided no further injuries.

60 years of Independence

Rich get Richer, Poor get Poor.
According to a survey which was published in Indian Express few days back about 70% of Indian population still live under Rs.20/-. Thats leads to a small mathematical calculation. There should be around 20% in the middle level who have basic amenities and manage to lead their life with credit provided from various banks. Around 9% who own more than one vehicle, a big house and some money not to be disclosed. So, its the remaining 1% who drive around in flashy cars, can throw money at ease but would not do so and still keep making money & more money. They were rich from time known and they just keep building up.

We still lack team effort and live on individual brilliance. Vishwanath Anand, Prakash Padukone, Vijay Amritraj, Sania Mirza, PT Usha, Sachin Tendulkar, Narayana Moorthy, Azim Premji, Dirubhai Ambani and many more. We never attach them to any team nor does any team effort comes first to our mind when we think of sports or IT or politics or any other industry. We still call by individual names. The only World Cup victory was also where a particular individual did not trust his team mates and ran across the pitch to take a catch. The basic problem here is the trust factor.

We still want to crib for anything and everything without understanding the fact that there are so many out there who do not even have acsess to most of the things. Lot of people still cannot afford a meal a day for entire family.

And we have guys like these who are happy sticking the flag to back of head. Hey, show some respect.